03 Jul 2024

Creative ideas How to Reach New Audience with YouTube Video Translation – 7 Creative Ideas

Do you want to expand your YouTube audience to many countries worldwide, but you've already done all the most common tips for doing this? Do you want to find the right creative way to expand your viewer base? Then keep reading below.

02 Jul 2024

YouTube Monetization  How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views?

The amount that YouTube pays creators for 1 million views can vary a lot and depends on several factors. In this article, we will understand what affects the amount of money YouTube creators make.

01 Jul 2024

How to Get Verified on YouTube: Simple Steps to Follow How to Get Verified on YouTube: Simple Steps to Follow

Looking to stop impostors and build trust with your viewers? The YouTube verification badge is the way to go. Let’s find out how to get yours!

27 Jun 2024

writing and formatting subtitles Best Practices for Writing and Formatting Subtitles

How often do you use subtitles for your videos and how good are they?

26 Jun 2024

Video translation and localization. YouTube Video Localization and Video Translation: What is the Difference

Is translating your YouTube content enough to reach a global audience? How does it differ from content localization? Let's find out!

25 Jun 2024

how to make money with youtube streaming How to Make Money with YouTube Streaming?

YouTube live streams are a great way for content creators to engage with their audiences and offer unique monetization opportunities. Let’s look at different ways to make money with YouTube streaming!

25 Jun 2024

Top 5 Best YouTube Gaming Channels Top 5 Best YouTube Gaming Channels: How Did They Get There?

Ever wondered how those top gaming YouTubers got to where they are today?

24 Jun 2024

18 Hacks To Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral 18 Hacks To Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral

Did you know that just one word in your YouTube Shorts title can make your video go from flop to viral? And if you're not using the right settings, YouTube might not find your audience.

20 Jun 2024

Most subscribed YouTube Kids channels Most subscribed YouTube Kids channels

YouTube is a fantastic place for kids to learn and entertain and is packed with great channels designed just for them. We’ve collected the most popular and successful channels so you can quickly find content for your child. Plus, you can find inspiration for your own kids' channels here!

19 Jun 2024

Discover the potential of YouTube metadata translation to expand your channel's reach and increase profitability Creators with 1,000,000 Subs: YouTube Play Buttons

Reaching one million subscribers on YouTube is an important goal for content creators. As a reward for this impressive achievement, YouTube gives these creators a YouTube Play Button. It’s not an easy feat, and the journey to this achievement is filled with numerous obstacles. This article will discuss strategies to boost your YouTube channel and how to unlock Play Buttons when you reach 1,000,000 subscribers.