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Let’s Take a Closer Look at K&T Package Services
Сhannel Troubleshooting
Tired of trying to fix yellow icons, termination issues, monetization problems, or simply trying to understand YouTube algorithms? We’re here to do that for you. Our close partnership with the YouTube team helps us better understand how to solve issues that our creators face.
Channel Translation & Localization
Multiply your income with AIR Translation Services. Every single multi-million subscriber channel in our family expanded their audiences by distributing their content to other markets. We translate your content into any new language with a wide range of native-speaker voiceovers and offer you unique, zero-risk terms and exceptional revenue share for your newly translated channel. It's phenomenal!
Mobile Apps & Games
Have you been dreaming about a personal mobile game with a character from your channel? We develop customized apps and games for your brand to increase earnings from your popularity.
Hack Protection
Your channel is the result of your hard work and creativity as well as your source of income. And there’s nothing more important than protecting your work and earnings from theft. The AIR channel security team, with over 10 years of experience, has worked on numerous cases where we were able to return channels to owners even in situations that seemed hopeless.
Getting on YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids is the future of kids content channels. How can you get on YouTube Kids and earn from it? We align your content with the app requirements to get your channel on the app. YouTube Kids allows only safe and knowledgeable content and maximizes your channel growth and earnings from advertising.
Increase the main channel metrics by using Gyre. Streaming is the best way to promote your channel with minimum investment. We stream your videos 24/7 on a loop to increase your channel watch time, viewers, subscribers, CMP, and revenue growth.
Content ID
Are you concerned that someone will steal your content and re-upload it on various channels? Are scammers making money on your work? This will never happen if you work with AIR! Content ID creates 100% protection from any unauthorized uploads of your content. You can choose between these options: allow others to use your content without monetization, receive money from monetizing your content on their channels, or simply block the content.
Brand Deals
Earn more from ad integrations with brands you admire. For the Kids & Teens vertical we find advertising projects with international and local brands.
Content Distribution
Gain more popularity beyond YouTube! Distribute your existing content to Bilibili, SeeZisKids, Kivitu, Mama.TV, MEGOGO in a few clicks. Discover new markets, audiences, and income opportunities while we take care of all the rest.
Services for success on YouTube
AIR Creators Ecosystem focuses on helping creators grow with advanced services that are vital for success on YouTube
Increase earnings from your popularity
Our expertise in Kids content allows us to solve any problems that creators face
Kids & Teens
You create, we develop
We launched 9 products that protect creators on a daily basis.
Kids & Teens
Stay safe on YouTube
We will help you avoid problems on the platform or or solve them when they arise.
Kids & Teens
Ready to rock?
Become a part of the AIR family and you’re guaranteed:
  • Channel safety
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hack protection
  • Getting into YouTube Kids
  • New ways of income
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