22 Jul 2024

Specific of advertising campaigns for YouTube gaming channels Specific of advertising campaigns for YouTube gaming channels

Advertising campaigns on YouTube for gaming channels are unique, just like the gaming industry itself. As a gaming YouTuber, you cannot rely solely on the demographics because it can vary from game to game. To maximize your impact and revenue it's essential to understand the specific strategies and nuances involved, which we'll explore in detail here.

19 Jul 2024

Tools for Live Streaming TOP Tools for Live Streaming

Want to host the best streams like a pro? Looking for top-notch tools for your streams?

18 Jul 2024

How Much Do Live Streamers Earn? How Much Do Live Streamers Earn?

Live streaming has gained rapid popularity over the past years. Why, you might ask? Well, that's simple enough to answer – for creators, it's an easy, dynamic, and organic way to engage with their audience in real-time. But how much and how easy can you earn? Let's find out!

17 Jul 2024

YouTube Metadata How to Localize and Translate YouTube Metadata

Want More Views? Try Translating Your YouTube Metadata!

16 Jul 2024

YouTube channel localization What is YouTube Channel Localization?

Are you wondering how to reach a new global level of viewership for your YouTube videos? Do you want to broadcast your content in multiple languages?

15 Jul 2024

advertising campaigns for kids channels Specific of Advertising Campaigns for Kids Channels

Do you create content for kids and want to launch the best ads for kids YouTube campaigns but don't know the specifics, rules, or how to do it in the right way?

11 Jul 2024

Best Music Distribution Platforms Rating Best Music Distribution Platforms Rating

Choosing the right music distribution service can feel like navigating a maze, but it’s crucial for getting your music out there. Let's break down the best options to help you find the perfect fit for your tunes and dive deeper into what makes each of these music distribution services unique and how they can cater to different artists' needs.

10 Jul 2024

Custom Play Button The Most Creative YouTube Achievements: Creators Who Got Custom Play Button

So, you've probably heard of the YouTube Play Buttons, right? You know, creators get the Silver, Gold, and Diamond awards for hitting subscriber milestones?

09 Jul 2024

YouTube Diamond Button: Full Guide How to Get the YouTube Diamond Button: Full Guide

One of the most coveted milestones for YouTubers is the Diamond Play Button, an award that YouTube gives to channels that reach certain numbers of subscribers.

08 Jul 2024

YouTube multi-language audio How to Add a Multi-Language Audio Track to Your Video?

Want to make your videos accessible to viewers worldwide but don't know how to add YouTube multi-language audio? Let's figure it out.