29 Feb 2024

A Guide On How To Upload Music To YouTube Tune In: A Guide On How To Upload Music To YouTube

If you are a musician who wants to get your music on YouTube. This guide has everything you need!

27 Feb 2024

What are YouTube shorts? How it works, added and created YouTube Shorts: Another Short Video Platform? Think Bigger

Couple of years ago, YouTube launched a short-form video creation tool — YouTube Shorts. Let's see how you can benefit from them in 2024!

21 Feb 2024

All You Need to Know about Copyright on YouTube What is YouTube Copyright: Guidelines and Rules Explained

Trying to resolve copyright claims and puzzled about how many copyright strikes on YouTube can impact your channel, or what is considered copyright on YouTube? You're in good company.

30 Jan 2024

How to Write a Video Script For YouTube Videos How to Write a Video Script For YouTube Videos

There's no ultimate template to write an efficient video script. That's right, but don't get confused - there is something much better! We're talking about a bunch of clever tricks you can apply to your script that will help you keep your audience watching longer, get them more involved, and show off your style. Because let's be real, who wants to sound like everyone else using the same script template?

16 Jan 2024

A complete Guide on How to Make a Playlist on YouTube Channel How to Make a Playlist on YouTube Channel: Best Practice and Recommendations

YouTube's making a lot of changes adding new features and moving them around but there is one feature that keeps being super important and that is YouTube Playlists. In this guide we'll show you why they are so crucial, how to create YouTube Playlists and how to use all of the features inside of playlists.

11 Jan 2024

How to Make Multiple Youtube Channels With One Email Create Multiple YouTube Channels with the Same Email: A Step-by-Step Guide

YouTube helps you bring any amount of creative ideas to life. When you already have a YouTube channel and suddenly get inspired by a new idea from a different niche, you can just create a new channel. But can you have multiple YouTube channels on one email? Absolutely! You can create up to 50 channels under one email. Today, we're going to walk you through this step by step. Let's get into it!

09 Jan 2024

What is Video Content Moderation and Why Creators Need It What is Video Content Moderation and Why Creators Need It

In this article, we will discuss what moderation is and how to avoid yellow icons and other YouTube sanctions. When videos you worked so hard on are finally uploaded to the platform, you want to be sure that they will grow your channel and be attractive to algorithms. What a huge disappointment when something you invested your talent in receives a warning or, even worse, causes your channel to lose monetization.

28 Dec 2023

How to Get a YouTube Play Button? How to Get a YouTube Play Button

YouTube offers several awards to its very creators for achieving specific successes. These prizes are called YouTube Play buttons or YouTube plaques. They are a series of YouTube awards that aim to recognize its most popular channels. The awards are based on the number of channel subscribers, but the final decision rests with YouTube.

12 Dec 2023

17 Hacks To Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral 17 Hacks To Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral

Did you know that just one word in your YouTube Shorts title can make your video go from flop to viral? And if you're not using the right settings, YouTube might not find your audience. Don't worry, by the end of this guide, you'll know all the tricks on how to go viral on YouTube Shorts, whether you have lots of subscribers or it's your first post.

30 Nov 2023

The Secret Behind YouTube Algorithm The Beginner’s Guide: The Secret Behind YouTube Algorithm and How It Impacts Your Content Visibility

Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide — where we share helpful tips for channel growth, break down digital platforms’ tricky algorithms and complex rules, and explain the basics of creating content and making it work for everyone whose creator journey is just getting started.