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Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions to connect to AIR MCN?

To connect to AIR MCN, your channel needs:

– At least 3 videos, 300 subscribers, and 10 000 views;

– The channel complies with the Rules of the platform, Terms of Use and Community Guidelines;

– Your channel is linked to an AdSense account.

If all of the above is in order, feel free to click on the "Become a partner" at the top of the page.

How do I connect my channel to AIR MCN?

- Fill out a sign up form on

- Wait for a reply: look for an email from AIR (Agency Of Internet Rights) in your inbox

- Do not forget to check your "spam" folder

Check this article for detailed instructions on how to connect.

What do I do after I get connected to AIR?

- Carefully read emails you receive from us. These contain important instructions

- Sign up for our mailout and public groups in social media to get YouTube news, tips, and the best blogs

Check all links at the bottom of the site :)

What is the minimum processing amount from YouTube?

$0.50 for WebMoney

$35 for PayPal / Yandex.Money / QIWI

$70 for Payoneer / SWIFT / Western Union

$70 for Visa / MasterCard

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