How to Analyze YouTube Competitors in 2024

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07 Nov 2023

How to Analyze YouTube Competitors in 2024

On YouTube, success isn't a gamble; it's all about wise choices. By analyzing your YouTube competitors, you can make informed decisions, not just gut ones. In this piece, we'll show you how to size up your YouTube competition and put that knowledge to work. So, let's get started.

Your Competitors Have a Plan: Watch Them to Learn It

Do you watch YouTube videos often? It's common for creators to get so caught up in making their content that they forget to watch others. Remember, successful YouTubers in your field didn't just appear overnight - most of them had a plan and a strategy. 

So here's your first task: Don't just watch videos for fun, but study those made by creators in your niche. Try to figure out why they make certain decisions.

  • What's the reason behind their title choice?
  • Why did they pick that specific thumbnail?
  • Why did they start their video that way?
  • What's their secret to keeping their audience hooked?

Begin by getting a feel for your niche's landscape. Pick out about 10 channels that are doing well and gaining traction. Our goal isn't to mimic these creators but to understand why they do what they do.

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Competitor Comment Analysis: Their Audience Speaks

Your next step is to dive into the comment section of your competitors. The comments on YouTube are like a backstage pass to see if the content is truly hitting the mark with viewers. It also gives you a sneak peek at potential content ideas for your channel. Give those comments a good read to understand what their audience thinks about their content.

  • Do the viewers love it?
  • What are they saying about it?
  • Got any suggestions from them?

Quick heads-up: Take note any time someone mentions what they're curious to know more about, or what they'd love to see in action. Then, whip up some videos for your channel inspired by these audience suggestions!

Dig Out Data: YouTube Competitor Insights

Next, dive into the data that YouTube lets you see. It's a key part of understanding your YouTube competition. You've got to gather their data to spot trends, tricks, hooks, and topics that are working well, and those that aren't so hot.

What should you look for? Here's a list:

  • How many subscribers do they have?
  • How many videos and views do their videos get?
  • Engagement on their videos (think likes, comments, and so on)?
  • How long are their videos?
  • How often do they post new content?

If you're planning to really dive into other people's YouTube channels, some YouTube analytics tools can back you up. Take VidIQ, for instance. With this tool, you can:

  1. See which videos from your competitors are racking up the most subs.
  2. Discover their SEO tags and keywords, how hard they are to rank for, and how many people are searching for them.
  3. Learn where their views are coming from and how fast their subscriber count is rising.
  4. Check out how specific videos are performing in terms of growth and engagement.
  5. Dig out the audience data your competitors have on social channels like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

So, when you're doing a deep dive into your competitors on YouTube, you'll start noticing patterns and strategies. Use this info to learn and speed up your own channel growth. 

When you're ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at AIR Media-Tech. We're here to help you with everything from resolving strikes on YouTube to boosting your audience and revenue. Let's grow together!

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