Turn Views into Subs: 5 Strategies on How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

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12 Sep 2023

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We bet you're guilty of not subscribing to all the channels you watch on YouTube, just like most of your viewers who enjoy your content but forget to hit that subscribe button. In this article, we have compiled 5 strategies on how to grow a YouTube channel and how to get your viewers to subscribe on YouTube. Let's go through them step by step!

YouTube Grow Up: Turning Views into Subs 

Alrighty, let's get this straight: the subscribers you're after are not just digits in your analytics, they're flesh-and-blood humans. Winning their hearts and devotion isn't something that can be achieved overnight. It's all about nurturing genuine relationships with your viewers. So, let's explore effective strategies to foster meaningful connections with your audience and to become one of those channels with YouTube highest subs.

The Power of Niche Content: Avoid the "One and Done" Syndrome

People rarely subscribe to YouTube channels after watching just one video, and that's a sad truth. Your audience craves more, but what happens when there's no more content on a specific topic they are interested in? Well, they bid farewell without a last goodbye. That's why it's absolutely vital to narrow down your niche and consistently deliver content around specific topics that truly ignite your audience's curiosity to give them a genuine reason to subscribe.

AIR Media-Tech has helped over 3000 content creators boost their YouTube channels, gaining billions of views. Reach out to us for custom growth strategies!

Dive into Shorts: Way to Get 670K New Subs

Shorts are an incredible tool for attracting a wider audience to your channel. And here's the cherry on top—they actually convert viewers into subscribers! Let us share an inspiring case study: Our partner MacDannyGun gained a whopping 670K new subs in just the last 5 months by utilizing Shorts, soaring to a grand total of 1.75 million subs. There are several ways you can dive into the Shorts action:

  1. Option one: Save precious time by transforming your existing videos into Shorts.
  2. Option two: Grab your trusty phone and unleash your creative prowess! Record a snappy video where you express yourself, promote your upcoming content, or let your imagination run wild. 

Both paths lead to greatness as long as you take the leap. Make sure to check out our guide on 17 life-hacks to make Shorts go viral for better results.

Guide on 17 life-hacks to make Shorts go viral

Subscribers on Autopilot: The Stream to Subs Strategy

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned YouTuber with a gazillion videos, here's the golden rule: keep those uploads flowing! Consistency is key. But let's face it, we all have those moments when life gets in the way, and keeping up with a weekly upload schedule feels like a Herculean task. The good news is that there is a way to gain new subscribers even when your posting schedule is disrupted. Drumroll... try continuous streams!

This strategy has proven results, as many of our partners use it. Just take a look at Pikameo Gameplay. They have been launching four streams simultaneously, which helped them gain over 35K new subscribers in just two months. So, if the weekly upload struggle is real, why not give this option a try?

Remember, viewers first fall head over heels for your content before they fall for you.

Teasing Your Way to More Subscribers: The Anticipation Effect

Some creators tend to keep their future content ideas a secret, worried that someone might swoop in and snatch them away. But let us tell you a little secret: while others might take your idea, nobody can bring it to life quite like you can. So here's a playful strategy to boost your subscriber count — tease your upcoming videos! The anticipation it creates is priceless. 

Another trick in this regard: create a video series in a playlist. Once someone discovers your channel through a particular video, they'll be hooked and eagerly dive into the next one on the same topic. That's the moment when they are more likely to join your subscriber family. 

The Insider Experience: Deepening Subscriber Connections

Subscribers are more than just viewers; they're your loyal tribe. To invite people into this tribe, you must create a sense of belonging and forge personal connections with your audience. Luckily, there are various ways to cultivate this feeling, such as offering:

  1. Behind-the-scenes stories
  2. Exclusive backstage moments 
  3. Glimpses into your world through jokes

The key is to seamlessly integrate these elements into your content, ensuring they enhance rather than overshadow your main ideas. Let your audience feel like insiders, and watch as their loyalty and connection to your channel grow.

Overall, staying consistent and building connections are ways to grow a YouTube channel fast. The good news is that there are plenty of services that can help you grow even faster! Just drop us a line and we'll assist you on your growth journey!

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