YouTube Ad Revenue: How Much Potential Are You Ignoring?

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26 Sep 2023

5 Powerful Strategies to Skyrocket Your YouTube Ad Revenue

Are You Ready to Level Up Your YouTube Ad Revenue Game? ✔️ Uncover 5 Strategies to Reach New Heights

Pause the creative hustle for a moment and let's dive into some under-the-radar tricks to advertising on YouTube and boosting your YouTube ad revenue. Not long ago, we walked you through the ins and outs of how to run ads on a YouTube channel. Now, we're going one step beyond. Let's explore 5 thorough strategies to seriously level up your ad revenue on YouTube and send those CPM rates through the roof.

Rule the Manual YouTube Ad Placements

First of all, let's dive right into the world of YouTube Ad Placements. No surprise that YouTube's "automatic placement" doesn't always have your wallet in mind. So, it is time to take control over it. Switch to manual placement and step into your audience's shoes to strike a balance of better revenue for you and an improved experience for them:

  1. Call the Shots on Mid-Roll Ads: For longer videos, mid-roll ads are the key. Slot them during natural pauses, between segments or chapters in order to not interrupt the main show.
  2. Keep It Viewer-Friendly: Don't drown your viewers in ads. Too many can lead to video abandonment. Make sure not to add more than 1 ad per 8-15 minutes for a happy viewer experience.
  3. Say Not Today to Non-Skippable Ads: These ads don't always mean more money, but they could mean less viewer satisfaction. If viewers feel cornered into watching an ad, they might just close your video. That's a no-go, right?

Use End-Screens and Cards to Boost Your Ad Revenue on YouTube

Our team is here to help you analyze and optimize your content for maximum engagement and revenue. Drop us a line and let's get started!

Identify the 'King video'

Let's get it straight: Your top-earning video isn't the one that generated the most cash. Instead, it's the one boasting the highest CPM and RPM. Let's dub it the "King video." To find this gem, navigate to 'Advanced Mode' under the 'Revenue' tab in your YouTube Analytics. Once you've spotted this video, here's how to squeeze every last drop of potential from it:

  1. Channel your traffic: Consider steering viewers towards your King video to boost your earnings sky-high. You can do it by pointing your viewers to the King video using end-screens, for instance.
  2. Create a King video marathon: By curating a playlist of these high-earning videos, you could kick-start YouTube's recommendation engine, giving your older, profitable videos a new lease on life – and filling your pockets!
  3. Craft more King videos: You've got a playlist full of them, so why not add more? Identify the common threads and patterns across these videos, and use them as a blueprint for creating more top-earning videos. There you have it - more views, more cash!

Earn While You Sleep: Go live 24/7

One more strategy to boost your YouTube ad revenue is continuous streaming. It is the new black on YouTube, and YouTube loves it. As seen with our partner Pikameo Gameplay, streams are a goldmine for revenue growth. This channel bagged $2,000 and 6,000 fresh subscribers in just a month with four active continuous streams. Plus, these streams brought in 71% of the total 4.5 million channel views and 80% of the watch time.

So, how can you tap into this? Here are two simple options:

  1. Get on air: Kickstart a regular stream or launch a new video as a stream.
  2. Embrace continuous streams: It's like earning while you sleep! Our partner BIBO and Toys did just that. These folks do 60 streams per month and voilà! 86% of their traffic and 93% of their revenue were all thanks to those continuous live streams. And you can do this too, all with a service like Gyre.

Try Continuous Streams to boost your ad Revenue in YouTube

Be noticeable: Enhance YouTube SEO 

To keep the money coming in, you need better visibility on YouTube, and that's where YouTube SEO helps a lot. Start by conducting keyword research. This will not only help you create content that resonates but also make your existing content easier to discover. 

Your main goal with YouTube SEO? Find that perfect balance where a keyword has a high search volume but isn't overly competitive. To hit that sweet spot, think about using YouTube-focused SEO tools like VidIQ. These tools can help not only with your overall SEO but also give you daily video ideas along with insights on what could go viral and rank higher.

Long-form Videos or YouTube Shorts? Try both!

Now, you can earn money from YouTube Shorts, and it's not just a pipe dream. Just look at our partners, Heidi & Zidane, who've pocketed a cool 29% of their channel revenue from Shorts in 2023.

Now, it's time to inspire your own YouTube Shorts journey, and the main point here is that Shorts can be made in any content niche. Here's just a short list of trending Shorts topics that might inspire you:

  1. "60-Second Cooking Hacks" - Share quick and easy cooking tips.
  2. "App Reviews in 60 seconds" - Discuss various apps in brief.
  3. "Fitness Minute" - Share quick workout routines or health tips.
  4. "Behind the Scenes" - Provide a glimpse of your daily life or work process.
  5. "Quick Beauty Tips" - Share rapid makeup or skincare tricks.
  6. "Quick Home Decor Tips" - Share rapid home decoration ideas.
  7. "1-Minute Motivation" - Share motivational quotes or stories
  8. "Short Film Reviews" - Review movies or series in brief.
  9. "60-Second Science" - Explain intriguing scientific facts or phenomena.

Whether you're explaining rocket science or giving a room tour, YouTube Shorts are your canvas. So, get your phone ready, and let's dive into creation! 

Remember, no matter your angle - be it perfecting ad placements, crafting a "King-video" strategy, streaming round-the-clock, optimizing SEO, or cashing in on Shorts - AIR Media Tech is here to fuel your journey. So why wait? Contact us to ignite your growth and make an impact.

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