How to Advertise on YouTube? Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set Up a YouTube Ad Campaign

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07 Aug 2023

How to Advertise on YouTube? Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set Up a YouTube Ad Campaign

So, you want to dive into the wild world of YouTube advertising? You’ve come to the right place, because we’re about to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to set up your very own YouTube ad campaign. Don’t worry, we’ll make it as breezy as a cat video on a lazy Sunday.

How Does Advertising Work on YouTube

First things first, let’s lift the curtain and see the inner workings of YouTube advertising. Here are some fundamentals you need to be aware of before setting up the YouTube ad campaign:

  • Ad Pricing Models: You’ve got two options: cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-view (CPV). With CPC, you pay when someone clicks your ad. CPV means you pay when viewers interact with your ad or watch it for at least 30 seconds.
  • Factors That Affect Cost: Your bid, bidding strategy, targeting options, and ad type all play a role in how much your YouTube ad will cost. It’s like assembling a puzzle where each piece affects the final picture.
  • Types of YouTube Video Ads: From in-feed video ads to skippable in-stream ads, YouTube offers various formats to showcase your content. It’s like having a toolbox with options for every situation. 

How to Create an Ad on YouTube

Alright, now that you've familiarized yourself with the fundamentals of advertising on YouTube, it is time to break down the process of creating an ad on YouTube:

  1. Upload Your Video to YouTube: Head over to YouTube and share your masterpiece. Whether it's a hilarious skit, a heartwarming story, or a product demo that even your grandma would click, get it out there.
  2. Set Up Your Google Ads Account: If you haven't joined the Google Ads party yet, it's high time you did. Sign up using your trusty Google Workspace email.
  3. Initiate a New Campaign: Click on "+ New Campaign", opt for "Video" as your campaign type – because we're all about those captivating moving visuals.
  4. Pick Your Campaign Subtype and Strategy: For now, let's zoom in on the "Video reach campaign" subtype. Map out your strategy, whether you're going for efficient reach (a mix of ads) or the intrigue of non-skippable in-stream.
  5. Name Your Campaign: Flex those creative muscles! Perhaps whip up a moniker like "Operation YouTube Triumph" or "Ad-pocalypse Unleashed."
  6. Allocate Your Budget: You don't need Scrooge McDuck's money bin for this. Just set a daily or overall campaign budget you can afford.
  7. Choose Where Your Ad Will Appear: Think of this as selecting the prime location for your billboard – YouTube search results, videos, or across the sprawling Google Display Network. The power's in your hands.
  8. Set Up Content Exclusions: It's a bit like deciding which parties to skip. Choose the kind of content you'd rather not be associated with, because your brand's got standards.
  9. Add Related Videos: Like recommending dessert after a meal, add related videos that'll pop up below your ad. Five recommendations should hit the sweet spot.
  10. Fine-Tune Advanced Settings: Get your inner tech geek on and fine-tune things like operating systems, devices, and carriers.
  11. Define Demographics and Audience Segments: Get to know your audience even better than your BFF. Outline who your ad is set to charm – age, gender, interests, the full enchilada.
  12. Choose Target Keywords, Topics, and Placements: Utilize keywords, topics, and placements to guide potential viewers right to your video.
  13. Kick Off Bidding: Set the maximum price you're willing to pay for each view.
  14. Assemble Your Video Ad Assets: Drop in your video's YouTube link and decide whether it's an in-stream or in-display ad. Ensure your video thumbnail is as captivating as a cat chasing a laser pointer.
  15. Connect Your Google Ads Account: Navigate to the upper navigation bar and give “Tools & Settings” a friendly click. Now, in the “Set Up” section, saunter over to “Linked accounts.
  16. Get Ready to Grow: Finally, input your credit card details and let the curtains rise on your spectacular performance!

It might seem like a hefty to-do list, but trust us, the payoff is worth it. Just take a look at our partner Watch Me Cerita – they scored 2,668,610 views, roped in 23,527 fresh subscribers, raked in 954,196 visits to their channel, and pulled off an average CPM of $0.0019. All of this in just 8 months. That's the kind of performance that only comes with a sprinkle of expertise. Speaking of which, if you're ever thinking of handing over the YouTube Ads Campaign reins, consider enlisting the support of a Certified YouTube Partner like AIR Media Tech.

How to Advertise on YouTube

Now that you've got your ad campaign set up, let's talk strategy. Here are a bunch of tips to ensure that your YouTube ad performs as you expect it to:

  1. Monitor Underperforming Placements: Keep a vigilant watch on where your ad materializes and avoid any locations that could be pulling down your overall performance.
  2. Propel Viewers into Action: Utilize CTAs, guiding viewers towards subscription, your website or landing page. Present them with a compelling reason to act.
  3. Leverage Negative Remarketing: Exclude those who've already encountered your ad. It's like skipping the introductory scenes of a series you've binge-watched repeatedly.
  4. Embrace Closed Captioning: Make your content universally accessible, earning Google's appreciation along the way.
  5. Craft Captivating Thumbnails: Design thumbnails that beckon like a well-dressed window display.
  6. Empower Your End Screen: Use your end screen like a digital megaphone. It's your last chance to nudge viewers towards subscribing, watching more, or exploring your offerings.
  7. Narrate Narratively: Whether it’s your product’s journey or a captivating story, weave your narrative into your ad. Engaging tales make your brand memorable, like a gripping book you can't put down.

So there you have it, your crash course in YouTube advertising! Approach your campaigns like a science experiment. Test different elements, analyze results, and refine your approach based on the data. It’s like being a mad scientist, but without the crazy hairdo. Keep in mind that AIR Media Tech is always ready to jump in and assist with setting up and running your YouTube ad campaigns.