Top YouTube Keywords to Boost Your Channel's Ranking

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Polina Aleksina


09 May 2024

Boost Your Channel & Master YouTube Video Search

Finding effective keywords on YouTube can be difficult, but some strategies can help. These suggestions will help you uncover the right search terms to attract a larger audience and improve your YouTube ranking.

What Are YouTube Channel Keywords

youtube video search

YouTube channel keywords are specific phrases or words that are added to a YouTube channel to help it rank better in search results. These keywords help YouTube users find your channel more easily, and it can increase your views and subscribers! 

If you want your video content to be successful, you need to make sure that your channel is optimized with the right keywords. You can use a variety of keywords to describe your content, including the topic of your videos, the type of content you create, and the niche you focus on. 

How to Use YouTube Keywords

When choosing your channel's keywords, it's important to consider your target audience and keyword types. Channel keywords increase your channel's ranking in search results, helping you attract more subscribers and viewers who are interested in a specific niche. 

First, you need to include keywords in your video title. Your title should be short, and descriptive, and include one or two of your most important keywords. Then include keywords in the video description. This is a great opportunity to provide more details about your video and include additional keywords.

In this article, we explain how YouTube keywords work to optimize channels. If you need expert advice for your channel, you can contact our experts.

Don't forget to use tags to categorize your video and make it easier for users to find. After all, these are the same keywords that describe your content.

Various Categories of Keywords

To effectively use keywords and promote your videos, you need to know about the different types of keywords. Let's take a closer look at this issue:

  1. Long-Tail Keywords: these keywords are longer than the others and consist of several words. They are used for a specific type of search query. On the one hand, they may not generate a large number of search queries, but they may help you catch the viewers your competitors can't.
  2. Medium-Tail Keywords: these keywords have an average search volume and can consist of either a group of terms or a phrase. Many people consider mid-tail keywords to be the perfect balance because they aren’t too difficult to rank for.
  3. Short-Tail Keywords: these are the most popular categories that have significant search volume due to their widespread use. Short-tail keywords consist of just a few words. For example, “most subscribed bloggers”, “popular youtube channels”, "youtube monetization", etc.

How to Find the Right YouTube Keywords

Finding the right and correct keywords is an important process for promoting and optimizing your YouTube channel. If you want to reach more audiences, you need to know which channels to search for keywords. Let's look at a few options!

YouTube search bar

Use the YouTube search bar to see what suggestions come up when you enter potential keywords. This will give you an idea of what other people are searching for on your topic.

Brainstorm Potential Keywords

Start by brainstorming a list of potential keywords that are relevant to the topic of your video. These can be single words or phrases that people can use to search for videos like yours.

Analyze Other YouTube Channels

Look at the keywords your competitors are using in the titles, descriptions, and tags of their videos. This can give you ideas for keywords that you may have overlooked.

Use Keyword Research Tools

There are several keyword research tools that can help you find the best keywords for your videos. This is one of the most effective ways to select the right keywords. For example, the vidIQ keyword generator. We will tell you about this service in more detail.

YouTube Keyword Generator

AI keyword generator is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to find the right keywords for your YouTube channel. You can use the VidIQ service to find relevant terms and drive traffic to your videos. 

It's easy: go to the site, enter the desired word or phrase, and click "Generate".

youtube keywords

Once you click the button “Generate”, the tool will give you a list of related keywords and rank your priority for using them.

ai keyword generator

Use YouTube Keywords with VidIQ

Once you've found the keywords you want, it's time to test them. To get started, register with vidIQ, go to this page, and click on the "Keywords" tab.

keywords for youtube

Go to the search bar and paste a phrase from the list of keywords. Then press “Enter” and you're done! For example, we used this keyword. 

vidIQ tool for youtube keywords

Analyze Your Keywords

You can also use this tool to analyze data such as monthly search volume, competitiveness, related terms, and additional questions people are asking.

ai keyword generator

Search volume and competition

After pressing Enter in the search, look just below the search bar: you will notice the keyword score for the term you just entered. This number reflects the quality of your keyword in terms of search volume and competition.

Relevant Terms

youtube channel search

If you want to see other variations of the keyword you're testing for, look at the Matching Terms panel. The AI tool uses additional keywords that you should consider. You may find ones that describe your video better or have higher keyword rankings.

Related Keywords

relevant keywords for youtube

By using related keywords, you can find out how users are searching for various features and details that are related to a given topic. Additionally, in the Related Keywords tab, you can see content gaps in other YouTube videos—"subtopics" that viewers are interested in, but they don't see because they're not in the video.

Questions from Users

search for keywords

YouTube users often ask questions about one topic or another. Giving them a clear and high-quality answer will greatly help in promoting your video. To find out these questions, go to the "Questions" tab. If suddenly the service does not give you any questions, expand your search.

Use different methods to select keywords to get thousands of views. If you want advice or have any questions, contact our experts and we will help you!

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