Earn More on YouTube: 5 Simple Tweaks for Revenue Boost

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13 Jun 2024

Tactics for a YouTube Revenue Boost

Ways to make money on YouTube are well-known, but there are common pitfalls that might be holding you back.

Today we’ll clear some of them out, so you can earn more by making slight adjustments to your strategy.

YouTube Rules May Impact Your Brand Deals

Let's talk about Brand Deals. They're a fantastic way to monetize your content, often bringing in significant revenue, especially if you use advanced tools like Pin.top, where all your brand deals are 100% prepaid. However, there's a common misconception that we need to address. Some creators think that because their primary income is from Brand Deals, they can afford to bend or even break YouTube's rules and get demonetized. You might think, "If I get a yellow dollar coin, it's not a big deal since my main revenue isn't from YouTube ads". In reality, it doesn’t work that way.

Your reach and engagement affect your Brand Deals too.


When your videos get the dreaded yellow dollar coin, YouTube limits their reach. Fewer people see your videos, which means your engagement drops. Brands pay close attention to those metrics for sure. A drop in views and engagement can lead to less attractive Brand Deals or even losing them altogether. So, it's crucial to follow YouTube's rules and aim to keep that green dollar coin shining bright.

If you ever get hit with a yellow dollar on your videos, just reach out to our experts — we’ll help you sort it out. You can also check out this guide to learn more about what causes the yellow dollar and how to fix it.

Looking for securing more brand deals? Take some proven tactics from this guide.

Learn how to get more sponsors while staying clear from a yellow dollar coin on on YouTubeAd Breaks Strategy

Another way to boost your YouTube revenue is through your ad timeline. Creators often forget that where you place ads in your video can significantly impact your earnings. We’ve seen creators dramatically increase their ad revenue just by tweaking the timing of their ad breaks.

Example: During the audit, our experts looked deep into our partner's channel analytics and found a pattern where many viewers dropped off just one minute before the next ad break. We adjusted that timing, and voila, monetization revenue started to climb.

It's not an easy task to find patterns in YouTube analytics, but you can always contact AIR Media-Tech. Our experts can audit your channel and help improve your metrics. We can even provide an automatic service that places your ad breaks in the optimal spots every time. Just reach out to us here, and let's set it all right.

AIR Media-Tech is the ultimate space for content creators, offering tools and solutions for every challenge you might face. Our partners recently reached 125 billion YouTube views, achieving milestones of 100K, 1M, 10M, and 100M subscribers.


Access Extra Cash to Invest in Your YouTube Growth

One more tweak to your earning strategy is using specialized financial tools for creators. Some can give you extra funds to reinvest in your content and boost your growth. Take MilX by AIR Media-Tech, for example. It lets eligible creators unlock up to six months of their monetization revenue upfront.

Here’s a real-life case: One of our partners used MilX to get access to future earnings, which they invested in recording a song and putting on a concert. The song went viral, the concert was a huge hit, and their earnings got a great boost!

You can try this option too. Besides unlocking future earnings, MilX lets creators access their monetization revenue anytime without waiting for a YouTube payday and transfer funds in over 40 crypto and fiat currencies via preferred methods like cards, e-wallets, and bank accounts. Learn more here.

MilX - Finance Hub for Creators

Don’t Overlook YouTube Memberships

One often underutilized feature for earning more is YouTube Memberships. The thing with YouTube Memberships is that YouTube wants you to earn more so it can make more money too, and the Memberships feature is not an exception. YouTube keeps adding features to help creators grow their number of paid subscribers. For example, when they started showing previews of members-only videos in the regular feed, viewers who click on the preview see a prompt to subscribe and access all the benefits, including that video.

To put the power of YouTube Memberships into perspective, let's look at a real-life example. One of our outstanding Ukrainian partners, Yanina Sokolova, utilizes alternative monetization methods on YouTube, such as Memberships and Super Tools, to support the channel's development. Through Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks, Yanina generates income during regular channel streams. 


These methods have helped her generate over 50% of her total channel revenue on YouTube within a year.


YouTube Memberships are not that hard to start. Let’s take a look at some tricks successful YouTubers use, so you can leverage them as well.

How YouTubers User Memberships

Reuse Levels and Perks from Patreon

If you already use Patreon, you can reuse levels and perks from there to launch YouTube Memberships. Yes, they can work together and boost your income as both platforms have their own perks, and some of our partners have already proven that it works.

Highlight Members in Videos

Give shoutouts to your members in your videos. Whether it's a special mention at the end of your video or dedicating a segment to answer their questions, this personal touch can significantly increase member retention and attract new subscribers.

Leverage Community Posts for Member-Only Polls and Updates

Utilize the Community tab to create member-only polls and updates. This not only engages your members but also gives them a voice in your content creation process, making them feel more involved and valued.

For more strategies, visit our article, or just hit us up here and we’ll provide everything from the latest insights and membership design services to a complete Channel Membership Development service.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Diversification actually doesn't mean a lot of work. In this strategy, creators can go ahead and reuse the content they've already created. There are several options you can leverage:

  1. Reach out to experts who will translate, dub, and localize your existing content so it can reach those hundreds of millions of people who don't watch English-speaking YouTube.
  2. Set your existing videos on 24/7 streams. YouTube algorithms favor these more than regular videos, giving your old videos a chance to come alive and generate revenue again.
  3. Get a consultation on what platforms you can distribute your existing content, allowing it to reach new audiences and earn more income.

All of these options can be done simply because AIR Media-Tech is here to help. Just text us here and let's grow your income together!

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