How to Write a Video Script For YouTube Videos

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30 Jan 2024

How to Write a Video Script For YouTube Videos

There's no ultimate template to write an efficient video script. That's right, but don't get confused - there is something much better! We're talking about a bunch of clever tricks you can apply to your script that will help you keep your audience watching longer, get them more involved, and show off your style. Because let's be real, who wants to sound like everyone else using the same script template?

Today, we're handing over some easy-to-follow advice for writing YouTube scripts. By the end of this article, you'll be ready to set up your own special script template, armed with insights we've gathered from working with thousands of creators at AIR Media-Tech. Let's start!

With a Viewer in Mind

When you're about to start writing a script, don't get stuck in your head too much. It's way better to have something down on paper than a blank page staring back at you. So start writing down your thoughts and once that's done, get ready to be your own toughest critic. Because we're not just creating videos for the sake of it, right? There's someone real people on the other side of that screen watching. So you need to edit like there's no tomorrow. When you're looking over your script, picture your viewer sitting across from you and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this bit add any real value?
  • Is it interesting enough to keep viewers engaged?
  • Will my viewers stay with me if I structure it this way?

You gotta be super honest with your answers. If a part isn't cutting it, cut it out.

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The Script Idea Comes First

There are several ways to generate ideas for your next video script. The first option is to monitor your competitors, especially paying attention to the content requests they receive in the comments. You can find more information about analyzing your competitors in this guide.

Guide on how to analyze YouTube Competitors

Also, let's not forget that we live in the AI era. If you ever get stuck, it's incredibly easy to ask an AI for tips, like, 'Give me 20 ideas for a video about [insert your topic].' ChatGPT or Bard can really provide you with some food for thought. While their ideas may not be entirely new and are based on existing events, the boost you get from overcoming writer's block with AI is quite powerful. 

There are also some AI tools specifically designed to assist with scriptwriting. We've tested a lot of them and compiled the best ones in this article about AI tools for content creators. Be sure to check them out!

AI tools for Content Creaotrs

Now, it's time to write a script! Let's start from the first stage of our adjustable template for video script - Introduction.

1. Outline Your Script First

Before starting to write the content for the script itself, it’s a good idea to sketch out your video’s outline. Consider an outline as the skeleton of your upcoming video; it's a straightforward way to make script writing less overwhelming by segmenting your video into distinct sections, like the chapters of an article. Alternatively, if you prefer a storytelling approach, shape a basic plot outline. An outline serves several purposes:

  • Enhance the clarity and focus of your script.
  • Break down the writing task into manageable parts.
  • Save lots of time by helping you refine the overall structure before adding the details.

Let's consider an example where we are going to create a video script to help small YouTube channels grow. Here is an illustration of how it's done.

Example of the Outline

Video Title: Decoding YouTube's Algorithm for Small Channels

  • Introduction
      1. Addressing the frustration of small channels
      2. Introducing the goal of understanding the YouTube algorithm
  • Viewer-Centric Mindset
      1. Shifting focus from creator to viewer perspective
      2. Recognizing the algorithm's reliance on viewer behavior
  • Finding Your Niche
      1. The importance of niche targeting for discoverability
      2. Diversifying content within the chosen niche
  • Mastering Metadata
      1. Unpacking the significance of titles and descriptions
      2. Analyzing a successful example of metadata utilization
  • Closing Thoughts
    1. Summarizing key points
    2. Teasing upcoming content or inviting viewer feedback

When the outline is ready, let's write content for the first supper important part of it - introduction!

2. Hook with Intro

Nailing the intro is crucial for your script – it's what YouTube needs to count a view. To keep viewers watching past those first 30 seconds, you've got to grab their attention immediately. Here's how to make your intro work for you:

  • Skip the small talk. Dive right into the main stuff to keep your audience from bouncing.
  • Keep it tight. A couple of sentences are all you need to make your point.
  • Hold off on those 'like and subscribe' lines for a bit.

At this point, you need to make viewers feel they've found what they're looking for. And remember, intros come in all shapes and sizes! Let's explore some of the many styles you can pick from.

Intro To Surprise

You are an expert in your content niche, aren't you? Then use those insights you've got while exploring your subject. Hook your audience with facts that impress even yourself. Here are some lines for inspiration:

  • The most dangerous room in the house is the bathroom …;
  • The strongest muscle in your body isn't your legs or your back; it's your heart …;
  • The greatest battle in history wasn't fought on an open field …;

There is something that is unique about any content category for sure, you just need to find it out and use it as a hook. 

Credibility Intro

You also can give people an extra reason to listen to you by saying straight away about your experience in the first 30 seconds of your script. You can think of something like this:

  1. I'm a personal trainer who has turned couch potatoes into marathon runners, and in the process, have redefined what 'personal best' really means …;
  2. I'm a historian who has discovered stories more captivating than fiction …;
  3. I'm an author whose words have traveled further than Marco Polo ….

Share some of your work results with your audience. It adds credibility by demonstrating that you really know your stuff.

Intro To Impress

You can also intrigue people with your personal narrative, by scripting your intro like this:

"I went from struggling to do a single push-up to completing a triathlon. Tag along as I share the real talk on setbacks and small victories that made all the difference …".

"Transforming my urban apartment into an eco-friendly space seemed daunting, but I made it happen. I'll share the simple swaps and DIYs that helped me live greener, one small step at a time …".

There is a lot more to add about types of intros, but let's proceed to the next stage of writing a script - the teaser.

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3. Play with Teasers

When you are done with your intro there is also one tiny thing to add that can make a difference - a quick hint about extra information you'll be sharing at the end of the video. This is a simple way to keep your viewers interested and watching until the last minute.

Here's what to think about: What special piece of advice or information do you have that your viewers will want to stick around for? To give you ideas, here are some straightforward examples of such kind of teasers:

  1. "Don't go anywhere because, at the end of this video, I'm going to unveil the simple tweak that's doubling people's workout efficiency".
  2. "Stick around because, at the close of this video, I'll share an educational hack that's helping students learn complex concepts in half the time".
  3. "Stay with me until the end, as I'm going to let you in on a travel hack that could get you luxury experiences at backpacker prices".

These kinds of teasers can help keep your audience watching and also make sure they feel like they're getting great value from your video.

4. Remind How YouTube Works

The debate rages on about the placement of the Call to Action – should it immediately follow the intro or wait its turn? There is no doubt that value should come first, but there is one thing creators usually forget: most of the people that watch your channel regularly, might not be subscribed yet. We bet you are not subscribed to all the creators you often watch, right? The truth is, liking and subscribing often slip viewers' minds because it's not their top priority.

The trick is to gently remind your audience about what their subscription means to you and to the YouTube algorithms. Try saying something like:

"I know that lots of you have been watching my content for a while now, which is awesome. If you like what you see, a quick subscription would help our channel a lot!"

You won't know if a CTA after the script intro works for you until you try it out. It's all about experimenting to figure out what resonates most with your audience.

5. Complete the Main Content Part of the Outline

Now it's time to get into the core of your script. This part should be tight and clear — no rambling. Keep it quick and engaging to hold your viewers' attention. Below are some key tips for this section of your script.

Decide How You Talk

Keep the tone casual and easy, like you're chatting with a friend. Use simple words that everyone understands. Most of the time, talking like a regular person works best because it feels more like a real, human conversation and not like you're listening to a machine.

Be a Narrator

The best stories start with a big question or mystery that makes you stick around to find out the ending. Like in a movie, you want to know how it ends, right? You can do the same with your script by making lists like the "Top 5 TV Shows" or telling a story that wraps up nicely at the end.

Make it Smooth

Think about how you link different parts of your script. It should all flow together well, or it won't sound right. Use phrases like "Next on our list...", "Keeping that in mind, let's look at...", or "Now, let's move on to..." to make sure everything connects smoothly as you go along.

Be Careful With a Script Length

Script length really matters. If your script seems short, don't just fill it with more words. Instead, add useful info. Imagine you're teaching someone who's new to cooking. Make your instructions clear and explain hard parts in an easy way to give more value and also make your script longer.

Point Out Other Videos

If you've got more videos that your viewers might be interested in, don't forget to mention them. Include these mentions in your script to keep it sounding natural. This little trick will help you engage viewers more. 

6. Add Extra Value

Remember when we talked about adding a teaser? This is where you put it in. Think about what bonus info you can throw in that's helpful to your viewers. What more can you offer them? Here are some ideas to get you started with your video script:

  • So, as promised, here's my top exercise for building core strength with no equipment needed. Start with this basic move…
  • Earlier in the video, I mentioned I'd give you the recipe for creating the perfect five-star dish at home. The first ingredient you need to focus on is…
  • Like I said before, I'm going to reveal some hidden gems that experienced travelers always check out. Let's begin with the first spot…

This part of your script is really effective because it keeps viewers glued to the screen.

7. Use CTA in a Short Outro

Now, we move into our final call to action. Most probably you'd like your viewers to do it all at once: like, subscribe, share, watch another video, and follow the link in a comment. But the thing here is that if you ask people to do everything, they are more likely to do nothing instead. To avoid that, figure out what are the 1-2 most important things you think they should do. Focus on those CTAs to encourage viewers with something quick like: "If you enjoyed this video, hit subscribe to join our community and help us reach more amazing viewers like you!".

Extra Tip For a Great Video Script

After your script is done, leave it alone for some time. Even a couple of hours later, you'll look at it with fresh eyes and do the final edit. Well, almost final... After your script is polished, try giving it a verbal run-through to check if it really sounds as good as it looks on paper. Just a few last tweaks and there you go! Your perfect script is ready! And we are always ready to help boost your channel's growth, whether by scaling it globally or increasing your income through various methods. Send us a message, and we'll fill you in on all the tools and tactics AIR Media-Tech offers to thousands of our partners.

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