How to Make Money with YouTube Streaming?

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25 Jun 2024

how to make money with youtube streaming

YouTube live streams are a great way for content creators to engage with their audiences and offer unique monetization opportunities. Let’s look at different ways to make money with YouTube streaming!

The Benefits of 24/7 Streaming

Streaming of pre-recorded videos 24/7 on YouTube offers many benefits, from increased engagement and awareness to numerous monetization and community-building opportunities. Here is what you can get out of this approach:

  • Constant engagement: with 24/7 streaming, your channel is always active and viewers can connect to it whenever they want.
  • Watch time: our partners have seen a significant watch-time boost with continuous streaming.
  • Algorithmic boost: YouTube algorithm favors 24/7 streaming, boosting your chances of being recommended to new viewers.
  • Attract subscribers: as more people discover your channel with increased visibility, you're likely to see a boost in subscriber count.
  • Monetization options: more opportunities for advertising revenue, super chats, and channel memberships arise with continuous streaming.

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To sum up, the benefits of 24/7 streaming on YouTube are numerous and compelling. YouTube has become an invaluable platform for creators and viewers alike with its massive audience and monetization opportunities, user-friendly features, and diverse content.

Ways to Stream on YouTube

Streaming live 24/7 on YouTube has several benefits and can significantly increase traffic to your channel. Let's take a look at YouTube streaming options. 

So, firstly, creators can launch a 24/7 stream on YouTube themselves using the Gyre streaming service. All they need to do is register and get access to a private server (which will then be used to launch the stream), upload videos to the server, create a stream on YouTube, and send the video stream to the platform with a simple click. Getting started streaming on YouTube isn't as hard as it seems. Moreover, we have previously made a guide for those who are just starting to understand this topic. 

A free trial of Gyre is available to creators. The tool also streams to Facebook, Twitch, and any other platform that uses the RTMP protocol. Gyre is fully YouTube compliant and does not require accessing your channel or sharing any personal information. You can just start a free trial to experience all the benefits of 24/7 live streaming for your channel.

You can contact our experts to achieve even better results. AIR Media-Tech partners use the Gyre streaming service. Our experts will take care of your streams, set them up, optimize them, and relaunch them on YouTube and other platforms. Contact us to find out more details.

Ways to Make Money on YouTube 24/7 Streaming

By organizing a 24/7 live stream, content creators can create a source of passive income that continues to generate revenue even when they are not actively creating new content. Let's take a look at the options:

YouTube Super Chat and YouTube Super Stickers

These features allow users to financially support creators during live streams through the purchase of chat messages or custom emojis that are highlighted in the chat. The more engaged and loyal your viewers are, the more likely they will contribute through these interactive features, so you can safely use them during 24/7 streams. To get everything set up right from the start, you can contact our experts. They'll handle everything for you with our Supers with Gyre service.


The integration of sponsors is perfect for streams. You can use products such as to help find sponsors to work with more easily. Sign up for a free account, start advertising during your live streams, and start earning more. Read this article for tips on how to find sponsors.

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Merchandise Sales

Many streamers use this method for additional monetization and more interaction with their audience. Often, creators create limited edition merchandise (clothing, souvenirs, accessories, etc.) that is available only to channel members. Creators give access to purchase via links to this merchandise during their streams, which gives people a sense of identity and a close connection with the creator. In addition, before launching merchandise, you can conduct a poll in the Community section on YouTube to find out what products your audience might be interested in. 


This is another great way of monetization. But it is important to follow a few points. Firstly, clearly state the purpose of the donation so that your audience has a higher level of trust and engagement. Secondly, describe what the benefits are, what the audience gets, and so on. In addition, don't forget to interact with your audience during the donation process: express gratitude, announce the amount of donations, and provide reports on your fundraising. This comprehensive approach will build a high level of trust and help you collect as many donations as possible.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another great way to monetize during streams. You can share links to gear you use, products you like, or recommendations your audience has been asking for. To find affiliate programs, consider these examples:

  • YouTube Shopping affiliate program: find out how you can earn money directly from YouTube through its affiliate program.
  • Amazon Associates: offering a wide range of products, this is one of the largest and best-known affiliate programs.
  • eBay Affiliate Network: earn money by advertising eBay products and driving traffic to their website.
  • Shopify Affiliate Programme: earn commissions for the referral of customers to Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform.
  • ClickBank: digital marketplace offering an extensive range of digital products such as ebooks, software, and online courses.
  • ShareASale: affiliate marketing network connecting merchants with affiliates offering a variety of products and services.

These are only a few examples. Remember to choose affiliate programs that match your niche and the interests of your audience! 

As you can see, there are many ways to generate income while streaming 24/7 on YouTube. By creating quality content and working with partners like AIR Media Tech, you can turn your channel into a source of income. Immerse yourself in YouTube marketing, keep at it, and see your revenue grow!

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