Why Does YouTube Demonetize Videos? Protect Your Channel

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19 Jul 2023

YouTube Demonetization: How to Continue Making Money from Your Channel

Navigating the murky waters of YouTube's ever-changing demonetization policies is the real battle. In this guide, we'll look closer into what triggers demonetization, highlight those unexpected banned words, and provide actionable steps to reclaim your revenue.

Why does YouTube demonetize videos?

YouTube Demonetization means that creators lose the ability to receive income from one video or even an entire channel. This can occur due to various reasons such as copyright infringement, breaching video hosting rules, or showcasing controversial content.

YouTube channel monetization policies are the main resource you must follow to be allowed to monetize your channel. For starters, let’s look through the main reasons that lead to demonetization:

  • Spam, deceptive practices, and scams
  • Nudity and sexual content
  • Jeopardizing child safety
  • Harmful or dangerous content
  • Hate speech
  • Harassment and cyberbullying

Try to avoid everything mentioned above, but there's another key guideline to follow for keeping your monetization: YouTube's Advertiser-friendly content rules. These include:

  • Inappropriate language - be careful to not use rude words, profanity, or vulgarity.
  • Violence - blood, injury, violence, etc., are restricted to show in your videos.
  • Shocking content - content that may upset, disgust, or shock viewers.
  • Drug and tobacco-related content - as drugs and tobacco are harmful to society YouTube will not allow such content.
  • Firearms-related content - creators are not allowed to promote aggressive behavior and content focused on the sale, assembly, abuse, or misuse of any type of firearms.
  • Controversial issues.

One more thing, if your videos are often being reported by the viewers this also can lead to YouTube demonetization. When it comes to managing those reports, you can always rely on the support of YouTube Certified Partners specializing in channel protection and safety.

List of demonetized words and banned words on YouTube

YouTube's guidelines highlight certain words that can trigger a video's demonetization. Some of these banned words on YouTube relate to inappropriate themes like swear words, racial slurs, drug use, and more. 

Using certain words or profanity, even if abbreviated or censored, can trip you up in the realm of YouTube monetization. Terms such as “hell”, “damn”, or other frequently used words like “bitch”, “douchebag”, "asshole", and “shit”, especially when prominent in your title, thumbnail, or throughout your video, can be red flags. 

Be sure to check YouTube's content type restrictions to avoid using the wrong words.

How to know if a video is demonetized

When a video undergoes demonetization or limited monetization, the creator will observe specific icons next to their video:

Yellow dollar: This represents limited monetization and suggests that the video does not adhere to some platform rules. This icon comes with a comment offering directions on necessary modifications to remonetize the video.

Red dollar: This indicates that the video is not eligible for monetization, typically resulting from a severe breach of the platform's guidelines.

With these icons signaling potential monetization issues, it's essential to know the do's and don'ts. Next up, let's ensure your content stays in the green.

How to not get demonetized on YouTube?

To ensure you remain in good standing and maintain your monetization, here are some golden rules for you:

  1. Keep an Eye on Guidelines: Strictly abide by YouTube's advertising guidelines and policies.
  2. Avoid Copyright Infringement: Never use copyrighted materials without permission. Instead, utilize royalty-free music and images.
  3. Mind Your Language: Refrain from using excessive profanity, hate speech, or any form of derogatory language.
  4. Check Video Thumbnails: Ensure that your video thumbnails are relevant and don't contain any misleading or inappropriate imagery.
  5. Engage with Your Audience Positively: Maintain a healthy relationship with your viewers. Avoid any form of harassment, bullying, or negative engagement.
  6. Use YouTube's Checking Tools: Before publishing, use YouTube's built-in tools to check if your video might be flagged for potential issues. This can help you address problems preemptively.
  7. Be Cautious with Sponsored Content: If you're promoting a product or service, disclose the sponsorship and ensure the content adheres to YouTube's guidelines.
  8. Monitor Comments: Inappropriate comments on your videos can sometimes flag your content. Use moderation tools to filter and review comments.
  9. Avoid Reused Content: Ensure your videos offer unique value. Simply reposting content or using large chunks from other sources can lead to demonetization.

To ensure your safety in case anything happens to your channel, consider diversifying your revenue streams through Cross-Platform Content Distribution. It can secure your work and provide an alternative income source.

How to get monetization back on YouTube

While all the rules can guide you to avoid demonetization, sometimes things can go sideways. If you ever find yourself in a bind, let's learn how to reclaim your revenue stream:

  1. Pinpoint the reasons leading to your video or channel's demonetization.
  2. Figure out the appropriate measures to counter these issues.
  3. Engage with the YouTube Team via the email you got concerning the demonetization, soliciting a review.

This process might take a while, but if you're looking for quicker results, consider teaming up with specialized services to regain your monetization. If for some reason you can’t or do not want to monetize your content in the standard way, you can always tap into alternative monetization options on YouTube.

Understanding YouTube's monetization rules might be tough, but it's essential for those wanting to earn from their channels. If you face any troubles with monetization or want to boost your YouTube earnings, just drop us a line and we'll provide all the services to help you!

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