The Most Creative YouTube Achievements: Creators Who Got Custom Play Button

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10 Jul 2024

Custom Play Button

So, you've probably heard of the YouTube Play Buttons, right? You know, creators get the Silver, Gold, and Diamond awards for hitting subscriber milestones?

Well, there's one that's even more special: the Custom Play Button, sometimes called the Ruby Play Button. It's a unique, personalized award for channels that reach 50 million subscribers. Yep, you read that right – 50 million! Let's dive into the stories of some creators who've earned this elusive prize and how to aim to get one yourself.

The Journey to the Custom Play Button

Custom Play Button


The First Recipient

First up, we have PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg. He was the very first YouTuber to receive the Custom Play Button when he hit 50 million subscribers back in December 2016. PewDiePie's award was pretty cool – shaped like his "brofist" logo, and it even came with mini-awards he could gift to his long-time subscribers. His secret? Engaging content that ranged from hilarious Let's Plays to meme reviews. Felix’s creativity and connection with his audience were key to his success. 

Custom Play Button


Dominating the Music Scene

Next, there's T-Series, the Indian music giant. They hit 50 million subscribers in June 2018. Their YouTube custom play button was sleek, featuring their logo in a transparent glass design. T-Series grew thanks to a massive collection of Bollywood music videos and film content that resonated with a global audience.

Custom Play Button

Canal KondZilla

Bringing Brazilian Funk to the World

Then there's Canal KondZilla, a Brazilian music video producer who hit the 50 million mark in June 2019. Their award was unique – round and colorful, mirroring the vibrant energy of their Brazilian funk music videos. KondZilla's high-quality productions and local flavor attracted millions of fans worldwide.


K-pop Phenomenon

BLACKPINK, the K-pop sensation, received their Custom Play Button in November 2020 after reaching 50 million subscribers. Their award was stylishly pink and black, aligning perfectly with their brand. BLACKPINK's rise was meteoric, driven by catchy songs, slick choreography, and a powerful online presence that captivated fans globally.

Custom Play Button


The Master of Challenges

Known for his wild challenges and generous philanthropy, Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, received his custom play button in March 2021 after reaching 50 million subscribers. Interestingly, his play button wasn’t officially from YouTube but was made by a friend. Nevertheless, it symbolizes his massive impact and unique content.

Custom Play Button

5-Minute Crafts

DIY and Life Hacks

Ever stumbled upon a 5-Minute Crafts video while browsing YouTube? This channel is a treasure trove of DIY projects and life hacks, and they hit the 50 million subscriber mark in November 2018. Their custom play button is a nod to their creative and innovative spirit. The secret to their rapid growth? Engaging, easy-to-follow videos that appeal to just about everyone looking to add a little creativity to their day.

Dude Perfect

Trick Shots and Comedy

You can't talk about YouTube sensations without mentioning Dude Perfect. This sports entertainment group, famous for their jaw-dropping trick shots and hilarious content, reached 50 million subscribers in March 2020. Their custom play button perfectly reflects their energetic and fun-filled brand. Their unique blend of sports skills and comedy keeps their audience coming back for more epic shots and laughs.

Custom Play Button

How to Achieve a Custom YouTube Play Button

Hitting 50 million subscribers is no easy feat, but it's possible with some strategic moves and consistent effort. Our partners have already achieved significant results with us, such as recently reaching 125 billion YouTube views and achieving milestones of 100K, 1M, 10M, and 100M subscribers.

Among our partners, there are:

1 Red Diamond Button;

31 Diamond Buttons;

318 Gold Buttons;

2441 Silver Buttons!

So, here’s how you can aim for that custom YouTube play button:

  • Create Unique and Engaging Content

Your videos should offer something different and exciting. Whether it’s unique challenges, high production value, or a distinctive personal style, make sure your content stands out. Contact us for a professional channel audit, and our experts will go through your content and analytics in depth and suggest areas of growth that can give you more results.

  • Content Translation

At AIR Media-Tech, we've helped many creators reach hundreds of millions of subscribers by translating and localizing their content into new languages. Want to take your content global? Let's define which translation or localization strategy works best for your channel!

Custom Play Button

  • Consistency is Key

Keep your audience engaged with regular video uploads. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

  • Engage with Your Audience

Build a community. Respond to comments, create interactive content, and engage your viewers.

  • Optimize for Search

Use relevant keywords and tags to help new viewers find your videos. This boosts discoverability and helps grow your subscriber base.

  • Collaborate with Other Creators

Team up with other YouTubers. Collaborations can introduce your channel to new audiences and bring fresh content ideas.

  • Utilize Social Media

Promote your videos across various social platforms to reach a broader audience.

  • Leverage Analytics

Use YouTube Analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. This data can help you refine your strategy and improve your content.

How AIR Media-Tech Can Help

AIR Media-Tech offers a range of services to help YouTube creators grow and succeed. We provide the tools and expertise you need, from channel optimization and content strategy to monetization and audience engagement.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from:

  • Safeguarding Your Creations

We help protect your channels and intellectual rights, ensuring your content remains live and revenue streams secure.

  • Income Boost & Diversification

Extend your reach and grow revenue from YouTube and beyond with our tools for global audience engagement and content distribution.

  • Channel Growth

Leverage our expert support and AI tools to significantly grow your channel's visibility and engagement.

  • Streamlined Financial Management

Manage your finances efficiently with MilX, offering early access to earnings and flexible payment options.

Check out more information on how AIR Media-Tech can help you achieve your YouTube dreams.

The Custom YouTube Play Button is the ultimate badge of honor for creators on the platform. Whether you're inspired by PewDiePie's creative flair, T-Series' musical dominance, or MrBeast's wild challenges, reaching 50 million subscribers requires dedication, innovation, and strategic growth. With the right support from AIR Media-Tech, you can make this dream a reality and reach new heights in your YouTube career.

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