How to Get Your First Play Button

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Polina Aleksina


10 Apr 2024

Unlocking Your YouTube Play Button

Are you on your way to getting a coveted YouTube Silver Button? We'll show you how to achieve it more quickly.

When Do You Get Your First YouTube Play Button

You need to reach 100k subscribers to get your first YouTube Play Button. Among bloggers,  this is seen as an important first step in growing your YouTube channel. It's a sign that you're on the right track and that your commitment is there!

How to Get YouTube Play Button

After you hit 100k subscribers, you’ll receive an email from YouTube saying that you have the opportunity to receive your first reward from the platform. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Check eligibility: make sure your channel meets all the platform criteria for the Play Button you are applying for. You must comply with all YouTube community terms and conditions.
  • Verify your channel: your channel must be verified to receive the award. Verification includes confirming your identity and linking your channel to your phone number.
  • Notifications from YouTube: once you reach a certain number of subscribers, and pass verification, you will receive an email. This email will have more detailed instructions on how to get the award. 
  • Follow the instructions: the email will also include the next steps and the code to get the button. You need to enter this code on the YouTube Creator Awards website and enter the name of your channel. Once your request has been processed, you will receive your desired button at the address provided. 

If you think it's too long or difficult, we can catch up. As a YouTube Certified Partner, AIR Media-Tech can arrange for button delivery and help with any issues on your channel, from monetization recovery to traffic issues. 

How Many YouTube Play Buttons Are There

Play button youtube award

YouTube play buttons are rewards for achievements (audience reach, subscriptions, etc.) for various bloggers and content creators on the platform. There are several types of this reward depending on the reach of the audience. Let's take a closer look at them in detail: 

  1. Silver Button: it is awarded to creators who have gained 100k subs.
  2. Gold Button: awarded to bloggers who already have 1 million subscribers. 
  3. Diamond Button: awarded to creators who have reached 10 million subs.
  4. Red Diamond Button: one of the grandest achievements for YouTube vloggers that not everyone can boast of. It is awarded to creators who have reached 100 million subscribers.
  5. Custom Play Button: YouTube came up with this award for creators who have achieved unique or unusual results.

Receiving a YouTube Play Button is a significant accomplishment for creators, and it symbolizes their impact on the platform and their audience's support. If you would like to be among the bloggers who have already received such a Play Button, contact us and we will help with promoting your content!

Promote Your Channel to Get a YouTube Play Button

The right and effective actions to promote your YouTube channel will help you reach 100k, 1 million, and even 100 million subscribers. And of course, get the coveted rewards from the platform. Here are some recommendations to increase your subscribers and reach: 

  • 24/7 Streams: YouTube streams are an effective way to drive traffic. Take a look at how to simply set and run 24/7 streams with your pre-recorded videos in this article. For, convenience, you can use the Gyre tool.
    Play button for YouTube
  • Translate Videos: сonsider translating your videos if you want to reach a foreign audience. We know what we are talking about because we have translated content for the Canadian family channel HZHtube Kids Fun into 12 languages. This has helped the channel grow from 12 million subscribers on its main channel to 54 million.

  • Paid Promotion: get more attention for your videos and increase the engagement of your channel with paid advertising.

  • Optimization: to make your video easy to find, use relevant keywords or phrases in titles and descriptions. Don't forget about metatags, which also help to promote your video in search results. Find out which keywords and text fit the format of your channel.

  • Cooperation: сollaborating with other vloggers and creators can help you reach new audiences and reach new levels. Collaborative videos, projects, and alerts will have a favorable impact on your channel's reach. This way you can quickly reach 100k, 1 million, and 100 million subscribers.

  • Relationship with your audience: subscribers will enjoy interacting with you and receiving your responses to their comments. This builds a close rapport with your audience and develops a high level of trust in you.

  • Social media promotion: don't forget to share your videos on social media. Use different social media platforms to reach as many audiences as possible and entice them to your YouTube channel. 

With the right strategies and tips, you can effectively promote your YouTube channel and soon get the Diamond Play Button. Let’s go!

Buy YouTube Play Button. Is It Possible?

Silver play button

Let's answer right away, you can't buy these awards. YouTube Play Buttons are awarded to creators for reaching certain milestones, number of subscribers, and engagement of their channel. They are also not sold to third parties or available for purchase through any channel.

If you'd like to be honored with this award, text us and we'll help make it happen! AIR Media-Tech works with thousands of content creators, which is why our experts will help analyze all the data of your channel and recommend effective actions. The right strategy will lead you to the 100,000 follower mark and the desired button!

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