125+ Billion YouTube Views in 2023: Learn 7 Key Trends That Helped Creators Grow with AIR Media-Tech

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17 Jan 2024

Learn 7 Key Trends That Helped Creators Grow with AIR Media-Tech

YouTube creators and experts often toss around impressive numbers like 10 million subs or 1 billion views, but it's hard to truly imagine the scale of these numbers. Consider this: if every person on the planet watched 15 videos on your channel just once, you'd reach 125 billion views.

That's precisely the number our partners collectively gained in 2023 - over 125 billion views! Furthermore, we are wrapping up the year 2023 with our partners having:

  • 1 Red Diamond Button;
  • 31 Diamond Buttons;
  • 318 Gold Buttons;
  • 2441 Silver Buttons!

Congratulations on those incredible achievements! We are proud of the journey we went through together in 2023! Today, AIR Media-Tech is ready to share all the key strategies that helped our YouTube creators succeed! Now, let's go right in! Here are 7 key takeaways from 2023 that you can use to grow faster, manage finances more efficiently and catch a wave in the fast growing creator economy in 2024!

1. Speak to the World Through Translation

There are a lot of stunning tactics and tricks creators employ to reach milestones like 100K, 10M, or 100M subscribers. But they often overlook one elegant way to reach those benchmarks - content translation and localization strategy that is easier than ever before thanks to the AI advancement in 2023. Just look at the potential YouTube presents in this field. Currently, on YouTube there are:

  • 1.45 billion English speakers
  • 602 million Hindi speakers
  • 548 million Spanish speakers
  • 274 million Arabic speakers
  • along with tens of other language segments

All these millions are within your reach through translation. A real-life example is our partner, HZHtube Kids Fun. We translated and localized their content into 12 languages, reaching over 54 million subscribers globally, with only 12 million subscribed to the main channel. The same goes for Kids Diana Show, where AIR Media-Tech helped launch 20 translated channels, accumulating 160 million subs on them. Of course, there are multiple strategies for leveraging translation, from subtitles to fully localized channels. AIR Media-Tech has been named as a ‘recommended vendor’ by YouTube for these services and we're here to help you choose the right strategy for your channel.

2. Boost Your Channel With 24/7 Streaming of Your Existing Content

Every day, over 2 billion eyeballs watch 1 billion videos on YouTube. Standing out in this competition isn't the easiest task, but there's a workaround: continuous streaming of pre-recorded videos. This is a great way to repurpose your existing content and boost all the key stats on your channel. With continuous streaming, you can:

  1. Drive more traffic to your channel;
  2. Boost engagement and watch time;
  3. Achieve more than 30% of channel revenue growth over six months.
  4. Keep your channel active between premieres;
  5. Stay in favor of YouTube’s algorithms.

The best part about this strategy is that streaming suits any type of content and any channel size, from media companies to creators such as Power Vision, Pikameo Gameplay, Prenses MeLisa, and many others who regularly use continuous streaming.

3. Go Beyond YouTube

Spending years on YouTube can make creators kinda forget that their fans and income aren't just stuck on YouTube – there's a whole big world out there that you can reach by distributing your content on different platforms. This option gives you something truly worthy - new sources of income, securing you as a creator even if something happens with your YouTube channel. Although, content distribution strategies vary for different creators:

  1. One way is to distribute to Facebook and OTT platforms, reaching your target audience there. 
  2. For a kids' channel, we can help to share your content on Chinese Platforms like Douyin with 690 million users, Youku with 139 million, along with numerous others with hundreds of millions eyeballs. No worries, you don't need any investment to go there and we can handle everything for you from content translation and dubbing to localization and distribution.
  3. As a music creator, you can distribute your tracks to 120+ streaming platforms with our Digital Music Distribution. It has helped our partners hit YouTube Music Trends, reach the TOP 100 on Apple Music, and gain millions of Spotify listeners.

There are even more strategies! To find out which one fits your channel, drop us a message, and we'll show you how easy it is to start. The best part is that you don't need to invest any funds in distribution and you can use the content you already have.

4. YouTube is a Business: Manage It Accordingly 

The moment you received your first payment as a content creator, you became an entrepreneur. It's hard to imagine any business running smoothly without proper financial tools, right? YouTube is no exception, and it requires a smart financial approach. That's why AIR Media-Tech has launched a set of financial services tailored for YouTube creators - AIR Pay. It helps our partners to:

  1. Unlock up to 5 months' worth of monetization to invest in new tech, content, and anything that helps them boost their channel growth;
  2. Schedule regular payments, ensuring automatic salary transfers to their team at fixed intervals;
  3. Receive money within 5 minutes;
  4. Use 0-fee P2P transfers between users in one click;
  5. Manage finances via cards, bank accounts, e-wallets, crypto, and more.

These services are licensed as a Money Service Business (MSB) in Canada and guarantee robust security and confidentiality of financial operations. You can start managing your YouTube finances efficiently by joining AIR Pay now. Our services and experts are there to help you maximize your results. 

5. Brand Deals are Easier Than You Thought

Although 2023 wasn't great for the world economy, influencer marketing is doing well. Since 2022, it has grown from $4.99 to $6.16 billion and keeps getting bigger. But there's a catch. Even with the market growing, securing brand deals is still one of the biggest challenges for creators. Finding deals, having endless negotiations that go nowhere, and waiting 30-60 days for payments are all roadblocks on the way to faster growth.

Last year brought a solution to all those troubles - pin.top platform that we introduced at VidCon 2023. It is made to help creators enhance their brand deals management. With pin.top, creators can:

  1. Easily get discovered by brands;
  2. Secure 100% prepaid deals;
  3. Skip weeks of endless negotiations with zero outcome;
  4. Enhance productivity with Creator-focused CRM.

All of this is free for content creators. You can start using pin.top now by creating a profile to boost your sales strategy.

6. AI + YouTube Synergy

There is no doubt that a good chef can create something mouthwatering even with just one knife, but a blender and an oven could really make it easier, right? The same goes for creators and AI tools. In 2023, there was no creators' conference that wasn't buzzing about AI in content creation. The coming year promises even more advancements in the YouTube + AI duo, as YouTube announced its collaboration with the Aloud team for AI dubbing and encourages creators to use AI-powered ad campaigns, which reportedly achieved an average return on ad spend 3.7 times higher than manually optimized campaigns. 

To help you use AI efficiently, AIR Media-Tech has put together a list of 12 AI tools for creators that can assist you with everything from script writing to channel optimization and growth. Check them out and if you want to keep up with AI advancement in 2024, get in touch with us. We'll give you access to everything that has already worked great for our partners like AI-generated thumbnails with impressive CTRs, AI metadata translation that boosts RPMs, and AI-powered SEO optimization that brings in more traffic! 

7. Hook with YouTube Shorts

Finding your way to viral growth on YouTube may take some time. Fortunately, there's now a quicker option. Since YouTube started to monetize Shorts, this content format has gained favor in the eyes of the YouTube Algorithm. In 2023, many creators have proven that Shorts is the way to attract more viewers to the main content on your channel. Let's take a look at a few cases with our partners:

  • MacDannyGun: in just the 5 months, he gained 670K new subs with Shorts, reaching a cool total of 1.75 million subs. It also led to a tenfold growth in views of their main content.
  • Watch Me: Shorts accounted for a staggering 1 billion views on their channel! It's a true zero-to-hero story, as they published their very first Shorts just 4 months ago!

The key to success here is to be creative — so keep experimenting and trying different Shorts formats! To start, just grab this list of 17 hacks to make YouTube Shorts go viral and give this strategy a shot!

To be continued…

2023 was fantastic, but hey, 2024 is already here, and we have something to surprise you. AIR Media-Tech has been helping thousands of partners grow for over a decade. Now, in 2024, it's turning into the ultimate hub for content creators! A one-stop platform to solve any issue, get expert advice on any topic, and support with everything from scaling globally to increasing your income in diverse ways. Join AIR Media-Tech today, and let's explore the future of content creation together!

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