Checklist to Restore YouTube Monetization

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Polina Aleksina


16 Apr 2024

Restore YouTube monetization

YouTube monetization allows creators to earn money from their videos through various revenue streams, primarily advertising. Creators often face demonetization, resulting in significant financial loss. What can be done to prevent this? We have put together a useful checklist for you to follow!

Why does YouTube Demonetize Videos

YouTube can demonetize videos for several reasons, including violations of monetization or pro-advertising policies. Here are some reasons why this can happen to you:

  • Content Violations: note that YouTube can demonetize videos that violate its community guidelines, including nudity, violence, hate speech, harassment, and fraud.

  • Copyright Issues: your video may be demonetized or receive a copyright claim from the content owner if it contains copyrighted material without proper authorization or falls under fair use guidelines. Read our article if you want to learn more about using copyright on the YouTube platform.

  • Misleading metadata: YouTube may demonetize videos with titles, images, descriptions, or tags that are misleading or deceptive.

  • Sensitive content: the platform will demonetize videos that contain excessive profanity, pornography, or inappropriate behavior.

  • Dubious advertising: YouTube may block ads that contain adult content or other sensitive topics. This also leads to the demonetization of videos.

  • Demonetization review process: sometimes videos can be mistakenly demonetized by automated systems or people.

Remember, it is important to follow YouTube's monetization guidelines to avoid demonetization and to have a good relationship with your advertisers and subscribers. 

As an official YouTube Partner, AIR Media-Tech is well-versed in all the rules and regulations YouTube needs to follow. If you want to avoid having your YouTube videos demonetized or already need help recovering, please contact us .

Videos are Demonetized? How to Find Out

How do you know if your channel has been demonetized? If suddenly this happens, the channel author will see special symbols next to his video:

  • Yellow icon: limited monetization. Your video does not meet certain platform rules. You should pay attention to the comment as it contains instructions on the necessary changes to re-monetize the video.
  • Red icon: The video is not eligible for monetization due to a serious violation of YouTube rules.

How to Avoid YouTube Demonetization

To avoid YouTube demonetization, you must follow YouTube's monetization policies and guidelines to ensure that your content remains available for monetization. Use these strategies to avoid demonetization on YouTube:

  • Create original content: make sure that the content you upload to your channel is original and does not violate anyone's copyright. Avoid reusing content from other authors without proper permission.

  • Increase watch time and engagement: it’s necessary to increase watch time and number of views to combat demonetization. Create engaging content, optimize video search, and engage with your audience. We've already covered 11 tips to help creators boost engagement on their YouTube channel.

  • Avoid prohibited content: strictly follow all platform rules. Don’t violate copyrights, and don’t use profanity or adult materials. We encourage you to use copyright-free music and images.

  • Take a look at these video thumbnails: make sure they are relevant and don't contain misleading or inappropriate images!

  • Stay up to date with any changes: monitor changes to YouTube policies and guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance and prevent future monetization issues. AIR Media-Tech closely monitors YouTube's changing policies and rules. Contact us and our experts will help you resolve any issues you may have with video demonization.

  • Request a review: if you believe your videos were accidentally or unfairly demonetized, and you followed all the steps to resolve demonetization, you can request a review of the content by yourself through YouTube's appeals process. When it’s done and you want to accelerate the process, reach out to AIR Media-Tech. We can submit an additional request as a certified YouTube partner., representing the interests of a creator who wishes to have their monetization restored.

  • Take your time: restoring monetization may take time, so be patient. Sometimes demonetisation cases are complex and difficult to solve alone. Take the case of our partner HABIBA Family as an example. Facing demonetization challenges, AIR Media-Tech helped them regain monetization in just one month. Focus more on creating quality content and let us take care of any monetization issues!

How To Restore Your YouTube Monetization

what does demonetized mean

Don't worry if you suddenly encounter demonetization of your videos. This can be fixed. Follow this checklist to restore your YouTube monetization:

  • Determine the reason for demonetization: pay attention to any notifications or emails from the platform. For example, it could be copyright infringement, sensitive content, etc. We’ve previously talked about special badges that confirm monetization.

  • Get help: contact the YouTube Support Team via email for more details on demonetization.

  • Take your time: restoring monetization may take time, so be patient. Instead, focus on creating high-quality content and communicating with your audience while you wait for YouTube to respond.

  • Get in touch with AIR Media-Tech and we will contact YouTube on your behalf to help speed up the monetization process! 

If you have any problems with your YouTube channels, you can always reach out to us. Be part of the AIR community and get the support you need for growth without the hassle.

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