What Do Viral YouTube Shorts Analytics Look Like? Real-Life Cases

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Polina Aleksina


11 Jun 2024

Viral YouTube Shorts

We’ve noticed a lot of creators are curious about what the analytics for viral YouTube Shorts look like, so we’re here to share some insights and real-life cases.

Key Metrics for Viral YouTube Shorts

The YouTube Shorts algorithm is a bit different from the one for regular videos. In this article, we've already shared 17 tips to help your Shorts go viral. But what does it mean for a Short to go viral? Let's chat about the key analytics that successful YouTube Shorts usually show.

1. Average Percentage Viewed

For Shorts to go viral, a high Average Percentage Viewed (APV) is crucial. Many viral Shorts have over 100% APV, meaning viewers are watching them multiple times. This indicates strong engagement.

2. Watch Time

Average YouTube Shorts are typically under 30 secs and viral Shorts tend to display the watch times longer than that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that those Shorts are longer. Most often, these are just watched more than once.

3. Watch Per Swipe

This metric measures how often viewers stop to watch your Short instead of swiping past it. Higher percentages here leads to more views.

4. Initial Views

The first few hours after uploading are critical. If your Short gets a high number of views quickly, it has a better chance of going viral. Try to post your Short at a time when your audience is most active and share it on all your social media platforms. Here you can learn how to spot the perfect time to post your next Short.

how to make youtube shorts viral

5. View Range

Shorts often get an initial range of 1k-10k views as the algorithm tests engagement. If your video performs well in this phase, it might push it to a broader audience. High engagement rates through likes, comments, and shares signal to the algorithm that your content is worth promoting. 

How do your YouTube Shorts analytics look? Text AIR Media-Tech experts and we'll audit your channel to provide you with insights and help boost your Shorts metrics. Our partners recently hit 125 billion YouTube views, and we can give you expert advice based on over a decade of experience.


Real-Life Cases of YouTube Shorts Success

Before we dive into how to make your YouTube Shorts go viral, let's take a look at what Shorts are capable of when they are done right. After all, shorts aren't just about getting views — they can significantly boost your channel. Here are some success stories from our partners.

MacDannyGun’s Massive Growth

Within 5 months, MacDannyGun gained 670K new subscribers through Shorts, bringing his total to 1.75 million. This also led to a tenfold increase in views for his main content.

youtube shorts youtube analytics graph

Watch Me’s Billion-View Achievement

Shorts accounted for a staggering 1 billion views on a Watch Me channel! It's a true zero-to-hero story, as it took only 4 months since the first story was published to get to that point.

viral youtube shorts ideas

Boost in Ad Revenue

One partner saw 99% of their 1 billion views come from Shorts. Regular posting and trend utilization led to ad revenue in the Shorts feed being 10 times higher than regular videos since enabling Shorts monetization.

These examples demonstrate the power of YouTube Shorts. Whether you’re looking to gain subscribers, boost main content views, or increase ad revenue, Shorts are a valuable tool.

If you need help analyzing your metrics or developing a Shorts strategy, text us - we're here to help you.

How Creators Are Getting Their YouTube Shorts Go Viral

So, how are those creators making their Shorts go viral? Here are some tried-and-true tactics we've seen work wonders.

Seamless Ending

A great trick we’ve noticed is making the end of the video loop naturally back to the beginning. For example, imagine a cooking tutorial where the creator starts and ends with the same step — like sprinkling the final seasoning touch. This makes it feel like the cooking process is continuous, and viewers often don't realize they’re rewatching it. This can boost your watch time.

Tease Information

Teasing information is another fantastic tactic. Think of a DIY project where the creator shows an intriguing half-finished piece and says, "Guess what this will turn into?" This kind of cliffhanger builds anticipation and curiosity, making viewers rewatch the video to gather clues about the outcome, which can be revealed in a follow-up Short.

Repetitive Motions

Using repetitive actions in a visually stunning way can be super effective. Picture a Short featuring an intricate dance move repeated seamlessly, with the background color changing dramatically with each repetition. This not only makes the video mesmerizing but also encourages viewers to rewatch to catch each color transition and fully appreciate the dance.

Easter eggs

Hiding Easter eggs in your videos can be a fun and engaging strategy. Imagine a magic trick where each loop has subtle variations—like different objects subtly appearing and disappearing in the background. Viewers love the challenge of spotting these changes, leading them to rewatch multiple times to catch all the hidden elements.

Start with a Bang

Begin your video with a dynamic, attention-grabbing moment. Picture a Short that opens with an unexpected explosion of colors, a surprising fact, or a quick, dramatic action sequence. This immediate burst of energy can hook viewers within the first few seconds, making them more likely to watch the entire Short instead of swiping past it.

These are just a few of the creative tactics we’ve seen that help make Shorts stand out and keep viewers hooked. If you want to learn more or need help analyzing your metrics, reach out to AIR Media-Tech experts!

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