Happy International Creators Day! Kudos to Our Partners' Impressive Results!

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23 Apr 2024

Happy International Creators Day

Happy International Creators Day to all you dreamers and doers out there! Here’s to a year packed with wild imagination and smashing those goals.

Seriously, what better day is there to give a huge round of applause to our partners for rocking it? AIR Media-Tech partners recently sailed past the milestone of 125 billion views! To put that into perspective, if you were to binge-watch YouTube videos, it’d take you about 237,872 years, assuming you're watching minute-long videos and, oh yeah, skipping sleep entirely!

We shared 7 crucial insights from their triumphs in our latest article — strategies that every creator could use to turbocharge their growth. Today, we're here again to give a huge shoutout to our partners who have grown a lot in a very short time!

AIR Media-Tech is the ultimate space for content creators, offering tools and solutions for every challenge you might face. We help creators around the globe reach new heights with our advanced technology and deep expertise. Just text us to join the AIR Community and get started!

Meanwhile in the Garage

Big cheers to 'Meanwhile in the Garage,' who took a big step forward, employing smart strategies we’ve built together. It all started by adding metadata translations in various languages to their videos to reach a global audience. The channel also kicked off continuous 24/7 streaming with the Gyre tool, keeping the action non-stop. Plus, they introduced new content formats to keep things fresh and engaging.

The results have been fantastic — a 28.5% increase in channel revenue and a 58% jump in views within just three months! You see? It’s all about putting the right strategies in place.

J House Vlogs  

J House Vlogs has been killing it with the journey of growth and improvement, all powered by their passion for great content and strategic thinking. By taking our recommendations, fine-tuning their channel details, exploring new revenue streams, and keeping the content rolling 24/7, along with serving up a mix of long and short videos, their channels have made it on a path of growth.

In just three months, "J House Vlogs" experienced a 10% spike in views and a 23% boost in revenue. This shows how effective their game plan is and sets them up for even more amazing things ahead. Great job, "J House Vlogs"!

Tang & Nami [탕이와나미상] 

Tang & Nami [탕이와나미상] really stepped up their game by introducing continuous 24/7 streaming on their channels. This strategic move led to some awesome results, including a 28% increase in views, a 27% boost in CPM, and a significant improvement in average view duration. Way to go, Tang & Nami [탕이와나미상]! Let's keep rocking it!

There's no room here to showcase the progress of all the thousands of our partners, so let’s just wrap up this positive note! Happy Creators Day to all of you out there, and remember that you can always rely on AIR Media-Tech to make your journey easier. We are ready to lend you a supportive hand with dozens of tools and expert support whenever you need it.

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