9 Smart Ways to Earn More for Content Creators

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15 Feb 2024

9 Smart Ways to Earn More for Content Creators

Absolutely every creator on YouTube has asked themselves: "How can I make more money?" Luckily, there are lots of overlooked strategies that can help you with that!

Today, we'll share a list of ways creators can make more money on YouTube and beyond it by repurposing their content. Let's dive in! Here are 9 advanced strategies to boost your earnings. These tactics have already helped thousands of our partners, and now it's your turn to see your revenue grow faster.

How do Content Creators Make Money

Apart from YouTube monetization, there is a diverse range of ways to earn more money as a YouTube creator. You can earn thousands using Content ID, attract international audiences and brands with distribution and translation of your content, improve your YouTube withdrawals by becoming a crypto investor, generate passive income, expand popularity, and use many other approaches you probably haven’t yet tried on your channel. Let's go through them step-by-step from the easiest tactics to the most advanced ones!

1. Restreaming Your Existing Content

This is a basic process that almost every YouTube creator is familiar with —  live streaming. YouTube's algorithms prioritize streams over regular videos. That’s why streams generate more views and subscribers, which are so important to channel performance and monetization. Streams have higher audience retention and ads are always more expensive on these videos. 

To start streaming, creators today don’t need to engage in a long preparation process of standing in front of the camera or using a powerful computer. You don’t even need your computer turned on while streaming. You can simply stream your existing videos 24/7. 

We use a streaming service called Gyre on our creators’ channels that allows them to continuously stream their videos already uploaded on YouTube. This type of streaming increases their channels’ performance by up to 40% by simply reusing their pre-recorded content. Check out more about Gyre here.

Continuous streaming is a good choice for all types of content. It fits everything from kids, music, and gaming categories to music, education, fitness, and others. Both small and mighty YouTube channels can benefit from continuous streaming. Extra tip: Learn how to stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time in this article.

Stream Your Videos on Twitch and YouTube at the Same Time

2. Monetization of Unauthorized Uploads with Content ID

Unlike other copyright-protecting tools, Content ID possesses an exceptionally unique feature. It not only tracks and blocks pirate reuploads but provides an opportunity for creators to monetize their videos that were uploaded without their authorization. So, it not only helps to identify illegal actions related to copyrighted content, but it makes it possible to make money on it.

Content ID is the most effective tool in the fight against piracy, finding 95% of all uploads on the platform. This increases your chances of earning extra money from reuploads. Plus, Content ID will help you find YouTube uploads from your TikTok and Instagram profiles.

By using Content ID, one of our current partners earned 30k dollars in one month just on reuploads of his content. Obviously, it works better on large channels (he already had 4 million subscribers), but smaller channels can also face misuse of their content. So even such a standard tool for protecting content will allow you to make more money on your existing content. Drop us a line and we'll give you all the details on how to get your content to the YouTube Content ID system. 

Boost Your Earning with YouTube Content ID

Learn more about making money on YouTube Content ID here.

3. Channel Translation and Localization 

Translating and localizing your channel isn't just about reaching a global audience without making more content. It's also a smart way to make more money as a content creator.

According to YouTube Analytics, on average, two-thirds of each channel’s views come from outside the creator’s home country. It is common for an English-speaking channel to generate more views in Asia or vice versa. This proves that your content can be popular in some countries despite language difficulties and the absence of correct video optimization. Consider the opportunities YouTube offers. Right now, there are:

  • 1.45 billion English speakers
  • 602 million Hindi speakers
  • 548 million Spanish speakers
  • 274 million Arabic speakers

And many more language groups. With translation, you can tap into all these potential viewers. Take HZHtube Kids Fun as an example. We translated their content into 12 languages, reaching over 54 million subscribers worldwide, even though only 12 million subscribed to the main channel. To understand how to make translation, dubbing, and localization of your channel in a fast and simple way, reach out to the YouTube recommended vendor for these services - AIR Media-Tech.

4. Cross-platform Content Distribution

Spending a lot of time on YouTube may cause creators to forget that there's more to making money and finding fans than just staying on YouTube. There are many other places where you can share your videos. Doing this can help you earn more money and keep you safe as a creator if something goes wrong with your YouTube channel.

One of the noteworthy options for content distribution is the Chinese market. China offers the most promising content distribution platforms. Since YouTube is banned in China, local platforms are the only option for Chinese viewers who long for international content. Among the most profitable Chinese platforms are Bilibili, Toutiao, Haokan Video, Xigua Video, and Douyin. Each of them has over 100 million users per month. Here are the ways you can make money on Chinese Platforms:

  1. CPM-based views. The average CPM per platform is $0.5. Sometimes CPM can grow if the platform promotes a specific category. In such cases, CPM can reach $4-$5 per 1,000 ad views. 
  2. Bonus system. Most Chinese platforms give a welcome reward immediately after a creator connects their channel. The bonus size depends on how interested the platform is in placing your particular content. Not every channel receives a welcome bonus, but authors receive quarterly “future” bonuses if the channel performs better in time.
  3. And the cherry on the top of the cake is exclusive contracts with platforms and brand deals. Chinese platforms often offer an exclusive contract. The contract terms vary from exclusive placement ONLY on a specific platform to an agreement to publish more videos. These contracts are typically for one year or longer. 

Besides Chinese platforms, there are many other ways to distribute your videos. One big advantage of this money-making method is that you don't need to invest anything upfront. Reach out to us, and we'll walk you through the process and find the best distribution strategy for you.

5. Brand Deals 

More and more brands around the world are starting to approach YouTube. And the number of ad formats is growing. It’s no longer just pre-rolls, mid-rolls, out-stream video ads, Masthead, and other default tools. Brands actively plan influencer marketing in their budgets and contracts for long-term in-video integrations, ambassadorship, and multi-platform advertising.

Сreators can take advantage of this trend and prepare ahead of time for future deals to make more money on them. Here's how to do it:

  1. First, prepare your channel and content. Avoid artificially increasing metrics, guidelines violations, and controversial statements that contain extremism, racial discrimination, or other sharp points of view. Convey value in your content to become attractive for brands and communicate with your audience properly.
  2. Create a media kit. This is a presentation where you talk about previous integrations and show audience activity. You can also indicate your prices for integrations. This document will help advertisers better navigate what you have to offer.
  3. Sign up on the free platform pin.top to manage brand deals easily. It helps you get 100% pre-paid brand deals, makes it easier for brands to find you, and lets you avoid long negotiations that lead nowhere.


But now the next question arises: "Where to find advertisers?" We've covered three ways to find deals with brands in more detail in our video guide.

6. Advanced Methods to Withdraw Funds from YouTube

As a YouTube creator, your passion shines through your content, but let’s not forget that YouTube is also a business where delayed payments, troubles with transfers, and no access to funds often get in the way of your growth. YouTube payment instruments are limited in their functionality and range of currencies; they also have high fees and thresholds. In addition, creators can receive their earnings from YouTube only once a month.

To avoid all the trouble, you need to choose the most efficient way to withdraw money. What to pay attention to when choosing ways to manage finances on YouTube:

  • Fees. You can lose impressive amounts of money by paying withdrawal fees. There are offers to withdraw funds with fees as low as 50 cents in the current market. If you pay more, revise your service.
  • Available currency options. If you live in a country where the USD is not a circulating currency, then find a service that provides withdrawals in your local currency. 
  • Receive early payments. You can get your money without delay, which may affect its value. 
  • Get paid upfront for several months of monetization. Some services offer up to 5 months' worth of earnings in advance, so you can reinvest in your content to grow faster.
  • Withdraw in cryptocurrency. Here’s a chance to multiply your earnings and open up a new source of income. But the process requires expert advice. So, consult with a financial advisor before you start your crypto payments.

Start by exploring this set of financial services that meets all the criteria above. They're licensed as a Money Service Business (MSB) in Canada and ensure strong security and confidentiality for financial transactions. You can also discover more about advanced withdrawal tools in this video.

7. Merch

For YouTube creators (and any influencer), launching their merchandise is another tool for increasing audience loyalty and making more money. The more popular your channel, and the more loyal the audience, the more in-demand the product will be.

You can release 3 wardrobe items in different styles but in the theme of your channel. It can even be various items, from a T-shirt to socks or even stickers.

Merch can also be scaled to address some global concerns. For example, you can help the planet by encouraging people to wear your eco-friendly hoodie with the slogan “Don't use plastic,” etc.

Before creating your merch, you have to pay attention to certain steps and features. We look at them closely in this video.

8. Investment Funds for Creators

To take your channel to the next level, you need to use multiple tools at once. But where do you get the money for this? As with any business, you can grow your channel with the backing of investors.

Before you start looking for them, you need to prepare a channel strategy and action plan. Basically, you need a solid business plan. You must have a clear understanding of where the investor's money will go and how it will help you make money. Finding investors is intimidating to many creators. If you do it yourself, you’ll need to expect a lot of rejections.

To help creators find a solution, we created the world's first creator-only investment fund — AIR Investment. How do we help authors at the foundation?

  • We invest in talented creators.
  • We create an individual strategy to attract new traffic.
  • We analyze the channel and its target audience.
  • We finance and customize advertising campaigns for the goals and creator content.
  • We cover all financial risks.

Find more information on this website. In addition to looking for direct investment, you can take advantage of special platform funds. For example, the TikTok Creator Fund or the Facebook and Instagram Creator Program.

9. Games and Apps Development 

Mobile gaming is evolving so fast that, according to Newzoo, by the end of 2024, the industry will generate a revenue of $98.74 billion. By comparison, revenue from regular PC games barely exceeded 33 billion. Many famous creators have already jumped on the bandwagon of this fast-growing opportunity. And they’ve realized one psychological factor for this element — all fans would love to live a day in the life of their favorite artist, actor, or creator. Plus, as with merch, mobile apps exit the YouTube zone, which can generate significant income.

We recently developed a mobile game for Lady Diana, where users can choose her as a character and select various daily beauty routines for her. Or, they can choose a different character and select experiences while hanging out with virtual Diana — having fun, beauty procedures, and involving her in other activities. Just one month after the release, the game was downloaded by more than 3 million users. 

We develop mobile games for select channels with at least 10,000,000 views per month, covering all costs. AIR Media-Tech conducts niche analysis, develops the main idea, design, and software, tests the game, and launches, supports, and invests in it.

While creators are just beginning to master this niche,  you have a chance to stand out and go beyond YouTube, delighting viewers and making good money.

How Can Creators Earn More?

In a nutshell, creators today can simply distribute, stream, and localize their existing content to make more money. These are great options that don't require additional content creation. Other options are to develop branded mobile games, use the most beneficial funds, withdrawal instruments, and cryptocurrency opportunities, and take advantage of the best investment funds for creators.

If you’re interested in learning more about various ways to diversify your YouTube sources of revenue, get in touch with us and make sure to watch a detailed video guide on advanced options for making money on YouTube from AIR Media-Tech experts. 

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