Brave Wilderness Joins Forces with AIR Media-Tech to Expand Content Globally Through Translation & Localization

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08 May 2024

Brave Wilderness and AIR Media-Tech

The world just got a little wilder as AIR Media-Tech partners with Brave Wilderness to drive their thrilling wildlife encounters globally!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Brave Wilderness, a YouTube channel famous for its adventurous wildlife content led by Coyote Peterson and Mark Vins. Since 2014, their team has racked up over 21 million subscribers and scored some major wins, including Guinness World Records for the most subscribed animal-dedicated YouTube channel and the most-watched animal videos.

Through our partnership, AIR Media-Tech will translate and localize Brave Wilderness’s videos, making this thrilling content accessible to a global audience. Our collaboration aims to extend the educational reach of their content, helping more viewers around the world enjoy and learn how to preserve the natural world.

"We are thrilled about the collaboration with AIR Media-Tech as it opens up exciting opportunities for us to connect with audiences globally and create a positive impact by educating the world about nature, its delicate ecosystems, and how we can do our part to protect its vitality", says Mark Vins, co-founder of Brave Wilderness.

Things are about to get WILD! So, let’s get a close look at the chosen translation strategy.

AIR Media-Tech is recognized by YouTube as a recommended vendor for content translation and localization. We've helped our partners gain tens of millions of subscribers worldwide. To learn more and find the best translation strategy for your content, get in touch with us.

The Strategy Behind Brave Wilderness's Multilingual Content

With Brave Wilderness, we're taking their content global in a big way with a full translation and localization strategy. This means more than just translating; it involves everything from adding subtitles in new languages and dubbing to creating completely localized channels. It's about making sure each video feels like it was originally made for audiences from different parts of the world, both in language and cultural context.

As a result, Brave Wilderness will have separate localized channels that will include professional dubbing, translated subtitles, and metadata. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the video, from the spoken dialogue to the textual descriptions, is accessible and culturally resonant with the target audience.

The decision to implement a full translation and localization strategy for Brave Wilderness is driven by several advantages. Firstly, it enables more opportunities for additional monetization. By tailoring content to various linguistic and cultural markets, Brave Wilderness can tap into new revenue streams, such as localized advertising and regional sponsorships.

Moreover, full localization grants access to comprehensive analytics, allowing creators to monitor and respond to audience engagement across different regions closely. This data-driven approach helps Brave Wilderness to continuously refine its strategies and content, ensuring the sustainability of its business on YouTube. Ultimately, this strategic choice will broaden their global reach and enhance their ability to connect more deeply with diverse audiences worldwide.

The Impact of Translating Creators’ Content

Getting into content translation and localization could be a golden ticket for creators. Think about the vast audience on YouTube: there are 1.45 billion English speakers, sure, but also 602 million Hindi speakers, 548 million Spanish speakers, and 274 million Arabic speakers, not to mention countless other language groups. This diversity offers an incredible opportunity for creators to extend their reach and explore new revenue streams.

Let's face it, 80% of YouTube's audience doesn't speak English, and 65% of those who do would still rather watch videos in their own language. That’s where we step in.

Consider our partner, HZHtube Kids Fun. By localizing their content into 12 languages, their subscriber count globally soared to over 54 million — way above the 12 million on their main English channel. Or take Kids Diana Show, which saw a massive jump to 160 million subscribers across 20 translated channels, thanks to our localization efforts.

AIR Translate services by AIR Media-Tech offer content translation, localization, and dubbing, including AI Translation and Dubbing. This lets us adapt content quickly and smoothly, delivering 99-100% accuracy and a natural feel. This is an important, at the same time rather technical task. What makes AIR stand out from other service providers is that we apply our 6+ years of expertise with hundreds of YouTube channels in tens of languages to build audiences turn-key in the new markets for our partner creators. 

Curious about how translation can take your channel to the next level? Reach out to us at AIR Media-Tech, and let's chat about how you can start expanding your audience today.

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