How to Grow Your YouTube Channel up to 10x in 2023: 13 Steps

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20 Nov 2023

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel up to 10x in 2023: 13 Steps

Get ready to level up on YouTube! Discover the hottest trends, top tips, and strategies for channel growth in 2023. Let's dive in!

YouTube Changes in 2023 - Key Trends

The YouTube scene in 2023 presented a blend of trends, from the growth of social responsibility among creators to the discovery of new methods for effective financial management. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a gold mine of YouTube trends waiting for you to exploit. So, keep reading because we're about to explore 13 more hot trends you should adopt to boost your YouTube presence in 2023 and grow your YouTube Channel.

13 Steps to Grow Your Channel 10X in 2023

Turns out you can grow your channel ten times over a year by simply following a well-defined plan. Imagine that a year from now you will grow ten times and would be earning ten times more than your current success. Want to know how to achieve this level of success? The first step to implement would be continuous streaming.

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1. Host 24/7 YouTube Live Streams

Currently, continuous streams are shaking up the status quo of traditional YouTube content, and here are three solid reasons for that:

  • First off, streaming is the new black. Since those lockdowns hit, platforms like Twitch have blown up like a balloon at a birthday party. With 1.1 million active creators entertaining 15 million daily viewers, it's no wonder creators are flocking towards it.
  • The second reason is that YouTube loves It. Streamed content holds viewers' attention far better than regular videos. On top of that, YouTube's algorithm makes live streams more visible. 
  • Moreover, streaming is a recommendation goldmine. With continuous streams, you're likely to see your content getting recommended more frequently.

Some of our partners saw over 100 million impressions, all thanks to continuous streams. Others generated a whopping 93% of the channel's traffic with streams. Now, it's your turn to give it a shot!

2. Follow Trends and Analyze Competitors Wisely

Many YouTube creators simply copy popular challenges, topics, and styles and forget to add individuality. Simple copying will not gain views or subscribers, quite the opposite — it will kill your channel’s traffic. Instead, utilize your competitors as a source to understand audience trends and interests to see what value you can add.

Learn from Competitors Playbook: Successful YouTubers have a strategy. Start by watching and learning from creators in your niche. Dive into their videos to understand their decisions. Ask yourself:

  1. Why did they choose that title?
  2. How about that thumbnail?
  3. What’s their video’s opening secret?
  4. How do they keep viewers engaged?

Read Between the Lines: The comment section is your backstage pass to audience feedback. Analyze what viewers are saying to gauge content quality and discover fresh ideas. Pay attention to:

  1. Viewer sentiments
  2. Suggestions and queries
  3. Ideas viewers want to see
  4. Crunch the Numbers

Discover the complete guide on analyzing your YouTube competitors for maximum benefits!

Use this guide on analyzing your YouTube competitors

3. Interact With Your Audience

A lot of creators miss out on views and followers simply because they're not sure how to engage their audience effectively. Here's a little secret: regardless of your channel's theme, your audience craves connection. They want to feel like they're chatting with a friend they can relate to. Here are some easy ways to interact with your viewers to keep them engaged:

  1. Share your thoughts on future topics and ask them to vote or suggest ideas in the comments.
  2. Offer a sneak peek behind the scenes or crack a joke, if that's your vibe.
  3. Respond to comments, especially the most recent ones.
  4. Create anticipation by teasing your upcoming videos.
  5. Make use of the YouTube Community tab.

Remember, to maximize your audience, engagement, and revenue growth, join AIR Media-Tech. Our services and strategies have already helped over 3,000 of our partners!

4. Stick to the Effective Video Structure

Some creators often ignore this practice and solely rely on improvisation. Others keep creating videos with the wrong structure. As a result, all of them face one problem: a drop in audience retention rate. To keep your audience watching your videos till the end, check out our 11 YouTube engagement tricks.

11 YouTube engagement tricks

5. Build a 'Bridge' Between Short and Long-Form Content

Boosting subscribers and maintaining engagement in long-form videos can seem like quite the journey, but let's simplify it: Long-form content still reigns supreme for a long-lasting, impactful strategy. Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts are your ticket to drawing more viewers to these longer pieces. Discover how to effectively use Shorts to engage a wider audience with your long-form content.

6. Optimize Your Channel

There are a lot of myths and false beliefs about YouTube algorithms. For many years of our official partnership with the platform we’ve learned how to “hack” this system and to become the algorithms’ favorite and to make your channel and videos more attractive to viewers.

Wondering why you should dive into YouTube optimization? Here's the deal:

  • It's your golden ticket to show up in YouTube search results. Get it right, and your videos shine when someone searches.
  • It's the SEO game-changer. Top-notch optimization means higher rankings in YouTube searches.
  • It's the secret ingredient that makes viewers choose your video over the rest.

Video cover image, title, description, tags, and even video duration are all important parts of successful optimization. And you should know how to properly work with them. 

Use this YouTube SEO guide to level up your channel!

Use this YouTube SEO guide

7. Write Engaging YouTube Titles and Descriptions

Writing engaging YouTube titles and descriptions is an art in itself. The title is the first impression, and the description gives depth to your content. They are vital components of SEO and can significantly influence your video's visibility and viewer engagement. So, let's go through five tips for crafting compelling titles and descriptions.

  • Utilize Keywords: Research and include relevant keywords in your title and description. It helps YouTube’s algorithm understand your video’s topic and boosts its discoverability.
  • Plain and Simple: Keep titles straightforward and jargon-free, ensuring viewers instantly grasp your content. Descriptions should provide a concise summary.
  • Spark Curiosity: Craft titles and descriptions that spark curiosity without resorting to misleading clickbait tactics.
  • Guide with Timestamps: For longer videos, be kind to your audience – add timestamps to help them navigate specific sections.
  • Numbers Work: Incorporate numbers to grab attention, as they’re associated with factual content.

8. Design Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

When crafting YouTube video titles, creators sometimes overlook the importance of thumbnails. Your title and thumbnail appear side by side on YouTube, so it's essential to consider how they attract viewers together. Aim for a seamless blend, like these title-thumbnail combinations.

Align Your Thumbnails with YouTube Video Titles

9. Boost Your Engagement with a Call to Action

Imagine you’ve just seen a video about fitness, and the creator wants you to subscribe. They say: 

“Ready to reach your fitness goals? Subscribe for weekly workouts and get fit faster!”

This CTA is ideal because it:

  • Addresses a core desire (getting fit)
  • Promises more value (weekly workouts)

You see, it’s all about staying on-topic and offering more value. Here are some best practices to boost channel subscriptions with CTA:

  • Start with value: Craft a captivating title and thumbnail, dive into your content, and grab the viewer's attention.
  • Provide a clear reason: Specify your channel's unique value, spelling out what viewers can expect.

10. Use Hashtags to Boost Your Reach

Think of hashtags as labels on YouTube. They help viewers find similar content. Add 3 hashtags to your video description to help YouTube understand your video. But, don't overdo it – stick to under 10 hashtags for the best results.

11. Post Videos Consistently

So, whether you're just starting out on YouTube or you've got a boatload of videos under your belt, remember this: keep posting videos regularly! It's all about being consistent. But we all know how life can get busy sometimes, and sticking to a weekly posting routine can feel like a big challenge.

But don't worry, there's a trick to keep gaining new followers even if your schedule gets messed up. Here's where those continuous streams we discussed earlier come in handy, giving a fresh boost to your existing content!

Launch Continuous Streams to Grow on YouTube

12. Invest in YouTube Collaborations

Collaborations are one of the keys to growing on YouTube! Partnering with fellow creators not only expands your reach but also adds fresh, exciting content to your channel. Here are five essential tips for effective YouTube collaborations:

  • Choose Compatible Partners: Select collaborators whose content aligns with your audience and values.
  • Plan and Communicate: Outline your goals, content ideas, and expectations in advance. Effective communication is key!
  • Promote Together: Cross-promotion is a win-win. Share each other's videos and expand your viewership.
  • Engage Your Community: Encourage your viewers to interact with your collaborators' content to boost engagement.
  • Have Fun: Enjoy the creative process and build authentic, lasting relationships with your fellow creators.

13. Analyze Indicators and Immediately Correct Your Actions

Audience reaction is your main free instrument for growth on the platform. You can track when viewers liked your content by analyzing likes and dislikes. When creating new videos, regularly analyze main indicators and react in a timely manner in case of negative responses. For example, change your cover image to attract more attention or collaborate to receive additional traffic.

Arm yourself with these strategies and guides to watch your channel grow! Don't forget, that AIR Media-Tech is just around the corner to assist you with everything, from boosting your revenue to handling channel strikes. Reach out to us and tap into the services and tips that have already aided over 3,000 creators!


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