Create Multiple YouTube Channels with the Same Email: A Step-by-Step Guide

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11 Jan 2024

How to Make Multiple Youtube Channels With One Email

YouTube helps you bring any amount of creative ideas to life. When you already have a YouTube channel and suddenly get inspired by a new idea from a different niche, you can just create a new channel. But can you have multiple YouTube channels on one email? Absolutely! You can create up to 50 channels under one email. Today, we're going to walk you through this step by step. Let's get into it!

How to Make Multiple Youtube Channels With One Email

Want to use different YouTube accounts with one email? Normally, Google prefers one account for everything, including YouTube. But here's the trick, because Google treats YouTube channels and accounts a bit differently. You can't have multiple YouTube "accounts" on one Gmail because they're kind of the same thing for Google. Having that in mind, let's create your second account under the same email.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Additional YouTube Channels

The first thing you need to do in your YouTube account is hit your profile picture in the top right. Next, go to settings.

Hit your profile picture in the top right and go to settings.

Next, find the Your Channel section under your YouTube channel. In this section, you'll see three options:

  1. Channel status and features
  2. Add or manage your channel(s)
  3. View advanced settings

Tap on 'Add or manage your channel(s).

Simply tap on 'Add or manage your channel(s).' It'll take a moment to load, displaying all your channels. Afterward, tap on "create new channel", just like this.

Create your channel

After that, it'll prompt you for a new name. We are going to call it "Creators Grow With AIR," but your channel name is entirely your choice. It can be anything, just ensure it resonates with your idea and communicates it clearly to your audience.

Create a Channel Name

Now, hit create, and it'll start setting up your YouTube channel. It'll take you directly to the brand new channel, and you'll find its link at the top of the page. Remember, you can always change your channel name later.

If you weren't automatically switched to the channel, just go to the top right, tap your profile picture, and click on "switch account." You'll see all your channels there and can easily switch to the one you want.

Switch Between Channels

Switching Between Multiple YouTube Channels With the Same Email

As YouTube made it super easy to create new channels using the same email, they also made it smooth to manage those multiple accounts. Here is how you do it. When you log in to YouTube, it asks you to pick a channel. Here's how to switch to a different channel you manage:

  • Click on your channel icon In the top right corner.
  • Next to your profile picture, hit "Switch account." A list of the accounts you manage, along with your Google Account identity, will appear.
  • Click the account you want to use. If you opt for a Brand Account without a channel, you can create one for that page.

Always double-check the name and icon in the top right corner to be sure which channel you're currently using.

Tips for Managing Multiple YouTube Channels Under One Email

Managing your YouTube channels involves various strategies, from basic SEO optimization to boosting engagement. If you're ready to take it a step further, consider advanced approaches like:

  • Channel Translation and Localization: This tactic has helped our partners reach up to 160 million subscribers on translated channels. It expands your audience by tailoring content to different languages and regions.
  • Continuous Streams: Opting for continuous streams has proven to generate over 10 million additional views for our partner. This strategy keeps your audience engaged and boosts overall views.
  • Adjusting Your Ad Strategy: Tweaking your ad strategy can significantly boost your revenue. Find the right balance and approach to maximize earnings from your content.

If you're unsure which strategies suit your channels best, reach out for a consultation. We'll sort it out together.

Benefits of Having Multiple YouTube Channels on One Email

Having multiple accounts under one email is handy for organizing your content. This way, you can group videos of a specific genre or niche under one account, making them more organized and easily searchable.

For creators with a single focus one YouTube channel might be enough. But you're into multiple areas, having them all in one channel could look messy. If you span various topics, it's better to create separate channels for each. And here's why:

Improved SEO

Separate channels give your SEO a significant boost. This means people can find you more easily as search engines better understand and categorize your content. The increased visibility not only attracts a wider audience but also establishes your channels as go-to sources in their respective niches. Plus, having distinct channels makes it more likely for your videos to pop up in relevant search results, bringing in more organic traffic.

Here you can find a complete YouTube SEO Guide to get your channels rank higher.

Guide on YouTube SEO

Targeted Audience Engagement

With separate channels, you can tailor your content to specific audience segments. This targeted approach allows for more personalized engagement—viewers interested in a particular niche can subscribe to the dedicated channel. It builds a sense of community and loyalty, as your audience knows they can reliably find content aligned with their interests on each channel.

Brand Consistency

Keeping separate channels ensures consistency within each niche. Each channel can have its unique branding elements, visuals, and messaging that align with the specific content theme. This consistency reinforces your brand identity, making it easy for viewers to recognize and associate your content with your brand across different topics.

In a nutshell, having separate channels not only keeps things organized but also boosts visibility, tailors engagement, and ensures brand consistency, contributing to a more successful content creation strategy. Remember, AIR Media-Tech is just one message away from sharing with you all the insights we got from helping over 3000 creators around the world. So, drop us a line and optimize your approach for success!

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