VidCon 2024 is coming! When, Where and Who Will be There?

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17 Apr 2024

VidCon 2024 is coming! When, Where and Who Will be There?

VidCon 2024 is coming up soon! Let's find out who is going to be there, where it will be happening, and see what's planned.

What is VidCon?

VidCon is an event where you'll find everyone from representatives of YouTube and TikTok to cosplayers and pranksters all hanging out together. It's really grown up over the last 13 years, turning from a fan meet-up to a big deal in the creator economy, with more than 55,000 people showing up at its flagship Anaheim event in 2023. It's the place to be for anyone who's into content creation, offering a chance to pick up new tips, share ideas, and hear big news from giants like YouTube. Plus, there are plenty of chances to network, team up on projects, and just have a good time.

Started by John and Hank Green, two big names in online content, VidCon has been the place to be for creators. They sold it first to Viacom, then Viacom was acquired by Paramount in 2018, but the festival hasn't slowed down.

When and Where VidCon 2024 Will Be Held?

For several years now VidCon has not been a once-a-year kind of thing. In 2023, they had events in Anaheim, Baltimore, Mexico, and São Paulo. In 2024, the lineup of locations is a bit different:

  1. The first VidCon in 2024 will be held in Anaheim, California on June 26 - 29, 2024.
  2. The next event, VidCon Mexico, August 09-11, 2024, Centro Citibanamex.
  3. The last announced is VidCon Baltimore, September 26 - 29.

VidCon Anaheim is in the full getting-ready mode with many announcements already made. Let's take a look at what will be happening at the first location of VidCon 2024.

What’s the Next VidCon in Anaheim Has to Offer?

When it comes to VidCon, there's a lot to follow long before the event starts. Just take a look at the #VidConfessions challenge they've started, where creators answer fan questions such as 'Who would you want to face off against in a creator boxing match?' or 'If VidCon was "Survivor," which creator would you vote off first?


The agenda for the event is already taking shape as well. Regarding the hot topics and workshops at VidCon, be sure not to miss Vira Slyvinska, Head of Global Business Development at AIR Media-Tech. She will be sharing all the insights we've gathered on helping creators reach tens and even hundreds of millions of subscribers through translations. You can discover all the life hacks during her speech on the Creator Track titled 'Go Global on YouTube Smarter Not Harder: Mastering Translation & Localization’.

Alongside translations, you can learn how to boost views, watch time, and revenue with your existing videos by streaming them 24/7 in pre-recorded format on different platforms. Vira will show you how at the mentorship session 'Live Without Going Live: 24/7 Live Streaming of Pre-Recorded Videos'. Note: you need to register for this mentorship session in advance as the number of participants is limited.

AIR Media-Tech is the ultimate hub for content creators, providing solutions for every creator challenge. Our partners recently reached 125 billion YouTube views, achieving milestones of 100K, 1M, 10M, and 100M subscribers. Join AIR Media-Tech and grow faster with us!

There are hundreds more speakers and a variety of topics across different tracks, ranging from super popular creators like Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, and Heidi D’Amelio sharing their journey to stardom on the VidCon Community Track, to creators' attorney Tyler Chou clarifying essentials of contracts and negotiations.

Here, you can find the list of announced activities that VidCon updates regularly. For the latest updates, follow VidCon on Instagram.

Follow Updates About VidCon 2024 on Instagram

Who is Going to Be at VidCon 2024?

The lineup for VidCon 2024 is getting bigger every day. This year, we'll see founders John and Hank Green, Dinah Jane, MatPat, Leo González, MeganPlays, CG5, Allen Pan, Casual Geographic, Dadlifeiason, Sheena Melwani, Mark Takahashi, Xiaomanyc, DangMattSmith, Horchata Soto, Jesús Nalgas, Daniel Thrasher, Michelle Chubb, and more.

Also among those who will join the event are Jack Manifold, Anthony Padilla, Aaron Burriss, Ash, Boze, Brandon Rogers, Markell Washington, Rod Thill, Zach King, Adam Rose, and others. 

With frequent announcements like "50 more featured creators just joined the lineup", it looks like VidCon Anaheim is aiming to outdo itself this year. Check out the full lineup on the VidCon website, where you can search for your favorite creators to see if they'll be there.

Who will be at VisCon 2024? Lineup of Featured creators!

Tips for Creators on How to Prepare for VidCon 2024

The AIR Media-Tech team is not new to VidCon, and we understand the mix of excitement and rush it can bring. To ease some of the pressure, it’s better to prepare a bit in advance. Here’s what you can do to make the most of VidCon 2024.

  1. First, decide what your objective for this VidCon is. Networking, learning, collaboration? Having clear goals will help you focus your efforts and measure your success post-event.
  2. Everyone loves a good story, especially at VidCon. Prepare a compelling narrative about your journey as a creator, that you can tell in 1-2 minutes. This isn't just about what you do, but why you do it, and the unique perspective you bring.
  3. Your attire is a part of your brand. Choose outfits that are not only comfortable but also reflect your channel's aesthetic. It's a visual hook that can make you memorable.
  4. Before you arrive, make sure your social media profiles and content are up-to-date. People will search for you during and after the event.
  5. Start networking with light chat. Instead of rushing into serious networking, first, ask simple questions like where they're from or which event they've liked best. It helps break the ice.
  6. Just talk like usual. Networking is really just chatting with others, so relax and have fun. Great partnerships often start with making a new friend, so just be yourself!
  7. Know who's coming and which panels or workshops you want to attend. It’s better to plan ahead by downloading the VidCon app to organize your schedule and connect with the people you want to meet. And don’t forget to visit AIR Media-Tech activities! We’ve got a lot of insights to share from the experience of helping thousands of creators over a decade.
  8. Some of the best opportunities come from unexpected encounters. Be flexible with your schedule to allow for spontaneous meetings or panel visits.
  9. Share your experiences in real-time on social media, using the official hashtag. It increases your visibility and helps others at the conference find you.
  10. VidCon is not just about panels and meetups. Participate in community events, parties, and informal gatherings. It's where the most exciting encounters happen.

You can also bring a friend along. Having a buddy there can make the rush easier and more comforting. After the conference, take the time to reflect on your experiences, the people you met, and the lessons learned. Then, take actionable steps towards your goals with the new connections and knowledge you've gained.

You can check the available ticket options here. Don’t forget to add sessions from AIR Media-Tech to your schedule and catch up with our team at the premier creator event of the year, June 26-29. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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