How to Withdraw Money from YouTube: Standard and Alternative Ways

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Anastasia Bukhtiarova


16 Feb 2024

How to Withdraw Money from YouTube

We will tell you how to get rid of double currency conversion and earn even more when withdrawing funds from YouTube.

YouTube is the leading digital platform that allows you to monetize your content and make a lot of money from it. In 2023, the platform's ad revenue reached $31,51 billion, an increase of almost 8% over the last fiscal period. YouTube takes 45% of creators' ad revenue. If you add paid subscriptions and donations, the figure increases several times.

Regardless, even high-income creators face an imperfect withdrawal process from the platform. The tools offered by YouTube have limited functionality, cause a lot of inconveniences, and lead to financial losses. 

In this article, we share standard and alternative ways to withdraw funds from YouTube, which will help you optimize your income and increase it.

How to Withdraw Money from YouTube Through AdSense

Withdrawing funds through Google AdSense is available to all creators connected to monetization. This is the most standard way young creators often use on YouTube. In turn, successful creators with impressive earnings look for alternative ways to get around some of the limitations of using Adsense:

  • Limited Set Dates for Income Payments

All creators who use AdSense receive money on already set dates between the 21st and 26th of each month. Moreover, payments are made only once a month. 

  • You Cannot Choose the Amount of Payment

You can only withdraw the entire amount all at once from your account. You are not able to withdraw only part of the income.

  • Lack of Local Currency Options

Adsense decides on its own in what currency you receive funds. For some countries, the currency of receipt is local. AdSense converts all of the creator's earnings using the current rate at the beginning of the month but sends income at the end of the month. Consequently, every month Adsense doesn’t take into account that the course can change significantly. Payments to other countries are available in USD, and when receiving income in this currency, the creator runs the risk of getting double converted.

  • Limitations of Payment Methods

Google Adsense only offers you 2 options for withdrawing funds: payment to a bank account or receiving a check via email, which is a somewhat outdated system.

  • You Cannot Select the Country Location of the Bank

If you are based in the UK, you can only use a local UK bank. If the creator needs to receive funds to an account, for example, in a German bank, then this cannot be done with AdSense.

  • AdSense Does Not Recognize Co-Ownership of a Channel

You cannot split the payment equally with other co-owners of your channel because AdSense does not take into account the possibility of shared income. There must be one owner and one bank account registered to the same person. Therefore, if you work in a team, only one person will receive income from your common channel. 

Why Experienced Creators Choose Alternative YouTube Withdrawal Methods?

Most creators don’t pay attention or devote enough time to routine tasks such as withdrawing funds from YouTube and using Adsense tools. But if you manage these correctly, you’ll not only save but also increase income. Now, creators who choose an alternative to AdSense have the ability to:

  1. Select a due date and even receive multiple payments on the same day.
  2. Withdraw the amount from YouTube, starting from $1.
  3. Select the payment currency of choice. Even some of the least-known local currencies are available to bloggers.
  4. Receive payments straight to your personal card or PayPal.
  5. Divide the total earnings and distribute them to different bank accounts, cards, or payment systems.
  6. Pay your team without having to deposit money into your own account.
  7. Increase your savings by withdrawing earnings to cryptocurrency.

To choose the most profitable withdrawal method, compare the conditions of different companies on the market. For example, AIR Media-Tech partners can transfer income from YouTube to MasterCard or Visa cards in 155 currencies.

Alternative YouTube Withdrawal Methods

Among the alternative ways to manage your YouTube finances, withdraw funds from YouTube and send them to your team there is a set of financial services for creators by AIR Media-Tech. With these services, our partners can:

  • Access up to 5 months' worth of earnings to invest in new technology, content, and anything else that helps grow their channel;
  • Set up regular payments for their team, ensuring automatic salary transfers at set intervals;
  • Receive money within 5 minutes;
  • Easily transfer money between users with zero fees;
  • Manage finances using various methods like cards, bank accounts, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.
  • Receive payments directly to your bank card and in any currency of the world. The transfer is carried out to Visa, Mastercard, and others. This payment does not use the correspondent banking system (as with regular bank payments). Therefore it is faster and does not pass the financial monitoring check before crediting.

These services are licensed as a Money Service Business (MSB) in Canada and prioritize robust security and confidentiality for financial operations. Contact us to try them out.

Why Do We Recommend Using This Payment Method?

It’s a convenient payment method for everyday use. Withdraw earnings from YouTube and pay for goods in stores, on the Internet, and withdraw cash whenever you want.

With 155 currencies to choose from, you can save income. Withdraw funds in USD or your local currency to bypass unnecessary conversion and not waste time in bank lines and on additional actions with online banking. The AIR Media-Tech services also have no limit on the amount you can receive. It's also safe. Your funds are protected by the payment system.

If you’re facing the problem of double conversion, we can consult and offer a convenient withdrawal format for your country. To do this, write to us here.

What Creator are Saying About Us

"I am a current client of AIR Media-Tech, the main service I use is their payment system. Before that I used an AdSense account to withdraw my funds, but now I need a more flexible solution. Why exactly is it better for me? Pretty adequate withdrawal conditions which work more like decent e-banking, and the choice of currencies (I think they even have crypto). I use it for my PayPal account and also transfer money to family accounts whenever they need (the process was so bulky before). They also offer other handy services for youtubers, but frankly I didn't have a chance to delve into details, not much to tell you" - Vlogger and AIR's partner

As we already mentioned, with the help of alternative withdrawal methods, you can optimize your income and increase earnings. To do this, try to receive a portion of your income in Bitcoin. 

Important: Before doing this, be sure to consult with your financial advisor.

Earlier, we hosted a special meetup dedicated to our financial services and, in particular, withdrawals to Bitcoin. You can watch the meetup here.

Remember that even a regular YouTube withdrawal process can optimize or increase your income. Try to shift away from the standard YouTube methods and turn to trusted helpers with financial expertise.

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