How to Withdraw Funds from YouTube in Advance

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08 Jul 2022

How to Withdraw Funds from YouTube in Advance

The Advance Payments feature can both come in handy when you need funds right away and, surprisingly, can also help you maximize your earnings. How is it possible? Read further to find out.

Standard YouTube Payouts

Payment Timelines for AdSense

AdSense provides a monthly payment cycle. Creators can receive their payments between the 21st and the 26th of the month, under the condition that their balance exceeds the payment threshold and they have no payment holds. The day of the payment also depends on whether it’s a weekend or holiday and a chosen form of payment.

It’s important to note that each payment account needs to reach the payment threshold to be paid out.

Tracking the Progress of Your Payments

Your Payments page is updated to indicate the progress of your payments. You'll see line items added and updated throughout the month as your earnings are finalized and then issued for payment.

You can find more information about AdSense payment conditions and procedures here.

However, there are important advantages to receiving advance payments through your personal YouTube-certified partner. For example, at AIR Creators Ecosystem, you can receive an unlimited number of payments to your accounts and to the accounts of co-creators in 155 currencies and even in BTC and USDT. You can also withdraw your income earlier to 6 payment methods. This is not possible with AdSense. 

AIR Advance Payments Advantages

What is the Advance Payments service?

This is an opportunity to withdraw revenue displayed in YouTube analytics that YouTube has not yet paid out. You can withdraw the entire income for the previous month and part of the current month or only earnings from the current month for a small fee.

This also allows you to withdraw in any currency 1-1.5 months earlier than working directly with AdSense. 

How else can Advance Payments help?

  1. This service regularly updates you with additional funds available for withdrawal on any day.
  2. Advance Payments can be financially helpful in emergency situations.

If you need money right this second, advance payments will help you get out of force majeure situations without waiting for the YouTube date of accrual.

First, it’s convenient and creates an additional financial cushion. You can withdraw additional funds at any time. Second, you can withdraw funds for a month and a half faster than with YouTube. And you can withdraw funds at the best conditions on the market.

More Financial Advantages with AIR

Besides the advantages mentioned above, AIR Creators Ecosystem offers even more benefits.

  1. Receive payments directly to your Mastercard or Visa card and in any currency of the world. 
  2. Transfer earnings to a bank account in 18 popular world currencies.
  3. Withdraw income to Webmoney, Paypal, and Payoneer.
  4. Receive earnings in cryptocurrency.

If you’re facing the problem of double conversion, we can consult and offer a convenient withdrawal method for your country.

You might never think that the way you withdraw your YouTube income directly affects the number of your earnings. But it does. Try out some alternative payment methods and use the expertise of trusted financial advisers. If you have questions and need expert advice on funds withdrawal methods, please contact us in your Personal Account messenger, and we will be happy to help.