How to Get the Most From Your YouTube Earnings: Advance Payments, Instant Payments, Crypto, and More

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03 Apr 2023

How to Get the Most From Your YouTube Earnings: Advance Payments, Instant Payments, Crypto, and More

Today, a YouTube channel is more than an alternative way to earn money or a hobby. It’s a full-scale business that requires flexible funds management and a financial cushion. How can creators manage their funds on YouTube, maximize their earnings, and what methods to use?

Read on to get the complete picture of the most popular alternative withdrawal methods and financial instruments and how top creators hit the ball with them.

Always Available Funds with Advance Payments

Advance Payments is a financial AIR service that allows you to withdraw advertising revenue in any currency 1-1.5 months earlier than YouTube pays it out. The creator daily receives advance funds based on YouTube Analytics. These funds are available for use immediately, giving flexibility in managing funds. 

Let’s see how one of AIR's partners took advantage of Advanced Payments. They received an income from YouTube of $35K for the month and immediately withdrew it. And thanks to Advance Payments, the creator withdrew another $31K without waiting the whole month for funds accrual from YouTube. In this way, they almost doubled their accessible funds in a short period of time!

Check out how it works here, and make sure to watch the video about the service on our channel.

Manage Funds in the Way You Like

  • You can instantly withdraw funds in any preferable currency.
  • You can automatically split the funds between your partners and team. 
  • You can accumulate funds to achieve your financial goals.
  • You can withdraw funds with minimum payment thresholds and some of the lowest fees on the market.
  • You can easily reinvest your income and receive even more
  • You can request AIR Media-Tech services to help you earn even more.

Use Crypto - Bitcoin and USDT

Why Crypto? The market analysis shows that within the last 9 months:

  • The number of creators withdrawing to crypto increased by more than 50%.
  • The number of crypto withdrawals has increased by more than 3 times, meaning that creators enjoy the product's flexibility and can make unlimited withdrawals every month.
  • Every ninth partner withdrew funds to crypto at least once.

Withdrawing BTC and Tether (USDT) allows you to diversify your assets, make ultra-fast and convenient transfers, as well as get new opportunities for financial management.

What Is Instant Payments and Why Is It Unique? 

Instant Payments is a new unique service that allows creators to instantly withdraw income to a bank card. Funds appear on the card in less than 5 minutes! In combination with Advance Payments, it basically works like this. The creator sees income according to YouTube Analytics, and in 5 minutes, they can see it on their card and spend it.

AIR financial instruments offer you a range of flexible options to manage your funds smartly. They are designed to provide easy access to your funds when you need them and help you expand your financial opportunities — so you can make the most of your earnings.

Try now — and see the difference for yourself! And don't forget to check out the latest video about AIR Pay on our channel.