Content Distribution: Why It's a Perfect Way to Expand Your Reach

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27 Jan 2023

Content Distribution: Why It's a Perfect Way to Expand Your Reach

What makes content distribution a must? Which platforms can you deliver your content to? And how do you succeed with minimum effort? Let's find out.

Many creators and content providers think all they have to do is press the "publish" button and wait for feedback from their subscribers and followers. But creating original, cool content is only the first step to success.

The next step is distribution. 

The thing is, if you focus only on creating content, you won't get very far. Imagine: somewhere in the mountains, a lake is frozen, creating an amazingly beautiful landscape. But no one is around, so no one sees it — and this content doesn't make the impact it could’ve. 

Now think about your content. You can create an amazing video, but you won’t be able to make the most of its potential impact and profits if you only publish it on one platform.  Here’s where distribution enters the picture providing a great way to explore new markets, reach new audiences, and discover new ways to make money with your existing content without too much effort. 

Let's talk about how to maximize the potential of your existing content with distribution — and go far beyond YouTube.

What makes distributing content on different platforms necessary?

First, it's more than just an additional source of passive income. It's also a great way to increase your popularity. As you reach new viewers on new platforms, you increase your media exposure and gain more recognition. 

Second, entering new markets opens up new opportunities for collaboration and helps expand the potential for brand deals. 

Distribution is also a great way to diversify risks. This means you’ll always have a plan "B" if your YouTube channel is suspended or even the entire platform is blocked. Also, distributing content won't take much of your time. At least if you do it with AIR Distribution. 

With AIR, you can distribute your existing content to the world's leading digital platforms quickly and easily, with just a few clicks. 

Our distribution process is fully automated, so you don't need to do anything. Just keep creating content - and the AIR team will help you reach new viewers.

Where can I deliver my content with AIR Distribution? 

Chinese platforms  

Chinese platforms have a huge potential. Why? First, YouTube is banned in China due to strict Chinese laws and censorship. In the meantime, China has the largest number of social media users in the world - 983.3 million! This is an awful lot of potential viewers. 

And here’s one more interesting fact: despite the enormous audience, the Chinese digital market actually needs more foreign content. And you can help fill that void easily.

Of course, distribution to Chinese platforms isn’t all that easy. Challenges creators face include: 

  • Lack of direct connection with support for foreign creators and content providers
  • A lot of paperwork and bureaucracy 
  • The user interface is only in Chinese 

Luckily, you don't have to deal with these when distributing with AIR. We will take care of every step, from translating your channel into Chinese to optimizing your videos and uploading them to the platforms.

We help distribute content to platforms such as:

  • Bilibili - the most popular video platform among Generation Z users (Audience - 170 M+, CPM per 1K ~ $0.4)
  • Xigua Video is a Chinese platform that prioritizes professional content (appears as a marker along with other titles; Audience - 130 M+, CPM per 1K ~ $0.3)
  • And finally, the Douyu platform has an audience of over 163 million users per month and CPM at $0.1 to $0.5. Leading content categories on Douyu are Food & Cooking, Gaming, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Crafts & Handmade, and Hobbies.


Facebook is the world's largest social network, with over 2 billion registered users, and the first platform that comes to mind when you think about content distribution. After all, it has amazing potential to distribute your content to a large number of people very, very quickly.

So instead of just scrolling through your Facebook feed and chatting with your friends, you can use the platform to promote and monetize your content.

We take over the management of your Facebook page on a turnkey basis and take care of everything, including

  • Creating a page strategy
  • Audience analysis
  • Creating a content plan
  • Publishing content 
  • Analysis of metrics

SeeZis Media

If you have children's content, it should be on the dedicated kids platforms, which is where SeeZis Media enters the scene. 

SeeZis Media is a producer, promoter, and distributor of children's content. It has an audience of more than 30 million unique users, creating and successfully promoting children's content and generating approximately 100 billion views annually.  

SeeZis Media offers creators the opportunity to monetize their content on the following platforms: 

  • — a video platform dedicated to children's content of different categories.
  • — a video hosting service with popular vlogs for kids and their parents.
  • Mama.TV — a video platform with safe, educational, and fun cartoons and other content for kids.

The path of a kid's vlogger is all about providing viewers with the most positive content that educates and makes tons of kids happy. But this path is followed by stricter rules and regulations for posting on social platforms than any other. 

Navigating these rules can be pretty hard — and failing to do so can lead to demonetization in a blink of an eye. We will make sure this does not happen.

AIR and SeeZis Media:

  • Monetize your content immediately without restrictions and minimum requirements.
  • Allow you to start earning from the first day of placement. 
  • Provide swift technical support
  • Solve most arising problems as quickly as possible.


MEGOGO is the one of the largest media services in Eastern Europe, with an audience of over 100 million people and over 150 thousand hours of content. It works with FOX, BBC, Sony, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures studios.

72% of creators on the platform earn average and above average income. And we provide you with fast technical support and automated distribution process and also ensure your monetization is switched on the platform immediately. This means you will start earning from the first day you post. 

You can also check out our video about MEGOGO distribution here

Distribution is an important step to your success on digital platforms. You can experiment with different content distribution tools until you find the best approach or get help from experts in the field. With AIR Distribution services you get

  • A fully automated distribution process - everything is set up automatically and does not require the creator's participation
  • User-friendly interface, a single account, and tools to manage your analytics
  • Promotion of the channel by experts who have thoroughly studied each platform, so we know exactly how to place and manage channels to get the best results in terms of views and revenue

See the platform you like? Great! All that’s left is applying for content distribution by sending a request and agreeing to the Terms of Service at We’ll then negotiate with the desired platform on your behalf and start distributing your existing content — so you can get your first income within two months! 

Let’s start distributing together — and help your content reach new heights!