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How To Earn More From Channel

Receive 10 AIR Creators Ecosystem advanced services to grow your revenue.
Would you like to earn more with your channel?
In 2020, 500 creators in our ecosystem used our services to boost their earnings on YouTube and their revenue grew by 30% on average.
It’s easier than you think.
EARN MORE services allow you to significantly increase your income with minimal effort.
Earn More
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Earn More
Increase your traffic and views through professional advertising campaigns
Earn More
We stream your videos 24/7 on a loop to grow 5 top metrics on your YouTube channel
Earn More
We develop customized apps and games for your brand to increase earnings from your popularity
These 3 services increase channel revenue by 600% within the first year.
P.S. We were asked not to share the names of creators who used these services, as they became dollar millionaires. 😏
What’s inside
Success Stories
Earn more with your existing content
Channel Translation & Localization
Get your content translated into up to 14 languages and localized to perfectly fit into new audiences and cultures. We will cover 100% of the cost to launch and promote your content in these new markets to significantly increase your audience and boost your income.
Investment Fund for Creators
Are you a rising digital content star? Let’s combine your talent with our expertise and resources to create a new multi-million subscriber channel.
Content Distribution
Get a revenue boost by distributing your videos from YouTube to Bilibili, Facebook, SeeZis Media, and MEGOGO without any effort.
Content ID
100% protection from content theft. We monitor, block, and monetize unauthorized uploads.
Other ways to
earn more
Brand Deals
Earn more from ad integrations. We’ll connect you with international and local brand advertising projects and initiatives.
Brand Deals Brand Deals Brand Deals Brand Deals Brand Deals Brand Deals
Mobile Apps & Games
We develop customized mobile apps and games for you to increase your audience engagement and create additional revenue streams.
We develop, produce, and deliver products to your excited fans, and also bring you a steady stream of additional income.
Affiliate Business Partner Program
We offer a lifetime affiliate program. Invite other creators to the AIR Creators Ecosystem and receive a monthly reward.
Get your income even earlier than what YouTube offers, and receive it in any currency of the world with the lowest fees.
Barter Deals
We connect you with local and international brands so that you receive barter advertising projects and brand deals for your social media activity.
AIR Revenue Boost
Earn more from brands advertising on your channel. This service will help you manage ad timecodes for all your videos and set automatic settings adapting to each format.
Want to accelerate your income?
Connect to individual services or an entire package with just one click.
Your Personal Dashboard
Get access to all of these services in one place - your Personal Dashboard. There, you will also get a full picture of your monthly statistics and payments.
Earn More
Ready to rock?
Grow your channel’s revenue several times with AIR Creators Ecosystem.
  • Investing in talent
  • Unlimited number of advertising campaigns
  • Content translation into 14 languages
  • Assessment and recommendations to enter new markets
  • Convenient withdrawal of funds with minimal fees
  • Ad integrations with local and international brands
  • One-on-one work sessions with AIR managers
Become a Partner of AIR Creators Ecosystem
Get access to a personal account in the AIR Creators Ecosystem
Moderating the channel
We evaluate your channel for compliance with the principles of YouTube and our ecosystem
Setting goals
We discuss your expectations, and short-term and long-term goals for the development of the channel
We develop a strategy and introduce products to your channel