Most subscribed YouTube Kids channels

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20 Jun 2024

Most subscribed YouTube Kids channels

YouTube is a fantastic place for kids to learn and entertain and is packed with great channels designed just for them. We’ve collected the most popular and successful channels so you can quickly find content for your child. Plus, you can find inspiration for your own kids' channels here!

YouTube Kids Advantages

YouTube Kids is the most popular platform for kids. Many kids have their own YouTube channels and earn money through videos, ads, and sponsored posts. These channels are often managed by parents, ensuring that the content is appropriate and the business aspects are handled responsibly.

YouTube Kids is designed to provide safe and convenient content specifically for kids aged 4 to 12 years. This platform is considered one of the safest streaming options for kids, offering peace of mind to parents. YouTube Kids features videos and ads that are designed to engage and educate kids without putting their mental health at risk. If you want to create a YouTube channel for kids too, take a look at our guide: we have explained all you need to know about creating content for kids.

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Types of Kids Content on YouTube

With a wide range of entertainment and educational options for young viewers, YouTube has become a vast and diverse platform for kids' content. 

Animated series and movies are one of the most popular categories of kids' content on YouTube. They can range from classic animated characters to original animated stories, often with vivid graphics, compelling stories, and relatable characters. 

Educational videos are another important genre of kids' content on YouTube. These videos often use interactive elements, such as quizzes and experiments. This makes learning engaging and fun for young viewers. Engaging presenters who make complex subjects accessible and exciting for kids is also a feature of many educational channels.

AIR Media-Tech has helped many kids' content creators gain thousands and even millions of subscribers on YouTube. Contact us, and our experts will help you to boost your channel.

YouTube also offers a wide range of DIY and craft videos for kids. These activities allow kids to explore their interests and develop new hobbies, as well as develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

In addition to these common categories, YouTube's content for kids also includes live shows, vlogs, and gaming content. This variety of content caters to kids' different interests and preferences, making sure the platform has something for every young viewer.

7 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Kids

As YouTube Kids continues to grow in popularity, the competition among content creators to build a significant subscriber base on the platform has also intensified. 

The most successful channels are those that can consistently deliver high-quality, engaging, and age-appropriate content that resonates with young audiences. Let's look at the channels with the largest number of subscribers.

Cocomelon - 176M subscribers

One of the most popular channels is "Cocomelon," which features engaging nursery rhymes, songs, and educational content. With over 150 million subscribers, it has become a global phenomenon, providing a fun and enriching experience for toddlers and preschoolers. The channel's simplistic animation, catchy melodies, and relatable characters have made it a staple in many households.

Kids Diana Show - 122M subscribers

The Kids Diana Show, starring Diana and her brother Roma, offers a mix of pretend play, unboxing of toys, and educational videos for kids. The channel is incredibly popular with young viewers thanks to Diana's engaging and energetic personality, combined with high production values. There are many fun scenarios that kids will enjoy.

In the kids' content category, the Kids Diana Show has become a sensation. This channel went from 0 to 100 million subscribers in 7 years in partnership with AIR Media-Tech. 

In 2018, AIR offered to translate and localize its content into other languages. We believed that kids from other countries would enjoy watching their videos and get inspired to explore the world.  In addition to English and Russian, Diana now 'speaks' several popular languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean and other languages. Click here to learn more about it. Contact our experts to help you localize your content if you want to increase your channel's audience, engagement, and subscribers.

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - 91.3M subscribers

ChuChu TV offers animated nursery rhymes and educational songs that are both fun and informative. This channel produces colorful and catchy videos of nursery rhymes and original songs for preschoolers. 

Pinkfong! Kids' Songs & Stories - 75.2M subscribers 

Have you ever heard the song "Baby Shark Dance"? We believe you have! Famous for the viral hit "Baby Shark Dance", Pinkfong! offers a wide range of kids songs, stories and educational videos. The channel combines catchy tunes with bright, fun animation. It appeals to preschoolers and toddlers.

El Reino Infantil - 64.3M subscribers

El Reino Infantil is a Spanish-language channel that offers animated kids' songs and rhymes. Offering content similar to Cocomelon and Little Baby Bum, but in Spanish, the channel is very popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It's a great resource for kids who speak Spanish as their first language or for those who are learning the language.

YouTube has stricter rules for kids' content, but with expert guidance, you can grow a successful kids' channel. AIR Media-Tech has helped many kids' channels thrive on YouTube, including the largest channel in the category - Kids Diana Show. Get in touch with us for insight and professional support.

Little Baby Bum - 41M subscribers

Little Baby Bum is well known for its animated nursery rhymes and original kids' songs. Set to engaging animation, the channel offers a mix of classic nursery rhymes and original compositions. This is an excellent channel for parents who want to get their kids involved in music and early learning.

Ryan's World - 37.1M subscribers

Ryan's World started as a series of toy unboxing videos and has grown into a huge brand that includes educational videos, science experiments, and DIY crafts. The channel's star, Ryan Kaji, captivates kids with his energetic personality and varied content. Ryan's World has expanded beyond YouTube to include a range of toys, books, and TV shows.

How to Help Your Kid Make a Successful YouTube Blog

Creating a YouTube blog for your child can be a fun and rewarding project. Here's a quick guide to help your child make a successful YouTube vlog:

Help Your Kid Find a Topic They Love

Find a topic that is sure to be of interest to your child. Watch the YouTubers they like for inspiration, but remember that they should be unique and true to themselves. YouTube is all about showcasing your child's unique personality that others will enjoy following.

Start Simple: Use a Smartphone

You don’t need fancy gear to start. A smartphone, whether an iPhone, Android or even a basic camera, will do the trick. However, consider investing in microphones, ring lights, and a tripod stand for a more professional touch.


Success on YouTube isn't just posting random videos; it requires planning. Help your child create a content plan. This helps your child learn not just about vlogging but also about responsible planning:

  • What do they want to record?
  • Where will they film?
  • When do they want to create content?
  • How long will it take to record and edit?

Consistency is important

Consistency is crucial on YouTube. Posting 1-3 videos a week is a good start. Look at the show Diana's Kids: they went from 0 to 112 million subscribers by posting videos 6-7 times a week in their first year. If your posting schedule isn't very stable, consider continuous streaming. Tools like Gyre can help you attract subscribers with continuous streams of your content.

Optimize your channel

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Optimize your child's videos for keywords to get people to find them. Keywords are like tags that help people find your content. For example, if someone types “try not to laugh” into a search engine, videos with those words in the title or description will show up.

Don’t forget about YouTube Analytics

Check out the Analytics tab in YouTube Studio - it's very useful for promoting your channel. You can work it out with your child and find out what works and what doesn't. Pay attention to comments, likes, watch time, and shares.

Now you know about all the finer points! If you see your child genuinely enjoying the process and want to help their channel grow, don't hesitate to contact us. We have many strategies that have helped other channels succeed.

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