18 Great Content Ideas for Your Kids YouTube Channel

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19 Jun 2021

18 Great Content Ideas for Your Kids YouTube Channel

Where do kids watch cartoons? On YouTube. Where can you find a step-by-step video tutorial on how to assemble a wardrobe from IKEA? On YouTube. Where do girls quickly learn how to apply their makeup like a professional for free? That's right - on YouTube! YouTube has an almost infinite amount of different types of content - gameplay, master classes, life vlogs, answers to questions, "do it yourself" videos, and many more. And it is versatility that allows YouTube to remain as the number 1 platform in popularity among users.

Below you can find the 18 best YouTube video ideas for kids. They are trending, easy made, and are optimal for beginners. If you want to receive more insights - subscribe to our newsletter and get only valuable content.

Top 18 Kids YouTube Channel Ideas

What to make a YouTube video about? For many YouTube newcomers, this was a stumbling block, and many failed. Today, thanks to the Air Media-Tech editorial team, you can find ready-made ideas for creating a personal YouTube channel.

1. Family Vlog

Even something as simple as a walk in the park or making breakfast can be the topic of a cool video blog that peers will enjoy watching.

Involve parents, close relatives, and friends, and your videos will be filled with fun and warmth.

Video blogging can help you discover new skills. You can learn to ride a skateboard, make a frappe, share your opinion about a book you just read, or surprise everyone with new hobbies. This kind of content is always interesting to watch.

2. A Channel About Unusual Places

A travel vlog on YouTube is one of the extraordinary ways to make money in the travel niche, not only for adults but also for children. In a travel vlog, you can share interesting facts about your own city or other exciting places, for example:

  • Where is the best ice cream in town served?
  • The best places to go for a walk with friends?
  • How to spend time after school?
  • The best amusement parks in the city.

Almost every city has such places, so you won't have to look for a long time. We recommend choosing locations with a historical past because they are easier to observe and comment on.

3. Interview

If your child likes to ask a lot of questions, direct their energy in a useful direction. Who knows, maybe one day your child will become a talented journalist. 

AIR Media-Tech has helped thousands of kids' content creators gain tens of millions of subscribers on YouTube. Reach out to us for personalized expert advice.

4. Culture videos

Each country has its own culture and traditions. If you travel to exotic countries, then you will have a lot of trending content. All that remains is to edit the video correctly to make it interesting to watch.

5. Reviews on Exotic Food

Everything that is rare attracts people’s attention. Exotic food reviews will be of interest to those who are fond of cooking. A culinary vlog would be an excellent idea for a YouTube channel for kids.

6. Compilation of Funny Moments

Funny moments happen in all families so you can always find a lot of content there. Start filming your child when you catch them doing something funny. Make it unique and entertaining and the audience will grow. You can also comment on the video with your child.

7. Life Hacks for Children

There are millions of life hacks on YouTube for all occasions. These videos are very engaging, and not only for child audiences. It is not so important whether you repeat these tips. Many people repeatedly watch videos on how to do something in an unusual way over and over again. Among the many life hacks out there are those that even a child can handle.

8. Dance Channel

A dance channel gives vast creativity to those who love dancing because you can teach others your favorite style and show dance moves from the most popular clips.

9. Reviews of Gadgets and Useful Applications

  • These may include reviews of devices for home, kitchen and garden, or unpacking helpful purchases for the household.
  • You can also review a list of top products where you can provide information on the most convenient tools for kids. 
  • Choosing the proper tech device for kids. If you know what you need to pay attention to when choosing a particular device, then you can create a whole channel on this topic.

10. Hair Care Videos

Creating a beauty vlog is an easy and fun way to share knowledge and secrets with your readers while trying out new products and techniques from the world of cosmetics and style.

Some popular topics for a hair care vlog include:

  • different hairstyles,
  • advise on hair care,
  • hair care products,
  • new products for hair,
  • modern procedures for hair: extension, lamination, etc.

11. Reviews of popular programs

For a kids YouTube channel, reviews of cartoons, TV series, and films that will be of interest to children are perfect. This format is in great demand among users of all ages.

12. DIY home design

On this channel, you can talk about how to independently make interior items inexpensively and from available materials.

13. Plants channel

Almost every family has houseplants. The creation of a kids YouTube channel about flora will not go unnoticed by young viewers.

14. Sport

Teach your kids correct habits at an early age. Start a vlog where you do your workouts in real-time. This niche is trendy: people always struggle to lose weight and want to look attractive.

15. Game Channel

Gamers are a huge community of video game fans. About 15% of all channels are gaming channels. If you intend to create and promote a gaming channel on YouTube, and to seriously develop in this niche, first determine how you will be different from others.

16. Metal Detector Search Channel

Metal detector searching is an interesting hobby gaining great momentum. Seeing people discover unusual objects - what could be more fun?

17. Art School

You can show how masterpieces are created by recording a step-by-step process of creating an art piece, and then speeding up the process.

In terms of monetization, you can create free content like a "step-by-step guide to drawing a bouquet of roses," you can also develop a curriculum for your online art school and give free masterclasses.

18. Music

Does your child own a musical instrument? Cool, try recording one of their musical pieces on a camera and uploading it to the network.

Perhaps you will gain an audience of music lovers, and some of the subscribers will invite you to collaborate. This will be a great encouragement for a child as they develop and a great way to advertise their skill.

Elements of A Successful YouTube Video?

It doesn't matter whether you make a video for kids or adults, there are particular criteria that every successful YouTube video must follow:

  • Regular. The information field no longer changes every day but several times a day. If you are not ready to regularly publish new posts but will do it only occasionally, you can forget about the popularity of the video blog. How often do you need to upload new videos? Depends on your technical capabilities. Experienced vloggers advise posting two to three times a week. In fact, this is a lot. To record and edit a good video is not the same as posting on social networks. Therefore, for starters, a pretty acceptable figure is one video per week.
  • Useful. How can you evaluate the benefit a person will get from watching a video? It's very easy: a video must answer specific questions. First, decide who your target audience is. If you have an online store for children - publish reviews of new products in the catalog, information about discounts and promotions, manufacturer news, and product comparisons of various brands. Engage in marketing and promotion - post video cases and interviews of successful business people, video tutorials, and reveal tricks and secrets on your YouTube channel.
  • High quality. A bad habit is to shoot videos on your phone. Use a professional camera, quality shooting, and editing. Up to 50% of users will close the video after a few seconds of seeing a low-quality picture taken on a webcam. Let's be honest - you need money to make a good video. Therefore, immediately include these costs in your advertising budget.
  • Interesting and original. Shooting standard videos on ordinary or overused topics is not a solution. Choose topics that still attract search query traffic but for which there is still little information. If there are no such topics, present a new topic making it so interesting that viewers will want to watch. 

How to Promote a Kids YouTube Channel?

Avoid dwelling only on content creation. So far, no one knows about your channel, and you need to start promoting it. Let's consider some simple steps to improve your view rate.

  1. Video optimization. For videos to be better found by search engines and an internal search of YouTube itself, try to optimize videos to search results. The first vital things to consider are a title and a description. They should be informative, clear, and contain key tags. A correct description tag should contain keywords and convey the essence of the video. But don't go overboard with keywords. If you stuff too many tags into the description YouTube will not include your video in the lists of similar videos. And this is very important.
  2. Call to action. Even top bloggers do not hesitate to ask viewers to like and subscribe to their channel. And also, inform viewers about your other sites and accounts via social networks. True, it is essential to motivate a person here. Not just "Subscribe to our channel," but "Subscribe, press your heart and be the first to know the latest information about discounts, sales, and special offers."
  3. Advertise your channel on other resources. Links to your YouTube should be everywhere: on the official website, and groups in social networks like Facebook and Instagram. If you have not one but several channels on YouTube, link them to each other. In addition, on all the listed sites, you need to publish videos from the channel on YouTube. You can use short calls to action.
  4. Buying ads from opinion leaders. Advertising from top bloggers is not cheap.On trusted resources, the cost of such advertising starts from several thousand dollars and can go up to tens of thousands. The main thing here is to get into the target audience.
  5. Contextual advertising. To order a contextual advertisement, you need to contact a specialist or a marketing agency. As a result, links to the channel will appear in the search results.

This list of creative, child-friendly content ideas will help anyone become a successful YouTuber. Hopefully, you found something inspiring for you and when you are ready to grow faster on YouTube, AIR Media-Tech is ready to make it happen!

The main thing is to remember that there is nothing new under the son. All topics videos have already been written about and most likely filmed, and there are very few 100% unique ideas, so you should not focus only on the originality of the video. Work more on your presentation and on what interests you personally. Then you will definitely grasp your audience's attention.

Finally, after the chosen idea is implemented and the video is recorded, think about a good clickbait title. During loading, do SEO-optimization of the video to get views from YouTube and possibly traffic from search engines. 

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