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22 Jun 2021

How to Create a Good Instagram Bio

Does your Instagram account stand out and appeal to users in every possible way? Whether you plan to run an Instagram audit and completely change your strategy or simply look for tips and ideas to improve your feed, this article will help you discover various ways to boost your Instagram account and understand the latest trends for creating content. We’ll even share some of the best examples!

How to Write a Bio That Will Help You Reach Your Instagram Goals

What do you pay attention to when you want to learn about somebody on Instagram? That phrase or few sentences under the profile picture communicate a whole story of the person or company behind the scenes. The bio can instantly communicate a vibe, attitude, humor, dreams, goals, and passions. You can also choose your bio to reveal weaknesses, struggles, and difficulties that others can relate to. Choosing what to write in your bio is key. So, how can you put your whole personality or your brand’s unique features into those 150 characters so that people want to follow you? 

Be Unique

Being direct and honest about your personality and what you do will help your profile stand out. Share who you are, what you do, and how your experience, achievements, or services are unique. Share why you think people should follow you and what they will receive if they do.

Murad Osmann Instagram Bio

Murad Osmann created a bio that quickly tells users about his unique achievements and projects. In a few short phrases, he lets you know that he was selected as influencer of the year and is among Forbes’ top 3 travel influencers. That’s impressive and makes viewers want to subscribe.

Use Keywords

Keywords directly impact your account search. Think of relatable keywords that you can use with your name and that your potential followers will use when searching for accounts in your niche.

W Magazine bio is a great example of using keywords; they are short and very direct with what they do. 

Use Hashtags

Include your custom hashtag but don’t use general hashtags like #Fashion or #Beautician. This will only invite people to visit your niche competitors. By creating your branded hashtag you will encourage followers to use it in their content, while new users can follow your custom hashtag on Instagram.

Look at this custom hashtag by YETI. Now, that’s what we call a great hashtag.

YETI Instagram Bio, Hashtag

Specify Contact Info and Website

If you have a business account, specify your contact info and website. Your customers should be able to easily contact you and find the necessary info on your website. Make sure that your phone number and email address are up-to-date and that your website is mobile-friendly since most people visit Instagram on their phones.

The good news is that your contact information doesn’t take any character space in your IG bio. So, go ahead and add it! Check out how Vans and Magdiellop did it.

Vans Contact in Instagram Bio

Magdiellop Contact in Instagram Bio

Add a Call to Action

Identify your goals and expectations: do you simply want people to follow or do you want them to also visit your website or make a purchase? Tell people what you want them to do and provide a link for easy reference.

Mytheresa Instagram Call to Action

Mytheresa asks followers to share their shopping experience using a custom hashtag and to follow their account for men in the bio.

How to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Do you want to excite your audience with fresh home design ideas, help them learn healthy nutrition habits, or simply share your travels with them? Before you choose how to organize your feed, you need to decide what you want to post about. As with your bio, you need to identify what you want to achieve with your posts and what will be your main focus.

Organizing Your IG Feed

We’d like to share a few simple tips to make your Instagram feed more appealing to users.

  • Rotate photos and videos.

This is one of the current top trends. People prefer watching videos rather than reading long captions under the photo. You can create all sorts of videos since it’s a growing trend. If your video is longer than 1 minute, add it to IGTV. Users prefer IGTV as they can pause or scroll back.

Maria Oz does a great job of rotating her photos and videos with videos dominating her feed. Videos are a great way to add action and diversify your account. 

Instagram feed Maria Oz

  • Unique style for a business account.

If you own a brand account, you need to be consistent with a specific unique style that stands out among your competitors so that users can easily remember and recognize your brand on Instagram. A great example of this is Morehetime. You can recognize them anywhere by their unique face care mask for men. 

Instagram feed Morehetime

  • Diverse content.

Alternate photos of subjects and abstract photography with photos of people to create a more diverse and interesting feed. Here’s how Anouk Yve does it, combining photos in corresponding color tone.

Instagram feed Anoukyve

Let’s say changing poses is your unique thing, then change backgrounds. If you change a background, don’t forget to change props.

Instagram feed Qmike

  • Choose your color tone.

Your color palette is what gives your feed a consistent look and conveys your unique vibe, mood, or the peculiar atmosphere of your account. There’s so much you can convey with color.

This influencer chose pink to create a peaceful and cozy mood.

Instagram feed Jasminedowling

You can also flow from one color tone into another.

Instagram feed La Maison du Pastel

Light and fresh green is always popular and inspirational.

Instagram feed Depositphotos

  • Choose your theme.

There are several apps you can use to arrange your posts with many themes to choose from: linear, chequerwise, frames, row, and many more. Here are some cool examples for inspiration.

round.a.round has created the most amazing feed planning her posts to match the two halves of different colorful plates. Just look at this creativity!

Instagram feed Round.a.Round

Cheloveco creates a series of posts where every series tells its own story. 

Instagram feed Cheloveco

Olgacrafthome skillfully rotates horizontal and vertical photos of art.

Instagram feed Olgacrafthome

How to Post to Win

Once you've written a great bio and have created a beautiful and well-organized feed, the only thing that remains is meaningful text to enhance everything.

Photos often work best when they’re accompanied by meaningful and captivating words. An interesting and engaging text lets people know that you’ve created this post because you truly have something to share and not just for the sake of sharing an impressive photo.

What to Focus on When Writing for Your Instagram

  • Your writings should be meaningful, useful, concise, and competent. Most importantly, they should be interesting to your target audience.
  • Stick to the rule: One thought - one post. It’s easier for readers to take in one idea at a time.
  • Ask yourself: What’s the purpose of this post and does the text match the purpose? Delete anything that doesn’t match the purpose.
  • Include a call to action. Every post should contain a call to action. This can be as simple as asking your readers to share their opinion or if they’ve had a similar experience. Or, invite them to follow a link, share your post with their friends, or save it.
  • Carefully select and plan topics for your posts. This will help your followers to form an image of you and understand your personality.
  • And finally, read your texts before posting and provide indentation. Useful tip: Instagram does not provide indentation in texts. That’s why we recommend using a Telegram bot to make your texts more attractive and easier to read. And make sure you don’t have any misspellings as they leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Other Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Highlights, saved stories, and other saved info are a must! Story Highlights show users that you’re relatable, help them understand what you’re all about, and what your hobbies and interests are.

One of the ways brands can use Highlights is by creating a sequence of videos such as, ‘How to get to the office’ and then save them in one Highlight for future customers. Stores can create Highlights with a product catalog, and cafes and restaurants can create Highlights with a menu.

Regularly remove old videos and add new ones to your Highlights.

One of the current trends that will make you a winner is creating filters. With filters, your profile will be mentioned and promoted for free, thanks to other users.

Romulo Lima filters

Romulo Lima is famous for his filters. His account recently received some great exposure after Kylie Jenner used one of his effects.

The randomizer filters are a major trend in 2021. Some of the most popular are:

  • Who/what are you?
  • Who were you in your past life?
  • Genetics scanner
  • Which painting?
  • Which Disney character are you?
  • Which animal are you?
  • Which Pokemon are you?

Understanding your audience and goals will help you create an effective strategy on Instagram. Our advice is to post regularly and experiment with the tips shared in this article. Watch this video for more ideas that will help you build an Instagram account one can’t help but follow.