Doge Takes Over Twitter and ChatGPT Goes to Court: AIR’s Bi-Weekly Update

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Anastasia Bukhtiarova


14 Apr 2023

Doge Takes Over Twitter and ChatGPT Goes to Court: AIR’s Bi-Weekly Update

From social media's biggest updates to digital platforms’ latest trends to the industry’s news everyone else’s talking about… No matter how hard you try to keep up, there’s always a chance you missed something. Now, that’s where AIR’s bi-weekly update comes in.

Here, we share all the big news that might’ve escaped your eye (or, at least, the ones we found interesting). We have lots of exciting updates to share, so buckle up and let’s dive in!

W leaves Twitter; Doge takes over, and… Jeez, too much Twitter news. 

Honestly, at this point, we all kind of want less Twitter news, but apparently, Elon Musk just can’t be stopped. So, know that — if you logged into your Twitter account on April 3rd and saw the platform’s logo replaced with a Shiba Inu meme, you were not suffering from a hallucination. Unfortunately. 

We don’t really know why Musk did it. Maybe, that has something to do with his Dogecoin feud. Maybe, that was a belated April Fool's joke. Maybe, his dog made him do it. Or maybe it was just a reference to that one time someone suggested he buys Twitter and replaces the logo. What we do know, though, is that few were impressed by the Doge ordeal (which is only natural because the joke was no fun). 

We bet you think that’s the end of it. Sadly, Musk didn't stop there — deciding to get rid of the ‘w’ in Twitter, so it reads like ‘Titter.’ Or, more precisely, he had the letter ‘w’ on the company’s headquarters building painted in white (because the landlord wouldn’t let him remove the letter for good). Sigh. 

And that’s not even all that's been happening lately (RIP, NPR account), but hey, we don’t want to turn a news piece into a 10-things-I-hate-about-Twitter piece.

Which Twitter news has pissed you off most in the last two weeks? Tell us in the comments.  

Is ChatGPT going to jail? 

Remember how we discussed the importance of the responsible AI use in one of our latest articles? Well, here’s a gentle reminder that you should always fact-check things ChatGPT tells you when using it to create content. First, you may spread misleading info and lose your viewers’ trust. Second, there’s a fair chance you may get sued. 

Yes, it’s official. The first defamation lawsuit against ChatGPT is in the works. A mayor in Australia is promising to sue OpenAI, which created the chatbot, if it doesn’t correct the false claims he was involved in a bribery scandal and served time in prison (ironically, the man used to report bribery cases to the authorities, according to his lawyers).  

OpenAI was given 28 days to remove the fake info or face going to court, and if you ask us, none of this is surprising, really. When we asked it about one of our co-workers, ChatGPT turned him into a world-famous influencer. 

In the AI’s defense, it seems to be learning from past mistakes (we tried asking about this person again recently, and ChatGPT said it hasn’t heard of him), but it doesn’t mean we’re now good to go. Be sure to fact-check and not overuse your AI sidekick — after all, your subscribers are here for you, not the chatbot.   

Your streams are getting a level-up!  

Last but not least — YouTube is introducing a lot of updates that will take your live streams to the next level. Here’s what’s new:

  • We’re officially getting Reactions on lives! The feature will be turned on for all eligible channels by default, although only iOS users can send their Reactions for now.  
  • Your viewers can finally hit the ‘notify me’ button under the Community posts that announce your next live or premiere instead of clicking on the link, going to the video, and setting up the notification. 
  • In the coming weeks, eligible creators will also get to enable ad automation in their streams. In other words, let YouTube choose when it’s time for that mid-roll or just keep selecting the time yourself. 
  • And then there’s a new live stream panel that takes up less space — a relatively minor change, but a pleasant one nevertheless. 

In other news, the platform is adding a new metric in Analytics that’ll show which types of content (regular videos, Shorts, or streams) your subscribers watch the most outside your channel. For now, the experiment is only available to chosen creators, but we really hope that one gets an expansion soon.

Bonus: That one TikTok trend 


If someone asks which song is currently storming all the Billboard charts, you can always say ‘something K-pop’ and hit the bullseye. Right now, it’s ‘Flower’ — BLACKPINK Ji-Soo’s debut single — and, well, you know the golden K-pop rule. If there’s an MV, there’s a dance challenge. If there’s a dance challenge, it’s probably going viral. 

And since we don’t have that much time until the internet goes crazy about the next K-choreo, this is your official sign to join the #FLOWERchallenge.  

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