Top 5 Best YouTube Gaming Channels: How Did They Get There?

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25 Jun 2024

Top 5 Best YouTube Gaming Channels

Ever wondered how those top gaming YouTubers got to where they are today?

Most of them had their fair portion of ups and downs from late-night recording sessions to experimenting with different content styles, they've been through it all. These creators didn't just stumble upon success. By analyzing their channels, you can pick up a few tactics that might help your growth too.

5 Most Popular Gaming YouTubers

In today's article, we'll explore the 5 best YouTube gaming channels. Follow them, analyze their content, and get inspired by the tactics and strategies they've used to elevate their channels. Let's see what we can learn from the best in the game!

1. PewDiePie

The first place for subscriber count in gaming category is held by the channel with a humble description “I make videos” - PewDiePie. Its author, Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is one of the most popular and highest-earning gaming YouTubers.

He was in a race for the most subscribed YouTube channel status with T-Series long before MrBeast. That being said, he was competing as a solo creator while his rival T-series is a big Indian music video label.

Despite a series of scandals over the last years, PewDiePie's follower base keeps growing. You can check out his current channel stats here. As of June 2024, the approximate metrics were as follows, according to VidIQ:

  • Subscribers: 111M
  • Video Views: 29.31B
  • Engagement Rate: 6.97%
  • Video Upload Frequency: 0.75 per week
  • Average Video Length: 21.19 minutes

Various sources, including Forbes, estimate PewDiePie’s net worth to be between $17-56 million in 2024. When it comes to top gaming channels on YouTube, ad revenue isn't their main source of income, and PewDiePie is no exception. His revenue comes from a variety of sources, such as these:


Check out his videos to see how smoothly he integrates promotions. For all you gaming creators out there, you can make getting brand deals easier with the app and learn more about getting sponsors here.

YouTube Memberships 

PewDiePie has 3 tiers in his YouTube Membership program. The first level includes exclusive badges and custom emojis. The second level offers:

  • Exclusive access to all past livestreams
  • Members-only live stream chat
  • Members-only Discord channel
  • Early access to new videos

The third level includes:

  • Exclusive monthly livestreams for top-tier members only
  • Shout-outs featuring your name in video outros
  • Gameplay with PewDiePie during live streams
  • Exclusive merch

The last perk we'll quote as it is:

“👀 Only Fans

Photos of my legs and more”

MrBeast YouTube Mamberships Tiers

As you can see, YouTube Membership perks are not something super complicated, and we have had tons of successful cases among AIR Media-Tech partners who started Memberships and even turned them into 50% of their total YouTube revenue. 

Learn the insights we gained while helping creators with memberships here, or just text us and we’ll assist you with everything from custom emoji design to complete channel Membership development services.


PewDiePie also has a couple of own mobile games, like PewDiePie's Pixelings Idle RPG, and PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

PewDiePie Games

Top creators like PewDiePie don’t forget about their presence on other social media like Twitch and TikTok. In fact, creators can run 24/7 streams on those platforms at the same time. Tools like Gyre can help with that. If you need help setting up your streams, just text us and our experts will assist you, or you can try it for free on your own.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate links also serve as a revenue stream for PewDiePie. In his video descriptions, you'll find links to the gear he uses. Check out this article for more ideas on how to use affiliate marketing for your channel.

PewDiePie Affiliate Links

PewDiePie's story shows that being a successful solo gaming creator on YouTube is possible. But let's remember, he started back in 2010, and competition today is much tougher. If you want to learn how to grow your YouTube gaming channel effectively in 2024, reach out to certified YouTube partners like AIR Media-Tech. 

We've helped tons of gaming channels grow and protect their income, and we're ready to help you speed up your journey.


2. Mikecrack

Next one in the line of the most popular gaming youtubers is a Spanish creator Miguel Bernal Montes, known as Mikecrack.

Makecrack channel stats by June 2024:

  • Subscribers: 50.1M
  • Video Views: 18.54B
  • Engagement Rate: 8.07%
  • Video Upload Frequency: 4 per week
  • Average Video Length: 17.01 minutes

Mikecrack Gaming Channel

One key takeaway from Mikecrack's story is the importance of diversifying content and revenue streams.

Many gaming creators stick to one type of content, like a favorite game, but games can lose their popularity. It's better to stay flexible and try new things. Miguel started with magic tricks and then shifted to Minecraft gaming.

But he didn’t stop with games. Miguel experimented with parodies of popular songs, which helped his channel grow. Videos like "Una sonrisa" and "Diamantito 2" were crucial in engaging his audience and showing his creativity beyond gaming.

He also expanded beyond digital content. In 2018, he published his first book, "Los Compas y el diamantito legendario," which quickly became a bestseller. This showed his ability to connect with his audience in different ways.

There are many ways to diversify revenue streams as a gaming creator:

  1. Content Distribution: Share your videos across multiple platforms to reach a wider audience.
  2. 24/7 Streaming: Stream pre-recorded videos continuously on platforms like YouTube and Twitch to keep viewers engaged.
  3. Content Translation and Localization: Make your content available in multiple languages to attract a global audience.

Not all strategies will fit every channel, so it's a good idea to consult with YouTube Certified Partners to find the best approach for you.

3. Jess No Limit

Number three among top gaming YouTubers is Tobias Justin, better known as Jess No Limit. This Indonesian pro player turned streamer mainly creates content around Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Jess No Limit is quickly approaching 50 million subscribers on YouTube. Here are his channel stats as of June 2024:

  • Subscribers: 49.4M
  • Video Views: 6.46B
  • Engagement Rate: 3.67%
  • Video Upload Frequency: 17.25 per week
  • Average Video Length: 12.04 minutes

Jess No Limits Gaming Channel

From Pro Gamer to YouTuber

Jess No Limit's rise to fame started well before his YouTube days. As a top player in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, he achieved major milestones, ranking second worldwide in the fourth season and securing first place in the sixth season. His exceptional skills caught the attention of the eSports community, leading him to join the prestigious team EVOS.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

In April 2020, Jess No Limit made history by becoming the first Indonesian YouTuber focused on online gaming and eSports to surpass ten million subscribers. His channel's growth was explosive, reaching fifteen million subscribers in just two months.

Jess's content focuses heavily on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He shares gameplay tips, strategies, and match highlights. His deep understanding of the game and engaging personality have earned him a massive following. Posting over 17 videos per week, he keeps his audience entertained and informed with regular content.

Jess No Limit's rapid rise to fame showcases the potential for gaming creators who focus on popular regional games and engage deeply with their community.

4. Fernanfloo

Coming in at number four among top gaming YouTubers is Luis Fernando Flores, better known as Fernanfloo. This Salvadoran YouTuber started his career in 2011 and now has over 47.5 million subscribers.

Fernanfloo describes himself on his channel with a fun message: “Some say I’m a ‘CRACK’ and others say I’m a ‘FAIL’, it really doesn’t matter what I am, I just seek to have FUN and ENTERTAIN =).”

Here are Fernanfloo’s current channel stats:

  • Subscribers: 47.3M
  • Video Views: 10.6B
  • Engagement Rate: 20.7%
  • Video Upload Frequency: 0.25 per week
  • Average Video Length: 15.82 minutes

Fernaloo Gaming Channel

Starting Out

Fernanfloo's YouTube journey began with a funny sketch called "Nightmare - Escena corta de accion", uploaded on May 11, 2011. It wasn’t high-budget, but it marked the start of his successful career. He then shifted to video games, combining gameplay with his humorous commentary. This unique approach helped him gain a massive following.

By 2016, Fernanfloo became the most followed Spanish-speaking YouTuber. He had over 45 million subscribers and won several awards, including Best Spanish-Speaking YouTuber at the YouTube Diamond Play Button Awards.

Taking Breaks and Expanding Horizons

In 2018, Fernanfloo took a break from YouTube to focus on streaming on Twitch. He created a new YouTube channel called “Fernan” to upload his Twitch streams, but he hasn't posted a video since 2023. His most viewed video, "El rap de Fernanfloo", has over 142 million views.

Even with his popularity, Fernanfloo has stepped back from regular content creation to focus on personal projects and enjoy life.

What He’s Doing Now

Today, Fernanfloo’s activities go beyond YouTube. He participates in online events like the “Squidcraft Games” and “La Velada del Año 3,” where he recently won a fight against fellow YouTuber Luzu.

Fernanloo VS Luzu Competition

Besides his online presence, he’s involved in finance, managing funds, real estate, and investments with his brother.

Fernanfloo’s journey from making sketches to becoming a global YouTube sensation shows how combining talent, humor, and strategic content creation can lead to success. His ability to adapt and evolve has cemented his place among the best gaming channels on YouTube. His story reminds us of the importance of staying true to your passion while exploring new opportunities.

5. MrBeast Gaming

In June 2024, MrBeast's main channel surpassed T-Series as the biggest YouTube channel with 277 million subscribers versus T-Series' 267 million. But that's not all—MrBeast also has a gaming channel, MrBeast Gaming, which is now the 5th biggest gaming channel on YouTube, even though he stopped posting videos there almost a year ago.

Current channel stats:

  • Subscribers: 43.9M
  • Video Views: 7.87B
  • Engagement Rate: 4.21%

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, started his YouTube journey with a channel initially focused on gaming. The channel soon switched to comedy videos, and then to the challenges and donation stunts that made MrBeast a household name. As his content evolved, he created separate channels for different types of content, including Beast Reacts, and MrBeast Gaming

Both channels haven't posted new videos for about a year, so let's wait and see what happens next and who will grab that 5th spot among the top YouTube gaming channels. The competition is tough. Just check out the lineup of gaming creators aiming for that spot:

  1. DaFuq!?Boom! - 42.1M
  2. Total Gaming - 41.9M
  3. TheDonato - 41M
  4. Techno Gamerz - 40.5M
  5. elrubiusOMG - 40.3M
  6. Markiplier - 36.7M
  7. VEGETTA777 - 34.1M
  8. Dream - 31.9M
  9. Talking Tom - 31.7M
  10. jacksepticeye - 30.7M

The ways gaming channels grow now differ significantly from how it was 10 or 15 years ago. Today, the competition is tougher and the strategies are more diverse. At AIR Media-Tech, we’ve been helping gaming creators grow their channels for years. Reach out to us for personal channel audits, consultations, and expert support to help you take your gaming content to the next level.

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