YouTube income in BTC | FinTech MeetUp by AIR Media-Tech

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22 Jun 2021

YouTube income in BTC |  FinTech MeetUp by AIR Media-Tech

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force. The future of money is digital currencies.” — said the founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest persons on the planet, Bill Gates.

The most progressive currency is already available in the list of possible YouTube payments for creators. Besides all payment methods, YouTube-bloggers can receive their income straight in bitcoin. On the last AIR Influence MeetUp the professional financier and expert from AIR Creators Ecosystem, Paul Lekhnovsky, gave all the details of this method and told about the most profitable ways to withdraw money from YouTube. 

Paul said: “We saw the demand for the crypto-payments among our partners. The popularity of bitcoin and its abrupt growth has attracted the interest of people all over the world. This makes sense that YouTube-creators were looking for an opportunity to invest their income from a platform into BTC”.

Our primary goal is to make it possible for them to withdraw money directly in cryptocurrency by passing all the challenges. Besides convenience and time saving, the creators got the most profitable financial conditions: 0-fees, the shortest payment period, and a $100 threshold. 

Even if not including investment profit, these advantages are enough to make bitcoin-payments one of the most lucrative payment methods for YouTube-creators”.

Peculiarities of working with YouTube payments

The most important thing you should know while working on YouTube is the financial losses you suffer choosing the wrong way to withdraw money. For example, the most straightforward way to get your money via AdSense brings you a lot of losses because of its limitations:

  1. Inability to choose the date and amount of payment puts you into a tough bind. You have no influence on the flow of your funds. Moreover, you receive the money with an almost 2-month delay.
  2. There is no way to choose the currency of payment. Depending on the country, YouTube gives you only one option: to withdraw money in USD or to get paid in local currency with a 24-day delay. In both cases, you are faced with currency risks that affect the final amount. 
  3. There are only two payment methods available with AdSense: receiving the check by mail or payment to a bank account. In addition, you can’t even choose the country of your bank. The country where you registered with AdSense has to match the bank account location.
  4. You can’t split the AdSense payment with your team according to channel ownership shares. There has to be only one person and the bank account has to be registered in this person's name. So YouTube income will be paid to one of your team members, and then he needs to share with others.

Obviously, these limitations force creators to look for more convenient conditions, and companies — to upgrade their services. Now bloggers can:

  1. Choose the date of payment - including multiple withdrawals on the same day 
  2. Choose the amount of payment - starting as low as 1 dollar
  3. Choose the currency of payment - even the most exotic currencies 
  4. Choose the payment method (bank card, personal or corporate bank account, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, etc.)
  5. Diversify their finances: put money into different bank accounts, bank cards, or different payment systems. 
  6. Pay their vendors without putting money in their personal accounts. 
  7. Optimize tax burden in the local country
  8. Gain an opportunity to increase savings over time with money earned on YouTube.
  9. Get their money out in cryptocurrency.

How to withdraw your money from YouTube?

The first is the amount of income. Payment thresholds are very significant for small channels with low earnings. If they choose a service with high thresholds, it will be difficult to earn the needed amount to withdraw money. As a result, this will affect the frequency of payments. 

For larger channels, the fees are more important than thresholds. If the fee is a percentage of the amount, the creator will lose a portion of his money. We recommend evaluating offers from different companies to choose the most profitable one. Now there are options on the market to withdraw money with 0-fees or with fixed fees that will not significantly affect your income. Pay attention especially to your favorite payment method which you will use most often. 

The country you live in also matters. If the USD is not your local currency, you have to envisage the exchange process or choose the company which allows withdrawing money directly in the local currency of your country. Before starting cooperation with any company, find out if there is an option to get paid in the necessary currency. Most companies can suggest only a limited list of currencies.

The quality and stability of service can also affect your customer experience. Sometimes the contingencies tend to happen. Payment providers can be out of work, legal policies can change, the company you partner with can raise fees or tight conditions abruptly. So choose the companies that have an excellent reputation in financial services and extensive experience with YouTube creators. 

If you want to try the innovative way to get paid from YouTube, we invite you to try crypto payments. This is not financial advice, but there are several advantages of this payment method, which can tremendously affect your income. 

What are the advantages of crypto payments?

  • Makes it simpler to lay aside your money
  • You can immediately invest your income in cryptocurrency and make a profit on exchange rate appreciation.
  • It helps you to avoid the hassle of buying Bitcoins by yourself.
  • There are NO commissions* for money withdrawal in BTC, so you avoid losing a part of your income.
  • You can get your money in BTC on the next workday, that is the fastest way to withdraw money from YouTube.
  • The investment profit

Along with these pros, there are some important cons. Obviously investing in bitcoin has several risks. We talked about them in detail at the AIR Influence MeetUp. Sign up on the website to receive the recording of that event with a detailed presentation of our speaker about crypto-payments. 

If you have any questions or difficulties with YouTube payments, please contact us, and we will be happy to give you our professional help.