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Techniques to Double Your CTR and Boost Views.

Techniques to Double Your CTR and Boost Views.

15.06.2021 12 min read

How to Get a YouTube Play Button?

YouTube offers several awards to its very creators for achieving specific successes. These prizes are called YouTube Play buttons or YouTube plaques. They are a series of YouTube awards that aim to recognize its most popular channels. The awards are based on the number of channel subscribers, but the final decision rests with YouTube.

19.06.2021 14 min read

18 Great Content Ideas for Your Kids YouTube Channel

Where do kids watch cartoons? On YouTube. Where can you find a step-by-step video tutorial on how to assemble a wardrobe from IKEA? On YouTube. Where do girls quickly learn how to apply their makeup like a professional for free? That's right - on YouTube! YouTube has an almost infinite amount of different types of content - gameplay, master classes, life vlogs, answers to questions, "do it yourself" videos, and many more. And it is versatility that allows YouTube to remain as the number 1 platform in popularity among users.