How to Effectively Reach Audiences During Ramadan

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30 Mar 2022

How to Effectively Reach Audiences During Ramadan

Ramadan is a season of opportunities for creators. This is when you can most engage your older audiences and reach new ones with content focused on spirituality, charity, cooking, and, surprisingly, fashion. AIR Creators Ecosystem has prepared stats for YouTube and other social media platforms, and trending content tips during Ramadan in 2022!



Ramadan is a time when audiences engage online the most. 


  • According to research by Google, the average “watch time on YouTube for cooking videos start to increase steadily one month before the start of Ramadan, and peaks at almost 30% higher than average in the first week of Ramadan."
  • Recipes searches spiked 50% higher than the annual average, especially at the start of the month.
  • Views that are part of a playlist increased by 37% during Ramadan and continued to increase an additional 50% after Ramadan. 
  • YouTube reported that during Ramadan, viewers actively interacted with likes increasing 447%, sharing rose 228%, comments increased 431%, and subscribers spiked by 490%.

Instagram and Facebook

  • According to Facebook, 69% of people in KSA used Instagram to search for gift ideas, and 70% of UAE used Facebook to do so.
  • The spirit of gifting increased dramatically towards the end of Ramadan (the 4th week).
  • There was an average increase of 20% in advertising budgets.


  • Views on TikTok increased by 28% vs. a non-Ramadan month.
  • There was an 11% increase in video publishing.
  • 9 in 10 TikTok users who saw ads on the platform took action after viewing the ads.

Content ideas for social media during Ramadan in 2022

  • First and foremost, maintain regular content publishing during the Ramadan season.
  • With the above stats in mind, we recommend focusing on how to stay healthy and exercise during the fasting period in your YouTube videos. Include exercise routines, healthy recipes, and challenges in your lifestyle content.
  • Have fun! People enjoy watching comedy videos during this festive time, so funny videos are a great choice of content.
  • Experiment in the kitchen and with outdoor recipes. During Ramadan, people look for variety when preparing dinner and to keep them going while fasting.
  • People prepare gifts for their loved ones and constantly looking for ideas for presents. Integrate gift ideas in your content, for example, a prayer mat, the Koran, a stand for the Koran, prayer garments, etc.
  • Share how others celebrate Ramadan and prepare for the holiday. People are interested in how others celebrate Ramadan and how they spend their time making this season more meaningful and spiritually rewarding.
  • Give shopping advice and share your shopping experience. Besides food, users tend to pay special attention to how they look during the festive month of Ramadan, shopping for festive outfits and makeup.

Using these stats and tips will help you develop the most effective Ramadan content strategy, boost your popularity on social media, and engage in deeper interactions with your viewers. Ramadan Mubarak!