YouTube Copyright Strike & Copyright Claim: How to Resolve

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24 Apr 2024

YouTube Copyright Strike & Copyright Claim: How to Resolve

In today's world, copyright raises a lot of questions and debates. As a creator on YouTube, you've probably been faced with questions about the use of someone else's music or other content. Let's get to the bottom of the copyright issue together!

What Does Copyright Mean

Copyright is a legal term that grants exclusive rights to those who create and own original works. These exclusive rights include the right of reproduction, distribution, display, performance, and modification of the work. The scope of copyright protection can vary from one jurisdiction to another. However, it generally covers literary works, music, films, artwork, software, and other creative expressions.

Copyright Claim on Youtube

what does copyright claim mean on youtube

Copyright claims to YouTube occur when the platform's automated Content ID system or copyright owners determine that their copyrighted material is being used. When a copyright claim is made, the copyright owner is notified and given options regarding how to use the content on YouTube.

When a copyright claim is made on YouTube, there are some possible outcomes:

  • Monetization: the video containing the copyrighted material can be monetized by the copyright owner. For example, ads may be placed on the video and the revenue from those ads will be in the hands of the copyright owner.
  • Block: sometimes the copyright holder can choose to block the video in certain regions or globally, preventing users from watching the video.
  • Conflict: if the video author believes that their use of copyrighted material is fair use or otherwise legally permissible, they can dispute the complaint. YouTube or the copyright owner will then review the claim to see if it has merit. In this article, you can learn more about what fair use is!

copyright claim youtube

Want to avoid copyright issues when creating content for the YouTube platform? So, contact us and we can help you remain safe and avoid copyright issues.

What Copyright Means on YouTube

Creators who receive a claim need to carefully review the details of the claim and consider how they are going to respond. You'll need to understand the rights and restrictions on copyright use, including fair use, to decide whether to challenge an infringement. To help creators avoid potential penalties and ensure that their content remains accessible to their viewers, it is important to comply with copyright laws and understand YouTube's policies regarding copyright claims. 

When YouTube receives a copyright claim notice, you should carefully review the claim details and consider your options, including acknowledging the claim, editing the content, or disputing the claim if you believe it is unfounded. If you are suddenly in a copyright situation, get in touch with AIR Media-Tech and we will help you find a way out!

Youtube Copyright Rules

To enforce copyright and protect the rights of creators, YouTube has a copyright policy. It has implemented various rules and policies to address copyright concerns and to help ensure that the platform complies with copyright laws and regulations.

Content creators who upload videos to YouTube must comply with the Content ID system, which checks videos against a database of copyrighted content submitted by copyright owners. 

YouTube's copyright management tools are designed to help content creators control their copyrighted material on the platform. So, the platform aims to protect copyright, provide tools for copyright owners, and educate content creators and users about how to comply with copyright laws.

How to Avoid Copyright Violation on YouTube

copyright strike

To avoid copyright infringement on YouTube, you need to maintain positive relationships with content creators and copyright owners and follow the YouTube Community Guidelines. Here are some tips to help you avoid copyright infringement:

  • Create original content: the best way to avoid copyright infringement is to create original content to which you own the rights. This includes original videos, music, images, and any other content featured in your videos.
  • Use approved content: Make sure you have the right licenses or permissions to use content you didn't create. This can be through the purchase of stock footage, the licensing of music, or by obtaining permission from the content creator.
  • Use the YouTube Content ID system: YouTube's Content ID system automatically checks videos for copyright and allows rights owners to manage and monetize their content. Contact us and we'll help you to get your content to the YouTube Content ID System.
  • Give proper attribution: when using content requiring attribution, be sure to credit the creator in the video description or credits. This way, you are respecting the rights of the content creator and comply with copyright laws.
  • Using royalty-free music: many websites offer royalty-free music and stock footage that you can use in your videos without having to worry about copyright infringement. For any content you download, be sure to read and understand the terms of the license agreement.

You can avoid copyright infringement and create content that complies with YouTube's guidelines and policies by following these tips and respecting the rights of content creators and copyright owners.

How to Fix Copyright Claims on YouTube

The key to handling copyright claims and strikes on YouTube is to understand YouTube's policies, take appropriate action, and ensure compliance with copyright laws. Here are a few steps to help you navigate the process as easily as possible:

  1. Review the claim or counter-notice: read the details of the copyright claim or takedown carefully. Make sure you understand the specific infringement that has been identified and the action that the copyright owner has decided to take.
  2. Assess the claim or strike: consider whether the claim or takedown is valid. Also, find out whether your use of the copyrighted material falls under fair use or other legal exceptions.
  3. Get in touch with AIR Media-Tech: as a YouTube Certified Partner, we can help you dispute copyright issues and protect your rights directly with YouTube.
  4. Use the YouTube dispute procedure If you want to dispute a claim or take-down, follow the YouTube dispute process. Typically, this means filing a counter-notification with the information YouTube requires.
  5. Keep an eye on your situation: Check your YouTube Studio regularly for updates after disputing a claim or strike. YouTube will continue to review and attempt to resolve the process. Get notifications on your email from YouTube to keep up to date.
  6. Stay compliant: always be aware of copyright laws and the policies of YouTube. Avoid the use of copyrighted material without permission, obtain licenses where necessary, and provide proper credit for any content that you use in your videos.

Please keep in mind that each situation is unique and additional measures may be required or recommended depending on your specific situation. If you're unsure about the best course of action, contact us for professional advice and assistance. For sure, AIR Media-Tech will help you with handling copyright claims and strikes.

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