AIR Media-Tech Partners with Vidby To Launch New Translation Services for YouTube Content Creators

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Ivan Bohatov


21 Nov 2022

AIR Media-Tech Partners with Vidby To Launch New Translation Services for YouTube Content Creators

The partnership empowers creators to earn up to 30% more income by expanding their YouTube content to global audiences through advanced translation and localization technology.

TORONTO - AIR Media-Tech, a global media company for digital-first creators and brands, today announces a strategic partnership with Vidby, a leading artificial intelligence translation service based out of Switzerland. Together, AIR and Vidby makes content translation services more accessible for YouTube creators to expand to global markets.

The number of global video content hours uploaded to YouTube grows yearly and as society becomes more globalized and interconnected than ever before, creators face an influx of opportunities to enter new markets. Unfortunately, many creators merely focus on their English-speaking audience. By focusing on one language, creators not only limit who can access their content but also miss additional income opportunities from less competitive markets. 

“We're delighted to partner with this rapidly growing startup and share their idea of making video content accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world,” said Stepan Mikhaylov, co-founder of AIR-Media-Tech. “Vidby uses cutting-edge technology and is constantly innovating and improving the quality of its product which makes us confident that our partners will love this affordable, all-in-one solution that helps to promote content in new markets via translation.” 

According to YouTube’s estimates, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, most of which are uploaded by creators in only one language. The most effective way for many creators to go global is content translation and localization.

“AIR Media-Tech is a well-known and trusted player in the creator economy sector, so we are excited to work together and create new revolutionary products for content creators,” said Alexander Konovalov, co-founder of Vidby. “Together, we will be able to scale the content of talented authors to the whole world and do it in a fairly short period of time.”

AIR has vast experience in implementing successful translation and localization strategies for well-known YouTubers such as Kids Diana Show, Lady Diana, Jason Vlogs, HZHtube Kids Fun, and many others. By joining efforts with Vidby, AIR will now be able to provide an automated translation solution to more creators with suitable content. In just a few clicks, AIR’s partners can upload their original video and get the translated version ready to be uploaded to a localized YouTube channel. 

"There is a lot of great content in the U.S. market, which was traditionally very expensive to translate into other languages, but now has become easy and affordable, said Denys Krasnikov, Vidby Co-Founder representing new technology in the American market. “YouTubers can develop new audiences and entrepreneurs worldwide have a real opportunity to increase their profits by launching channels in the United States, receiving significantly more payments from YouTube than they received for the same videos in their own languages."

For AIR partner creators, Vidby’s translation service will work on a revenue share basis where creators do not pay for content translation and localization upfront, but rather through revenues generated on YouTube channels in new languages. Video translation will be done by Vidby, and AIR will oversee content management and promote translated channels in new markets. All that remains for creators is to continue focusing on creating high-quality content in their native language. AIR and Vidby expect over 100 AIR partner creators will use this service and translate more than 10,000 videos over the next year.

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About Vidby 

Alexander Konovalov, Eugen von Rubinberg, and Denys Krasnikov are Co-Founders of Vidby. In 2021 the company was registered in Switzerland. The service translates and voices videos into 69 languages and 60 dialects in a couple of minutes with 90% accuracy and within a day with 99-100% accuracy. 

Vidby empowers creators, media, international companies, and educational organizations to scale their content and business worldwide. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the company also translates videos for Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky into 20 to 30 languages.

Before creating the startup, Vidby founders ran a company called Technology Improves the World. They were the first in the world to launch real-time translation for video calls into 40 languages. Later in 2021, the founders decided to pivot from B2C to B2B and started translating videos. 

About AIR Media-Tech

AIR Media-Tech is an international company helping digital-first creators and brands globally grow faster and earn more on YouTube and beyond. AIR has been a YouTube Certified partner since 2011 and has been working with TikTok since 2019. Founded in 2010 by two Ukrainians, Sergii Bielousov and Stepan Mikhaylov, the company currently operates under the leadership of CEO Fedir Skyba and works with creators and influencers from 44 countries. The portfolio of 3800+ YouTubers generates over 21 billion video views monthly. With the world’s largest creator economy ecosystem, AIR Media-Tech is responsible for the growth of the biggest YouTubers like Kids Diana Show, Vlad and Niki, and many others.