AIR Media-Tech Defines Creator Economy Trends Shaped by the War in Ukraine

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08 Jun 2022

AIR Media-Tech Defines Creator Economy Trends Shaped by the War in Ukraine

AIR Media-Tech releases the first trends report about the impact of the war in Ukraine on the creator economy in Eastern Europe and beyond.


With a part of the team in the Kyiv office and a large number of partner creators from Eastern Europe, including over 500 creators from Ukraine, AIR Media-Tech has observed several trends in the digital creators’ industry in the region since the war in Ukraine began.

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Key findings include: 

  • Global platforms are experiencing pressure from the Russian government because of the struggle to openly spread the truth: Facebook and Instagram are now blocked, Twitter has slowed down, YouTube and TikTok have been forced to react by suspending some core functionalities. 
  • International sanctions against Russia also impact several other platforms widely used by creators, such as Patreon, OnlyFans, Twitch, etc.
  • While many international digital platforms remain unavailable for Russian users, the popularity of alternative and local platforms continue to increase. 
  • Ukrainian creators are refocusing their content and joining efforts to spread the truth. Those who primarily speak Russian are switching to Ukrainian as a sign of patriotism and protest against Russian invaders. New types of influencers are also emerging: politicians, soldiers, and citizen journalists.
  • Russian creators pivot to local platforms to stay connected with their audience and compensate for losses of monetization on global platforms.
  • Creators globally unite their efforts to support Ukraine. World-famous celebrities also support Ukraine in a number of ways - from public calls to help Ukrainians to multimillion-dollar donations and even hosting refugees.

The trends report also includes an overview of the latest content trends in Ukraine and Russia and the state of influencer marketing in both countries. This information is supported by relevant market data, the company’s internal research, and real-life examples of influencers and their posts.

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