AIR Media-Tech's Position on Military Aggression and Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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Ivan Bohatov


18 Apr 2022

AIR Media-Tech's Position on Military Aggression and Russian Invasion of Ukraine

AIR Media-Tech has stopped cooperation with Russian creators who support the policy of the aggressor country. We are also no longer connecting new authors to the network and making payments to creators in Russia and Belarus. Currently, the company is also verifying partners from other countries and disconnecting authors who support the war from our services.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded the territory of Ukraine, an independent European country. 

The entire global community immediately and unanimously condemned and reacted to Russia's aggression:

  • On February 25, the membership of the Russian Federation in the Council of Europe was suspended
  • On March 7, the UN recognized that the invasion of Ukraine violates the UN Charter and is a crime of aggression under international criminal law
  • On March 15, PACE adopted a resolution to exclude Russia from the Council of Europe
  • On April 7, 2022, the UN General Assembly suspended Russia's participation in the UN Human Rights Council

Tough economic sanctions have also been introduced, and international companies are now completely withdrawing or limiting their activities in the Russian market. Public, sports, and political organizations are ceasing cooperation with Russia. Meanwhile, dictatorial laws are being adopted in Russia against its own population: freedom of speech is limited, and independent media and certain social media are being blocked.

But even despite countless sanctions, the Russian Federation continues to commit war crimes against the Ukrainian population, including:

  • The killing of civilians, including women and children
  • Shelling vehicles and people attempting to evacuate from hot spots
  • Indiscriminate actions with prohibited weapons, the use of cluster munitions, and multiple rocket launchers in residential areas leading to massive casualties among the civilian population
  • The destruction of urban infrastructure missile attacks on hospitals, maternity hospitals, schools, churches, and other non-military facilities

All of this is real and documented by international organizations, such as Amnesty International.

AIR Media-Tech joins the world community in standing for Ukraine, calling for a ceasefire and the liberation of Ukrainian territories from the Russian military. We have been working in the media market for over 11 years and are aware of the influence that digital creators have on their audiences. That is why we’ve stopped cooperation with every partner that supports international terrorism represented by Russia.