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AIR Media-Tech Conducted the Survey of US YouTubers at VidCon US 2022

Here you can find the insights that AIR Media-Tech collected from 200 YouTube creators about their work, key challenges, preferred ways of monetization, and top income sources and changes in 2022.

09.08.2022 1 min read

AIR Media-Tech Partners with Vidby To Launch New Translation Services for YouTube Content Creators

The partnership empowers creators to earn up to 30% more income by expanding their YouTube content to global audiences through advanced translation and localization technology.

21.11.2022 6 min read

The Rise of the Creator Economy: How We Help Turn Content Into Business

What is the creator economy? How exactly did this concept change the creator industry, what does it take these days to turn your content into a business, and how have we been helping creators scale their influence in the new digital era? Let’s find out below!

21.11.2022 8 min read