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MENA YouTubers Insights: First Regional Survey by AIR Media-Tech

Here you can find the first survey of MENA YouTubers conducted by AIR Media-Tech, where 60 Creators shared insights about their work, key challenges and preferred ways of monetization.

16.03.2022 1 min read

AIR Media-Tech Defines Creator Economy Trends Shaped by the War in Ukraine

AIR Media-Tech releases the first trends report about the impact of the war in Ukraine on the creator economy in Eastern Europe and beyond.

08.06.2022 2 min read

How to Withdraw Funds from YouTube in Advance

The Advance Payments feature can both come in handy when you need funds right away and, surprisingly, can also help you maximize your earnings. How is it possible? Read further to find out.

08.07.2022 4 min read