Five Reasons We’re Really Looking Forward to the 2023 Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival

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Anastasia Bukhtiarova


10 Feb 2023

Five Reasons We’re Really Looking Forward to the 2023 Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival

We say — gaming, you say — Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival! The epic event for gamers is officially kicking off on February 16th, with three exciting days of e-sports tournaments, contests, VR, cosplay, games presentations, meetings with influencers, and much more.

And we’re not joking when we say the festival is going to be packed with exciting stuff this year. Here are the top 5 things we’re looking forward to most. 

E-sport is the best sport 

2023’s Insomnia Egypt is basically every e-sport fan’s dream come true, offering the widest selection of games — from Call of Duty to League of Legends — for tournaments and the largest prize pool ever seen in Egypt. 

And by the way, you’ll be able to register on the spot for some incredible 1vs1s. Apex Legends, here we come! 

It’s not always about the victory, though… 

…which is why 2023’s Insomnia Egypt also provides a dedicated zone where gamers can dive into some of the most popular games in the Battle Royale genre. 

What’s your pick? Challenging a fellow gamer to a fight or enjoying a no-pressure gaming session? Just between us, we’d choose a fight. 

Feel like just chilling for a while? They have a literal chill zone here, so don’t forget to check that out too. 

Dress to impress 

It’s not Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival without cosplay, you know. 

In 2018, a brand-new era of cosplay in Egypt began thanks to the festival — offering local cosplayers a unique opportunity to make the most of their potential and showcase their amazing talents. 

And now, Insomnia Egypt is finally going global by extending the invitation to all international cosplayers. With a total prize pool of 265,000 EGP, the competition will be fierce — and we can’t wait to see how far their imagination takes the participants this time. Feel free to root for your favorite Tekken cosplayer (because we will)! 

Get active 

Our favorite games are video games, but hey — paintball is a close second. Not only is it fun and totally safe, it also simulates a battlefield in such an energetic way that you feel like an actual Overwatch character at the end of the day. 

So, if you feel like warming up a bit during the festival, put that joystick away for a sec and join us in a game of paintball. 

Ready to see some familiar faces? 

We all love a good guest star, and Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival will have plenty! 

You’ll get a chance to meet lots of local and international influencers, YouTubers, and celebrities as they host tournaments and meet fans during the three-day event. And by the way, AIR Creators Ecosystem will be there, too, — so come by to say hi, ask us a question, or simply share your thoughts on Valorant. 

Sharing experiences, connecting with new people, and discussing your all-time favorite video games — isn’t that the best thing about such events? 

The festival will take place February 16 -18 at Egypt International Exhibition Center - Hall 4 in Cairo. There are lots of fun things coming up, so don’t forget to check out Insomnia’s website for details and get your ticket. Less than a week left!  

Can’t wait to see you at the upcoming Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival! 

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