YouTube names AIR Media-Tech its recommended vendor for content translation and localization

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Anastasia Bukhtiarova


19 Sep 2023

YouTube names AIR Media-Tech its recommended vendor for content translation and localization

YouTube creators have a unique opportunity to share their message and content with viewers worldwide — however, language barriers can hinder their reach and limit their potential. That’s where translation steps in, helping adapt the content to the preferences and cultural nuances of global audiences. And that’s where you can turn to YouTube’s trusted partners for content translation and localization — a list that now officially includes AIR Media-Tech.

With over five years of experience in the industry, we have been helping some of the industry’s leading creators - such as Kids Diana Show, Lady Diana, Heidi and Zidane, and many others - expand their influence and connect with diverse audiences. Now, our effort has been recognized by YouTube that has designated AIR Media-Tech as a ‘recommended vendor’ for these services. 

We are honored to receive yet another endorsement and will proudly continue to deliver top-notch translations for our clients. Our team understands the importance of accurately conveying the original content message while adapting it to different languages and cultures — and prides itself on quality results. 

Why Content Translation Matters

Translation and dubbing are all about providing new income sources, diversifying your revenue, and breaking down barriers. Say, you create videos in English — but 80% of YouTube viewers don’t speak English, and even when they do, 65% still prefer watching content in their native language. That’s when it’s time to translate, and start scaling your audience.

As part of our AIR Translate services, we offer high-quality content translation, localization, and dubbing — including AI Translation and Dubbing that allows adapting content easily and quickly without compromising quality. This way, you get AI dubbing that feels like the real thing and is 99-100% accurate within 24 hours. 

As we move forward, we remain committed to providing exceptional content translation and localization services that meet the needs of our valued partners. Learn more about AIR Translate and its advanced solutions for content creators here.

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