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I am an individual

We’re sure you have friends who are YouTube content creators. Are they also interested in boosting their channels and income? Join the AIR Affiliate Program and get rewarded for connecting them to us.

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I represent a company

Does your company work with YouTubers? Whatever your current business, you can get rewards and additional benefits by becoming an AIR Affiliate partner.

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How do I earn money with this program?

How much will I earn with this program?

10% Reward

You’ll receive a 10% share of the profit that your referee’s channels generate for AIR Creator’s Ecosystem.
If your referees join the AIR Affiliate Program as affiliates and start recommending us to other YouTubers, you will also earn a % from YouTube channels that your referees connect to the AIR Creators Ecosystem.

4% Reward

If your referrals bring in their friends, you’ll receive 4% of the profit generated by these friends' YouTube channels.

1% Reward

You will also get 1% of AIR's profit generated by every next level of your referral tree.

Grow your referral tree

New branches are key to maximizing your income.
The more YouTubers you personally bring on board, the higher the chances they will become AIR Affiliate partners. And the more successful they become on YouTube, the more money you earn.

Do you do business with YouTube creators?

Let's create synergy and earn more together

AIR Media-Tech offers customised formats for win-win-win B2B partnerships. Contact us through [email protected] and we will offer you the best option for cooperation after analyzing your business and how AIR can add value to it.

Monetize your recommendations!

Help fellow YouTube creators develop and grow their income while growing your passive income in one hit!

Join AIR Affiliate Join AIR Affiliate

How the Affiliate Program works

Earn more with AIR

If you’re working with YouTubers, join the AIR Affiliate Program, we’ll help you earn more!


We analyze your clients’ channels and offer the most efficient strategies to increase both their income and yours


You receive your monthly reward starting from the first complete month of your referral’s partnership with AIR

How to build a successful business as an AIR Affiliate Partner

It takes only four easy steps to start. Just sign up, share your referral link, collect referees, and withdraw your money. And repeat!

Join the AIR Affiliate Program and get your referral link

Sign up for the Affiliate Program, accept the Web offer, and provide brief personal info. Then you will get your referral link to share with fellow creators.

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Spread the word about the advantages of working with AIR

Simply sharing the link is not enough to succeed as an AIR Affiliate partner. Tell your fellow YouTubers why over 3000 creators choose to work with AIR. You’ll find all the necessary information in your Personal Account.

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Track Your Success

You will see your referees in your Personal Account. Due to personal data safety requirements, we can’t show the titles of YouTube channels and the names of their owners. All YouTube channels that connect via your referral link will appear as separate rows in the table of your referees. You will see the number of subscribers and views next to each of them.

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How can I withdraw my earnings?

You will find income earned for the current period available for withdrawal and in a method of your choice in the Personal Account. AIR offers a withdrawal in 7 different payment methods in any currency.

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AIR Affiliate Partners' Stories

Due to personal data safety requirements, we can’t show the real names of AIR Affiliate Partners. Your privacy will be at the same level!

Lina, Creator - DIY

Started in May 2016

Brought 98 YouTubers

Total earnings: $19,500

“I add my referral link to the description of all my videos on YouTube. Once a month I also make a small shout on my YouTube channel and on Instagram Story about what AIR does for creators and how they help me. I also did an online course about how to become successful on YouTube and many students have joined AIR via my referral link later.”

Polly, Designer

Started in June 2018

Brought 27 YouTubers

Total earnings: $3,500

“I have a friend who has grown from zero to a true YouTube star with AIR. That’s how I learned about this company. So, when I did a design project for a group of YouTubers, I recommended they look at AIR as a potential partner. That’s how my story as an AIR Affiliate started. Now my referees pay me my 13th salary”

John, Celebrity Manager

Started in March 2019

Brought 13 YouTubers

Total earnings: $12,000

“I’ve been working with celebrities for many years now. I began to realize we were missing out on digital opportunities. So I convinced 3 clients to launch YouTube channels, and AIR helped them quickly succeed! Many people in showbiz have also succeeded with AIR using my referral link. So I’ve seen it actually work!”

Key Terms and Conditions of the AIR Affiliate Program

We’ve collected the most important points of the Program Terms and Conditions in response to the most frequently asked questions. Just look through it!

Ready to rock?
The top 5 reasons to join the AIR Affiliate Program:
  • It’s a fair reward for helping your YouTuber friends
  • One successful action brings almost endless income
  • It’s an easy way to earn passive income
  • Clear and transparent conditions
  • It’s absolutely free to join!
We are AIR Creators Ecosystem
We create limitless growth and monetization opportunities for digital creators worldwide

Founded in Canada by Ukrainians in 2010.
A YouTube Certified partner since 2011.
Working with TikTok since 2019.


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