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28 Nov 2020

ТОП советы для владельцев детских YouTube-каналов

We will share the main tips for kidfluencers on YouTube in 2021

We know how difficult it is for kidfluencers to earn and grow their channels on YouTube in 2020. The СОРРА law and the prohibition of targeted ads hit kidfluencers really hard. Plus, the coronavirus pandemic has been a real trial for the YouTube kids segment this year.

What’s the current situation with the Kids segment on the platform? What instruments should creators use to grow their channels during this time?

Top kid bloggers will share their experience:  Kids Diana Show (69.5 mln),  Vania Mania Kids (11.1 mln), and  Fast Sergey (1.16 mln). They will personally share their life hacks with the platform at the free AIR KIDFLUENCE MEETUP that will take place online on December 1st.

Dramatic Changes to YouTube Kids Segment in 2020

The previous year, kid bloggers earned a lot from content monetization. The kids segment was considered the most profitable and the most stable on the platform up until this year, when the СОРРА law came into effect and a few months later we were all hit with the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this year many kidfluencers have to deal with lower income and YouTube sanctions, forcing some to completely stop their work.

We will share what YouTube features for kid bloggers have been changed and how to deal with those changes at the AIR Kidfluence MeetUp on December 1st. You are welcome to join the free online event or receive a recorded MeetUp video and speaker presentation. Register at our website.

How to Make Your Channel Safer: Compliance with COPPA

It’s challenging for creators to keep in mind all platform algorithms. For example, two videos that might seem similar at first sight can be identified differently by YouTube algorithms. You have to be prepared for this and avoid any controversial issues.

But how can you avoid all unpleasant consequences of the СОРРА law and protect your channel? We’ve prepared case studies and proven recommendations on how to work with the СОРРА law in 2021.

  1. Preventing Problems. What you have to do:
  • Learn YouTube guidelines
  • Create safe content
  • Be aware of the risks

To protect our creators from sanctions, we conduct DAILY MODERATION of all videos for all of our partners. Our specialists watch new videos and if they find violations they contact the author immediately to delete violations before the platform algorithms identify them. This process helps us avoid many controversial issues.

  1. Solving Problems. What to do if your channel has already received sanctions.

It can be quite challenging to deal with these situations on your own. 

Often, authors can’t figure out the exact reasons for YouTube sanctions. So, it’s important to first try to identify and eliminate violations.

The second issue is that you might not receive an immediate answer or receive any response at all from YouTube. This will lead to income and traffic losses.

You don’t have to solve all these issues on your own; instead, get support from specialists that have experience dealing with sanctions and violations. This will resolve issues you might have and recover your channel more quickly.

How AIR acts in such situations?

  1. We quickly identify the problem
  2. Work together with the author to eliminate the issue
  3. We contact YouTube to turn off the sanctions

Vania Mania Kids channel was also sanctioned. They will share their experience at our online MeetUp.

New Ways to Monetize

After experiencing a decline in income, kids segment bloggers divided into two groups: 

  • one group consists of discouraged creators who complain about the new YouTube policies,
  • the other group consists of creators trying to find solutions using new instruments.

You might think that the only option to replace classic monetization for kids content is brand integrations. But luckily, it’s not the only option to increase your income. We’ve prepared recommendations that will help you increase your income from channels for kids. They all start with setting up and optimizing your channel. We will talk about optimization and three other important steps to increase income at the MeetUp.

How to Grow Your Audience with Content Translation and Localization

To increase income, creators need to reach new audiences and markets, in line with the new policies. Content translation and localization is an easy way to enter international markets with your brand, receive new viewers worldwide, and increase income.

How does it work?

Often, channels for kids are more popular in foreign countries. For example, an English speaking channel can gather more views in Asia or vice versa. This is an organic interest that can be developed for your channel growth.

But you need to put a lot of effort to satisfy local viewers’ interest and provide a full channel localized for their country. We recommend you create additional channels that will repeat your main channel content but adapted to other countries. That is, to use special services to translate and localize your content.

This tool will provide:

  • Additional passive income
  • An increase in YouTube audience
  • Worldwide popularity

For example, one of the AIR partners who uses our translation and localization services is the record winning YouTube channel - Kids Diana Show. Our team translated and helped launch Diana’s new channels in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and other promising YouTube languages resulting in 10 translated channels with an audience of 70 mln subscribers worldwide. Diana has 67 mln subscribers on her main channel and now, thanks to translation services, her audience doubled. The Kids Diana Show authors will share their experience at our MeetUp on December 1st.

YouTube Kids: How to Get There.

Despite all of the limitations, YouTube created a safe platform for kids - YouTube Kids. If your content gets on YouTube Kids this makes your content safe and attractive to big advertisers. But the main question creators have is, ‘How can I get on YouTube Kids?’.

  • Option 1 - Automatically. Platform algorithms identify whether content is suitable for YouTube Kids. Unfortunately authors can’t directly impact algorithms.
  • Option 2 - Use AIR Media-Tech Services. Even the least likely channels can get on YouTube Kids. 

You will need to analyze your channel and in some cases partially delete content that is not safe or completely change your content strategy. 

For the past few months, AIR Media-Tech has helped over 90 channels get on YouTube Kids. Among those channels is ‘Fast Sergey’, an AIR Media-Tech partner.

‘Fast Sergey’ will be sharing his experience on how he managed to get on YouTube Kids and how it helped him to grow his channel at  AIR KIDFLUENCE MEETUP.

The earlier you start following the recommendations above the more results you’ll receive in 2021. Don’t put it off for later. Act now and receive information from a reliable source and an official YouTube partner and Kids segment channels partner for FREE.

Register for free and we will give recommendations that work. 

AIR KIDFLUENCE MEETUP is 90 minutes of YouTube platform updates, tips, tricks, best practices, and expertise for kidfluencers from AIR Media-Tech to help promote your YouTube channel in 2021!