AIR Media-Tech Launches AIR ID: Unifying Creator Tools into One Platform

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15 May 2024

AIR Media-Tech Launches AIR ID

Content creators are often stuck dealing with a bunch of scattered platforms every day. Managing income from different sources, setting up brand deals, distributing or optimizing your content – each task means hopping between lots of platforms. It’s a hassle, and frankly, it’s draining.

At AIR Media-Tech, we’ve spent over a decade helping creators overcome various challenges and reach new goals, developing over 30 specialized tools to make their journey more smooth and efficient. 

Now, we’re taking it a step further with the launch of AIR ID, designed to unify all these tools into one ultimate space for content creators. AIR ID is a single sign-on system that simplifies workflow, giving creators seamless access to a comprehensive suite of tools, just like a Google account gives you access to various Google products.

AIR ID by AIR Media-Tech

But it doesn’t stop there. AIR ID also opens up a world of opportunities for startups and innovative tools designed for creators. By connecting with AIR ID, these companies can become part of our community, showcasing their unique services directly to thousands of creators within the AIR ecosystem. While creators gain access to a host of new tools, these startups get the perfect platform to shine and grow.

Building SaaS tools for creators? Join the AIR Ecosystem and tell us about your project!

AIR ID: Unifying Creator Toolkit in One Place

Some of AIR Media-Tech’s top tools are already integrated into the AIR ID system. Our partners just need to log in to their accounts to enjoy the updated features. We’ll notify you immediately whenever we add new tools to AIR ID. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your manager or reach out to us here.

If you are not our partner yet, join AIR Media-Tech to experience the efficiency of our unified platform that simplifies your workflow and enhances your content creation journey.

Step by step, AIR ID is set to unify access to over 30 creator tools in one convenient place. Here are just some of these tools:

  • MilX: a creator-focused financial hub that allows you access up to five months of your YouTube revenue in advance, enjoy instant payments, and easily transfer to cards, bank accounts, and e-wallets in over 40 currencies.
  • Your ultimate page to make money on brand deals!  It’s designed to get you noticed by brands easier, secure 100% prepaid deals, and streamline your operations. Sign up for free today.
  • Gyre: A tool for seamless 24/7 streaming of pre-recorded videos. It's designed to boost your views, keep viewers engaged longer, and increase revenue by 20-30%. 
  • Content Sale: Gain early access to your future income with our service. Eligible partners can tap into their future earnings, whether for the coming months or even the year ahead, to reinvest in their growth, content, team, or any area they choose.
  • AIR Creators Ecosystem: It's a full set of services designed for creators. It's all about helping you reach a global audience, diversify your income, keep your channel safe, streamline your finances, and even grab some extra funds to put back into your creative projects. 

Come on board today today and step into an AIR community that’s all about giving creators the tools and support they need to thrive.

New to AIR?  Here is What You Can Get with Us!

By partnering with AIR Media-Tech, creators not only get the tools but also an experienced partner committed to your growth and success. 

Safeguarding Your Creations

We provide expert assistance in protection of your channels and intellectual rights, helping you navigate issues such as copyright strikes, demonetization, and unauthorized access. This ensures your content remains live and your revenue streams are secure.

Income Boost & Diversification

With AIR Media-Tech, you can extend your reach and grow your revenue from YouTube and beyond. Use our suite of services and tools to reach global audiences with translation, strengthen your brand partnerships, and distribute your content beyond YouTube across various platforms!

Channel Growth

Leverage our expert support and advanced AI tools to significantly grow your channel. From strategic ad campaigns to AI-driven analytics, we provide everything needed to increase your visibility and engagement. Our AI tools are designed to help you optimize content and strategy to achieve higher rankings and attract a global audience.

Streamlined Financial Management

With the introduction of MilX, our new financial hub, managing your finances becomes simpler and more efficient. Gain early access to your earnings, enjoy quick and flexible payment options, and utilize our intuitive platform for all your financial transactions.

Here, your creative potential truly knows no bounds. Join AIR Media-Tech today and experience it yourself!

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