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PHP Developer

What is Gyre?

Gyre is a startup company that helps YouTube bloggers increase their views and earnings through continuous online streams without the participation of a blogger. 


Why should we hire you?

  • You know the Git version control system and services for hosting GitHub IT projects.
  • You understand communication and collaboration tools (Google Meet, Mirro, Notion).
  • You know how to use and design SQL databases.
  • You understand HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • You can operate in the language of SQL queries from one of the DBMS - MySQL.
  • You know how to test applications.
  • You can perform Code Review.
  • You have a good knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • You can work with Web Sockets.

Other advantageous skills:

  • Skills in Linux and Nginx web server
  • Experience with Google Cloud Cloud Services 


The technology stack we use and expect to see in your experience: 

  • PHP language
  • Laravel framework
  • HTML layout language and CSS style language
  • SCSS preprocessors
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Vue.js framework
  • jQuery library
  • Adaptive and cross-browser layout


What’s the challenge? 

  • Develop sales funnel analytics in the Gyre Admin office.
  • Create a convenient tool for obtaining detailed information on the user: channels, subscriptions, streamed content, quantity, monthly, quarterly, and annual metrics, etc.
  • Develop a page to sell the product to B2B companies.
  • Develop a streams calendar.
  • Integrate the newsletter and chatbot into the account that will send messages and recommendations based on user activity with the product.
  • Constant work with providers: expand the list of providers that fit our performance.
  • Develop a gamification algorithm for the account, during training, performing tasks, etc.
  • Develop and test new product functionality and implement it.


What we have for you:

  • An opportunity to be a part of cool projects and work with world-class brands.
  • There are endless numbers of bright cases and a team of professionals who burn with ideas and achieve impressive results.

Other benefits:

  • Quality health insurance
  • Professional development and English training sessions
  • Soulful social projects
  • Equipment during remote work

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